Raising Kids on a Budget: Easy Ways to Save Money on Life’s Little Ones


Raising a family is rewarding and expensive in equal measure, with the average cost of raising a child right through to their 18th birthday standing at an average of at least £245,000 for a middle-income family.


It feels good driving around in a nice vehicle, like the Jeep Renegade for example, but you also have to think about making sure your kids are taken care off too, so the way to try and achieve all of your goals is to find some savvy ways to keep that budget under control.


Keeping an eye on expenses


It is interesting to note that when comparing the costs that your parents probably faced when raising you and the costs you face of raising a family a generation later, some things haven’t changed that much.


However you analyze the figures, there is no escaping the fact that your parental responsibilities add up to a sizeable number by the time your child reaches that milestone 18th birthday.


There are many ways to keep within your budget, feed, nurturing and clothing your family without breaking the bank. It just needs a bit of creative thinking and a few tips to help you keep a lid on all of those expenses.


Big savings on diapers


One of the biggest expenses you face in the early years is the cost of diapers.


It is not unusual for a typical family to spend at least $1,500 per year on disposable diapers, but there are two potential alternatives that could end up saving you a large part of that figure.


The first option is to consider cloth diapers. The obvious downside is washing diapers ready for using again, but when you consider that you could conceivably buy enough cloth diapers to see you through the first 12 months for about $60, that is a big saving.


The other alternative is having a go at the diaper-free strategy. Some countries use this practice as a matter of course and it is feasible to teach your baby to use a specific cry when they need the toilet, from just seven weeks old.


These ideas have got be worth considering when you work out how much money you will be saving if you can ditch the disposables.


There are plenty of parents out there


You are highly likely to develop a network of friends who also have children of different ages and there are always community events and networks centered around families, which offer opportunities to make some huge savings.


One of the big issues with a growing family is that clothes and other items like cribs, soon become redundant as they grow out of them. Network with other parents nearby and see if you can swap or buy cheaply items that they don’t need any more. Most of these items will be like new as they are not used for long, and you could end up spending a lot less than if you visit the mall every time your child needs something updating.


These are just some of the easy ways to make some big savings, so network with other parents and share your tips as well as exchanging items between each other, in order to keep within budget while raising a family.


Sean Robinson is a Father who experienced a huge wake-up call regarding finances when he was made redundant several years ago; gone were the days of maxing out the credit cards, he soon had to learn to being frugally minded. Today he writes useful articles on personal finance matters that others can take tips from.


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Insanely Easy Ways to Save Money on Everyday Things

When you have a family, it can be easy to spend money all the time. There are lots of demands and things that your family might want or need. Even just things around the house can add up. So one of the best strategies to have is to try to save money on the everyday things that you need to buy. When they are things that you have to buy anyway, it is best if you can save a little on the way. So here are a few ideas to help you.




Check Your Cupboards


Before you do your grocery shopping, check your cupboards thoroughly. Look through what you have and work out a meal from those things. Then you might only need to get some fresh veggies or meat, for example. Don’t just pick random recipes, but choose meals around what is already in the house.


Look For Coupons


Coupons are one of the best ways to save money on everyday things. You will find coupons for things that you will normally use, like toilet tissue and groceries. You might even find a postage coupon for money off mailing a gift, for example. Look online, as well as in catalogs and magazines for coupons.


Drink Water


Drinking water from the tap is the cheapest way to hydrate. Don’t be succored into buying bottled water all of the time. You could get yourself a BPA-free water bottle to carry with you. Then just fill it up from the tap, as and when you need to.


Make Snacks


Buying your snacks can cost a heck of a lot of money. Making things from scratch is not only better for you, but costs a lot less. You might need to schedule in the time, but making things in batches is a good idea. Then you will always have snacks in, rather than grabbing things when you are out.






There are several ways that you can save money when it comes to your laundry. One of the best things to do is to wash your clothing on a cold temperature. This saves the cost of heating up a lot of water. It also means that you can wash different colors together. The fewer loads of laundry that you have to do, the cheaper it will be. You can also air dry your clothes, rather than use the dryer. The cost to heat the dryer for an hour really does add up. So dry your laundry outside or elsewhere in the home.


Reduce Your Outgoings


Have a look at your bills and see where you can make some cuts. Are you paying for a gym membership that you use maybe once a week? You could do things at home for free instead. So reduce outgoings where you can.


Sell Your Branded Goods Online
Selling second-hand products online is a good way to make a little money. Branded goods make the most when you sell online, though. So look through your cupboards and closets to see what you have. If there are clothes, toys, bags and shoes that don’t get used anymore; sell them!


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More Money For Your Family With 6 Smart Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more money for your family? We all wish we had a little more money sometimes. However, many people don’t even think that this is possible. I’m here to tell you that just about any family can have more money. If you start using the 6 smart tips outlined here, you’re bound to have more to spare!


Save All Of Your Loose Change


Instead of looking for ways to spend your loose change, buy a special pot or jar and throw your loose change in there at the end of the day. It’s up to you what sort of coins you put in there. Some people only like to fill it up with small coins, while some people enjoy saving larger coins and sometimes even notes. Aim to put even just a small amount in each day and it’ll soon add up. If you want to spend it until the jar is full, you should have enough money for a treat for the whole family. Maybe a nice meal somewhere or even a day out!


Create A Spending Plan


Create a spending plan. There are tons of different ways to do this, so it’s important you do it in a way that suits you best. One idea many people use is ‘paying’ themselves first, and then using the rest of the money spread over various saving accounts. Know where your money is going and you can make much smarter choices in the future.


Start An Easy Side Job


There are many easy side jobs you can try to bring in a little extra income, and you won’t need to sacrifice time with your family to do so. Maybe you could start a few websites or blogs to advertise. Maybe you could make cakes. Maybe you could even share your knowledge and expertise on a particular subject and sell it as a course or tutorial.



Always Save Coupons And Look For Codes


Never fail to save coupons that you find, or look for codes that can get you money off. If you’re ordering online, always looks for codes before you part with your money. You can even get money back on Paytm purchases with coupon code Rs 10 Cashback on Recharges of Rs 400+. In the long run, the money you’re saving will really add up.


Have Regular Clear Outs


Families tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, so have regular clear outs and sell your things on. You can host garage sales and car boots, or even just throw your old things on eBay. Not only will you become more organized and make your life easier, you’ll have money to spare.


Rent Out A Room To Guests


If you have a spare room, why not consider renting it out to guests? You can use many sites for this online, so you barely have to do any work at all other than be a good host.
Use these 6 smart tips and you’ll find yourself with plenty of money to spare for your family!

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3 Money-Making Opportunities For Children or Teenagers

Even before children really understand what it takes to have a real job, their desire for things and experiences necessitates them to have some way to make money. As a parent, you can choose to simply give them money when they have a need or when they ask for something. However, you also have the option to help them learn about money and finance by teaching them how to earn their own income.

While your kids may feel like this is a much harder way to be able to afford the things they want, the life lessons they can learn by making their own money can help them well into their adult years. To help your children find ways to generate their own income, here are three ideas for money-making opportunities for children or teenagers.

Yard Work for Friends or Neighbors

Many children love playing outside and getting dirty. If this sounds like your kids, you can help them learn to take this passion and turn it into a way to make a few dollars.

Doing yard work for friends or neighbors generally requires very little experience as long as you’re willing to work hard. Madison DuPaix, a contributor to About Money, shares that some common yard work tasks your kids or teens could perform include clearing snow, pulling weeds, raking leaves and pruning gardens. As long as your kids can follow directions and work moderately independently, this could be a great option for them.

Babysitting or Pet Sitting

If your kids are a little bit older, babysitting or pet sitting is a great way to learn important life skills while also making money. KidsHealth.org states that when kids are preparing to start babysitting, they should seek out ways to let other parents know about their services and learn how to keep themselves and the children safe without supervision. These same principles work with pet sitting as well. So if your teenager has a soft spot in their heart for children or pets, opening a babysitting or pet sitting service could be a great money-making opportunity for them.

Farmer’s Market Vendor

Children who are especially artsy or interested in crafts and handiwork may want to look into getting involved with your local farmer’s market and selling products there. According to Melissa Griffiths, a contributor to HobbyFarms.com, some of the most common homemade items that are sold at farmer’s markets include beauty products, baked goods, hand-crafted items, resale items and more. Not only could this be a great chance for your kids to make some spending money for themselves, but it could also be a way to help them find a hobby they enjoy.

Although most children and teenagers don’t need a lot of money, it’s nice for them to have a way to make a few dollars here and there to learn about the value of work and money management. If your child is wanting to earn some money, consider one of the ideas mentioned above to help them achieve their goals.

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Married With Children- Saving Money On Date Night

Having a date night can be a godsend to married couples with kids, but you need to include all that date money in your budget, and being a parent isn’t cheap. Many adults in marriages or serious relationships work to schedule in a monthly date night, which at least gives you one night, once in awhile, where it’s all about your relationship and you can have some time away from the kids.

You don’t really have to spend a ton of money to have a date night once in awhile. You can do lots of great fun things on the cheap. The point is having some time with your significant other to bond and enjoy each other, alone, or at least without the kids monopolizing your attention.

Limit Big Romantic Dates

Romantic dates are a must in every relationship, but you don’t need to do them all the time, and they don’t always need to be at a fancy, expensive restaurant. Save the big, expensive romantic dates for the holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day.

You could have a jar that you save up your change and small bills in that can be used every few months to pay for a more romantic night out (maybe even a motel room), and then stick with the more casual dates for the other months.

Opt For The More Casual

Casual dates can be both fun and easy, and they can cost a lot less. One of the best casual dates for those that are married with families is to send the kids off to their grandparents and have a romantic evening at home. Light candles, make a special meal, and watch a romcom while snuggles in each other’s arms.

Even if you go out, you don’t have to spend a ton. Do something childish and fun, like going bowling or roller skating. Go see a movie and have dinner at your favorite casual restaurant.

Plan Something Cheap And Special

You can also do something super special, without spending a lot of money. Plan a picnic, and feed each other finger foods while you enjoy the beauty of the park. Rent a boat for a few hours and enjoy some fishing on a small lake.

Maybe you want to get dressed up, more than casually, but still just go out on a casual night. Kind of like prom goers stopping for fast food in their fancy clothes. It can be fun and adventurous, and still not cost you a ton of money.

Your relationship needs a little romance once in awhile, even if it’s only once a month. Kids and jobs can easily monopolize much of your time, and if you don’t make time for your relationship it could start to fall apart.

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Budgeting Tips For School Clothes

When it comes to school clothing, you can spend up a lot of money fairly quickly. Kids grow every year and every year they need new clothes. Even if they didn’t grow out of last year’s clothes, it’s pretty likely they wore them out.

Not only do kids grow out of clothing, but they grow out of shoes, and you want to make sure they have well fitting shoes that are in style, and keep their feet safe and comfortable. School time means gym class, as well, where they need shoes suitable for sports of all kinds.

Looking For Sales

The first step at saving money when it comes to buying new clothes for your child, or children, is to look for sales. It helps to know when is the best time to go shopping and get the best prices. If you wait until right before school starts you might not be getting the best deals.

Part of looking for the best prices includes looking at the flyers and sales catalogs for the stores in your area. You’re often going to save more money going to big box stores than shopping for clothing at the mall. Mall clothes can be extra pricey.

Finding The Best Online Deals

Sometimes the best deals you are going to find will be online. If you know what sizes your child needs online shopping can be very helpful, and you’ll save time and gas money as well. It’s much easier to help your child pick clothes online rather than waiting hours at the store for them to try things on.

And, returns are generally easy to deal with when you shop online. You can send items that just didn’t fit right back for a different size, money back, or maybe even store credit. Order early and you won’t have to worry about school starting before you have everything you need.


While some children will argue with you about wearing someone else’s clothes, or not having the latest fashions, many love to wear fun older clothes. By shopping at thrift stores you can find some great deals.

There are also thrift stores that cater to brand name clothes that are only a year or two old, and they can save you a ton of money for kids that want all the cooler, newer fashions.

Other Cheap Options

You don’t have to go broke buying school clothes every year. If you have children in different age ranges you can do some work with hand-me-downs, with items that don’t get worn out. This can save tons of money.

You can also try out yard sales throughout the summer. Sometimes you can find new or like new clothing at great, low prices at garage sales. Often you’ll find stuff even cheaper than thrift stores.

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8 Unforgettable Cakes to Make for the 4th of July

What are you making for the potlucks and BBQs that pop up around the 4th of July? Here are 8 awesome ideas!

8 Unforgettable Cakes to Make for july 4th

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday! It is the prime time of summer, the days surrounding it are filled with food, family, fireworks and fun!  This year I plan to take a special sweet along to the festivities and I found 8 awesome ideas for a patriotic dessert for a crowd!


Patriotic Pound Cake
Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Cake
American Flag Surprise Cake
Watermelon Cake
Strawberry Poke Cake
Red, White and Blue Fruit Cake
Strawberry Jello Cake
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Poke Cake

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5 Practical Gift Ideas for Men

5 Practical Gift Ideas for Men

Do you struggle to find the perfect gift for the man or men in your life? It’s not always easy to buy a gift for a man that he really wants and will appreciate. Buying a practical gift he will use regularly is the best way to overcome this problem. Below are some examples of practical gifts for men.

Royalty free photo

Electric Shavers

Most men groom themselves every day and a shaver is one of the most important items required. If the person you are purchasing a gift for has a razor that’s seen better days, this is your opportunity to give them something they will use on a regular basis. However, not all razors are the same, so you should take your time and look for the best electric shaver for men before spending your money on this type of product.

DIY Tools

Does the man in your life enjoy manual work and regularly carry out his own DIY projects? If this is the case, you have a huge range of tools to choose from. Electric tools, hand tools, work benches and a wide range of other items that make DIY work easier are all available from local hardware stores or from online stores.

If you have the budget and the gift recipient works on different types of projects, a range of tool combo options are available. This type of gift is very practical and these items will last a long time into the future.

Smart Phone and Accessories

A lot of older men are slower to embrace the latest technologies. You can rectify this problem by buying them a smart phone or a more modern phone than the model they currently have. A wide range of phones are available to suit all tastes and requirements. However, you may need to involve the recipient in the buying process because you don’t want to give them a phone they don’t like or can’t use properly.

A range of phone accessories are available too. Tripods, cases and apps are just some of the items you can buy alongside a new phone, or you could give these as a separate present if your man already has a modern phone.

Sporting Equipment

When you buy a gift for a man, it has to be something that he will use regularly. Sports related items fit nicely into this gift bracket. For example, golfers are always looking for new items such as golf clothing, waterproof clothing, new clubs and other accessories. No matter what sport he takes part in, there are items that will improve performance, protect or make the sport more enjoyable.

Car Related Products

For some men, their car is the most important possession they have. They can’t get enough car-related items, so once again this is a chance for you to buy a gift that he really wants and will use. Typical car related gifts you should consider include car seat covers, mats, a unique steering wheel and diagnostic tools.

When you decide to buy a man a gift, purchasing a practical gift makes the whole process a lot easier. The types of gifts mentioned above are just some of the practical gifts available that will be more appreciated than other items.

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A Mom’s Guide To Preparing Financially For The Future

Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts life can give you. Of course, that being said, it can also be one of the hardest. Forget the sleepless nights and terrible twos; I’m talking about the financial side of motherhood. The thing is, being a parent doesn’t come cheap, there are so many different costs to think about.


From the price of childcare to future costs like having enough money to send your child to college, should they want to go. Then there’s your financial future to think about and how you will survive later in life. Kids can obliterate your finances and leave you struggling for many years to come.


That being said, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re smart about your finances, you can ensure that your children have everything that they need while growing up. And also that you have some money left over to save for the future.


Write a list of everything you need to save for


Picture link


Sit down with your partner and write a list of all the things that you need to save for. This shouldn’t include monthly bills; we’ll get to those in a minute. This should include all the savings you and your family will need for the future.


For example, money to cover the cost of your children’s college fees and money for your retirement. You may not plan on having to pay for care once you reach your retirement but you might need it. All retirement services come with a cost. From Friendship at Home Continuing Care Services to residential care, and it’s important to ensure that you have enough put by to cover them. It’s also worth starting to save for any big family holidays now, such as that trip to Disney World you’ve been planning. That way you can ensure that you make it a reality.


Calculate your monthly outgoings against your incomings


The next step is to calculate your monthly outgoings against your incomings. Doing this should show the amount that you have leftover each month. This may be a small amount, but that’s okay, as I’ll share ways to cut costs a little later on.


Start off by writing a list of your bills so that you can see everything that needs to be paid for. Then add up a total amount and compare that to your monthly household income. Any money that’s extra should be saved for the future, no matter how small the amount.


Find ways to cut costs


Image credit


If you aren’t able to save as much as you would like to, it’s a good idea to look at ways that you can cut costs. Believe it or not, this is much easier than you would think, it’s just a case of being smart about your spending. When it comes to food shopping, shop at the cheapest place and only buy what you need.


For bills, ask your providers if there are any ways you can reduce your monthly bills. For instance, some companies offer a discount if you pay via direct debit. Instead of buying shop made sauces and meals, go DIY. You can save a huge amount of money (and boost your family’s health) by making all your meals from scratch. It’s small changes like this that make all the difference.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to prepare financially for the future. Family life can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save for the future. It’s just a case of being smart about your spending.


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Should You Take A Loan For Home Improvements?

If you own your home, then you know that there seems to be a constant flow of repairs and improvements that need to be made, but sometimes the budget just isn’t there. So when faced with an array of projects but limited funds, what do you do? Loans are an option – in fact, there’s a specific class of loans for home improvements – but before you take a loan to handle home expenses, there are a few factors you need to consider.

1. Is It A Repair Or An Upgrade?

When your plumbing is leaking, it needs to be fixed. But what if you’re hoping to build a deck in the backyard? Any project that isn’t necessary is a poor subject for a loan. Don’t put yourself in debt for an improvement, but retain them as a safety measure for major problems.

2. Is It Urgent?

Sometimes something is broken, but it can wait. For example, you can do your dishes even if the dishwasher is broken, so long as the sink is fine – it may not be fun to do without, but it’s not the worst that could happen. Roof repairs, however, can’t wait and it’s much easier to find a loan for infrastructure repairs. What’s more, if you leave something like your roof in disrepair for too long, other parts of your home like the frame or floors may sustain damage, causing the costs to pile up.

3. How Much Money Do You Need?

If you’ve got your eye on a project that won’t cost much, but will cost more than you have on hand, a small loan that you can quickly pay off may not be a bad choice. Make sure you have a full grasp on the project before you jump in, however, because if you had a $1250 loan that you could pay off in a few months and then the project turned out to be much bigger, you could find yourself in a debt trap.

Get the most thorough evaluation of the project you can before you get started so that there won’t be surprise costs and have a backup option like a home equity loan as a backup in case there’s a bigger problem you need to address.

4. Can You Afford Quality Materials?

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when getting repairs done on their homes is cutting corners on the materials. If you can only afford to do the project with poor quality supplies, take a loan or wait. Using cheap materials will only cost you more when you have to replace them. Planned obsolescence is inevitable, but by purchasing quality you can push that timeline out.

There may always be looming home repairs, but it’s important to do them right, from funding to supplies and technicians. That’s why you need to carefully approach the prospect of a loan, or else you may default to it too easily and without thorough consideration. Let loan money bridge the urgent funding gaps and be patient with the rest. Those hoped for improvements are going anywhere.

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How To Save Money With A New Baby On The Way

Even if you’re a first time parent, you probably already know that babies are expensive. You need a lot of things, and tons of diapers. So how does one afford all of that, plus all of those hospital bills?

Hopefully you have a good job and some money in savings. However, even if you don’t have a lot of money you can still find all of your needs by being smart about doing your shopping, and planning that baby shower!

Make Sure Your Registry Is Set Up

When it comes to having a baby, especially the first one, a party is definitely in order. Your baby showers is one great way to get many of the things that you need, so make sure you have a checklist of all the things you’re going to need when baby arrives, for setting up your baby registry.

Then you need to make sure that everyone knows about your registry and where you are registered. With any luck you’ll get all of the stuff you need from your registry and that will save you a lot of money.

Shop Around

Don’t try to buy everything you need at the first store you stop at. Shopping around for the best price can save you some money. You can save even more money by shopping online for deals.

Do some research to find out when you can get the best sales prices on things like baby monitors and strollers. Flip through sales ads, even online, to find out what stores have what and then map out your trip so that you can save on gas and time.

Try Out Thrift Stores And Yard Sales

You can find a lot of the items that you need for your baby by shopping used. While there are some things you can’t buy used, since babies grow out of things so fast, buying used can be a blessing when it comes to clothing anyway.

You can find really cheap baby clothes at thrift stores and yard sales, sometimes new or like new. If you have recently done any baby clothing shopping you know that buying new can be really pricey. Stock up on stuff for a few months worth of clothing, in various sizes, so that you don’t have to rush back out in a few weeks to replace clothing baby is quickly growing out of.

Your baby is already going to make you feel like you are going broke just with food and medical bills, why go into debt clothing them if you can find some good deals by shopping around, buying used, and making sure to cash in with a baby shower before you have them!

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The Make Ahead Kitchen by Annalise Thomas/Cookbook Review

I am always looking for new recipes, especially with the kids being home for the summer. I am running out of ideas on what to make each day, normally we have quick breakfasts because we are all running around trying to all get ready for the day. I do enjoy more laid back days where I have more time to try new recipes and that is why I was excited to get a chance to review The Make Ahead Kitchen cookbook by Annalise Thomas.
make ahead kitchen

It is full of 75 slow cooker, freezer and prepared meals for the busy lifestyle.

Some of the meals are freezer meals and some you can prep a few days in advance. The book is broken down into 7 different categories:


soups & salads

appetizer & snacks & sides

main dishes

cookies & bars



There are so many recipes I want to try I thought I would tell you about some of them that I can’t wait to make.

Overnight Baked Maple Pecan French Toast

Peanut Butter & Jelly Puffs- I am sure my kids will love these and not many ingredients needed to make them.

Cashew Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole

Easy Baked Mac & Cheese

Best Fudgy from Scratch Brownies- there is also a gluten free dairy free version for brownies

Butterscotch Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Blondies- I made these and they were amazingly good.

Butterscotch Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Blondies

Pineapple Cocconut Crumble Bars

Salted Caramel Frosted Dark Chocolate Brownies

Rhubarb Custard Cake

Fudge Truffle Cheesecake

I have been making a lot of smoothies lately and can’t wait to try the not so green smoothie recipe.

You can purchase The Make Ahead Kitchen by Annalise Thomas on Amazon-these are the prices currently-paperback $19.35 kindle version $9.99.

I really like this cookbook and can’t wait to make even more of these great recipes. I can tell it is going to be a summer full of baking.

Disclosure: I received the above book in exchange for a review.  I only recommend products that I use and believe my readers will like.. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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How to Purchase the Best Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry electrifies everyone, isn’t it like this? It has a specific charm in it as its elegant, exclusive and adorable. However many people have doubts while purchasing designer jewelry, they get lost in the entire process and finally in most cases end up making a wrong decision.

• Trust the Designer:
Your designer is prepared and avant-garde with the patterns. Moreover, he can tell what will suit you and what to maintain a strategic distance from. So you ought to depend on his tasteful sense and consider his feelings. Give the planner the flexibility to utilize his own stylish sensibilities to make a conventional or contemporary look. Give the designer’s innovativeness a chance to stream uninhibitedly while he chooses your look from the great to customary to combination or contemporary to cutting edge.
• Quality check:
The most ideal approach to know whether your metal and gemstones are honest to goodness is affirmation. It is constantly vital to request declarations of legitimacy and never accept that it is genuine, taking into account its appearance. A keen purchaser is the person who doesn’t take anything at face esteem. Critical things to be remembered while purchasing originator adornments is the sort of configuration, amicability of materials, outline components, hues and compositions.
• Make a point of conjunction:
The gems piece ought to be the point of convergence of your look. The more contemporary understanding is to choose the focal piece and highlight it getting rid of the mess of further extra charms. The garments ought to supplement it, yet not detract from its brilliance. In the event that you are wanting to wear an overwhelming outfit, lighter and sensitive adornments will run well with it. Then again, on the off chance that it is a straightforward and unassuming clothing, locate an extravagant and rich piece.
• Not all that colorful:
Don’t go for an excessive number of hues in a solitary piece, rather pick the gems that runs with your skin tone. Gemstones with more profound hues are perfect for individuals with whitish composition, while pastels supplement individuals with reasonable appearance. Peacock shades in adornments are ok for the Indian skin tone.
• Face Profile:
What might suit you depends to a great extent on the profile and cut of your face. Somebody with a little neck ought to keep away from chokers and attempt pieces of jewelry which are around the neck (neckbands that begin underneath the neck). Chokers for slim and long necks look exquisite. Round-the-neck pieces of jewelry suit a large portion of the profiles. A solitary strong pendant hung long in dabs is a decent decision for overwhelming necks. Just about everybody with a flimsy face can try different things with chokers to longer pieces since it fits the thin shape while long adornments runs with expansive countenances. Also, individuals with longer confronts need adjusted hoops to add volume to the face. Those with a round face need to maintain a strategic distance from round studs and stick to thin expansive pieces. Likewise, outlines with open segments supplement round countenances impeccably by adding a breather to the look.

Nordstrom brings you ultimate shopping, especially with shopping destinations, Nordstrom coupons and brands. Feast your eyes on all branded and designer’s jewelry items, we give you what you really want and need.

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Alternative Living Options For Budget-Conscious Families

The world is changing. Which means that how people live is changing as well. And some folks, and some families, are a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to creativity – and they’re also mixing in a good pinch of budget-conscious choices that not only help them live a satisfying life, but allows them to do it in an alternative way.

Now some of these options are quite ready to have families with children going to school involved in the constructs, but for families outside of that need, there are some great ways to save money and live fascinating home lives with a few tilts of the standard perspective. Consider the following five living options that are just outside the norm.

Shipping Containers

Yes, it’s totally possible to buy a shipping container, deck it out with all of the modern amenities, and make it your perfect family-living castle. Does it take some time? Absolutely. Are your more traditional folks going to look at you with crossed eyes? Probably. But, it allows you to be creative, live in unique places, and can actually save you many, many thousands of dollars as opposed to typical housing.

Tiny Houses

And if you’ve read about the tiny house movement, that’s another option for people who want to save money and appreciate the freedom of movement more drastically that their typical counterparts. Once again, this isn’t really a great option for more than two people, but for budget-conscious parents whose children have already left the nest, it’s an amazing and alternative way to approach life that saves a ton of money and opens up a million new possibilities when it comes to approaching life.

RV Living

And if you need wheels, and a motor that moves you, to get your family from one place to another, you can choose to buy an RV and hit the road. Even on a small scale run where you’re only out for a few years at a time, there’s an incredible amount of money to be saved and experiences to be had.

Renting Homes Out

And an interesting way to make money by using your home as a selling point is by renting it out on an occasional basis. There are new companies that match people willing to rent out their homes for short periods of time (even a few days or weeks at a time) with people that need them temporarily, for business or vacation options.

The Core Of Minimizing

At the core of budget-conscious living, especially for families, is the idea of minimizing. The less stuff you have, the less space you need, and the less space you have to pay for. Not only do you save money by not having to buy things, you save money by not having to store or move all that clutter around.

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Saving Money, And Stress, When Moving

Moving is a stressful event, especially if you find you are doing it far too often. People that rent tend to move more often than homeowners, but not everyone has the luxury of owning their own homes. Sometimes you simply grow out of the space you are living in and need to move.

Or, maybe you need to move because of work. There are so many reasons people need to move, and whatever the reasons, it’s a lot of work. If you have children, it can seem even more stressful and like even more work.

Get The Kids A Job

Moving can stress out children and pets too. Change isn’t easy for the young minds of children, and since you can’t really speak to your pets in their own language it can be really hard on them. As far as pets go, consider boarding your pet during the moving process. This not only gives them some relaxation away from the commotion, but it also lessens the risk of a runaway pet while you are loading and unloading all your belongings.

As far as children go, you could send them off to a relative’s or friend’s house. Or, you could give them something to do to help with the move that will relax them and make them feel more like they are doing their part. It can be something as simple as holding the door or vacuuming a room once it’s empty.

Hire A Moving Company

If you really want to take a good deal of the work and stress out of your moving process you can hire some movers. Having someone else do the work for you can be a great relief and leaves you time for cleaning and planning how your new place is going to look.

Make sure to do some background checking on movers before you hire. Check reviews of their work, make sure they are insured and trustworthy,

Pack Properly (And Smartly)

Another, somewhat simple, way to help reduce the stress that moving can cause in your life is to make sure to pack stuff properly. Start off by packing room by room so that you can more easily unpack in your new place.

Make sure to pack breakable and delicate items safely so nothing gets broken or ruined while moving. Also, don’t pack too many heavy things together in large boxes. You’ll just end up injuring yourself or someone else in your family.

Once you are all moved and your home is put together and tidied up, take some time to relax and enjoy your new space. Start your time out at your new place on a good note, not as a stressed and frazzled mess.

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