4 Ways To Save Money Every Month

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Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could all afford to buy everything we wanted, without any budgeting or saving at all? Sadly, too many of us find ourselves scrimping to pull together enough money for a summer vacation or a new pair of shoes.

If you are one of those people who is fed up of running out of money by the time the month is up – you are definitely not alone. There is nothing fun about living from wage to wage, but the good news is that we have a few simple tips you can use to save more money each month.


  1. Get rid of that gym membership

    Have you been spending hundreds of dollars a year on a gym membership that you barely use in the first place? Many of us start the new year with all the right intentions, telling ourselves that we’re going to lose the baby weight, or get ourselves ready for the summer. Unfortunately, when you’ve got kids to look after, a home to keep on top of and a job it is not always easy to find enough time for going to the gym.

    If you are looking to get fit and trim your expenses at the same time, get rid of the membership and look for other ways to do it instead. You could walk or cycle to work which would save you money on transport costs and helps to burn calories too.

    2. Stop Paying Full Retail Prices

    If you want to cut down your monthly expenses, then one of the first things you can do is stop paying full retail price for everything, especially on groceries. Most of us walk through the supermarket without stopping to think about whether we could save some extra cash. However, the truth is that with some extreme couponing, you could save a fortune!

    3. Switch your Utility Providers

    Most people are gobsmacked at how much money they can save just by switching from one electricity or gas provider to another. A lot of families stay stuck in the same contracts for years because they just don’t have the time or energy to go and find a better supplier. However, there are plenty of comparison websites and deal sites, making it much easier to cut back your costs.You could even consider talking to a mortgage provider about switching your mortgage out to another lender when your term is up.

    4. Stop Paying for TV

    We are lucky to live in a world where you can access pretty much any movie or television show you like on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, so there is absolutely no need to pay out a fortune every month for premium television channels. Think about cutting your television subscription out of your package the next time you are talking to your provider. It might also be worth getting rid of your line rental too if you use your cell phone for most calls.

    What tips do you have for saving a few dollars every month?
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