3 Reasons For Singing With Your Child!

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Children are exposed to music from a very early age, even during the womb babies hear music that the mother listens to. Many expectant mothers sing to their unborn child, which is a lovely bonding process as well as promoting voice recognition after birth. Parents often sing to soothe a baby or child to sleep. TV shows and radios expose children to songs that they come to recognise.

Music is enjoyable and relaxing, but it also has some surprising benefits that you may not have considered. This article aims to highlight the benefits of music and ways to encourage your family to pursue a love of music.

Language development

There are so many benefits of music regarding language development. Even before a child begins to talk they begin to learn how to listen. Different music rhythms evoke different responses in a young child. Attempting to sing along to music helps to strengthen the lips and tongue, all vital for talking and word formation. Songs expose a child to a range of vocabulary, which benefits the child further along the line whilst communicating with others. Music is also fantastic at promoting listening skills and turn taking. If your child joins a group such as a choir to sing in they will enjoy being a group member enhancing social skills and communication.


Academic ability

If your child is interested in learning how to play a musical instrument they will learn a totally new skill, which enhances confidence. Learning a musical instrument teaches perseverance, memory and coordination. There are so many instruments to choose from, trying a range at an early age will enable a child to choose which instrument they would like to learn. The internet has opened up a whole host of opportunity to learn a musical instrument online, you could learn the ukulele at  easyukulelesongs.com or choose a traditional instrument such as the guitar or piano. Once a child decides on their instrument they could receive music tuition from a local tutor.


Singing also increases a child’s capacity to learn. Early years songs are often a major way of how a young child learns counting and the alphabet. An interest in the outside world is also stimulated with songs around animals. Singing is fun and tunes are remembered for years to come.


Brain development

Music and singing involves multi tasking which encourages brain development. Tunes and lyrics need to be remembered as well as rhythms and pauses. Singing even the simplest of songs requires a certain level of skill.


Singing has the feel good factor, as endorphins are released the brain relaxes and you feel happy. Singing also encourages good oxygen flow around the body as deep breaths are required to sing loudly and quietly.


Music encourages imagination and creativity as songs evoke different emotional responses in the body. Great music can literally transport you into another world, where imaginations can run wild. Music also encourages concentration.


As highlighted, there are so many positive benefits to music and singing, so turn on the CD player and enjoy tunes that all the family will love!   



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