3 Common Reasons New Parents Fight

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Becoming a first-time parent is something that not everyone can fully comprehend until it happens to them.  A new arrival in the house means an entirely new set of wonders, challenges, and experiences that no one can quite be prepared for.  

Often the new surprise of everything that the new challenge presents can cause new parents to quarrel in ways that they never have before.  Here are some of the most common reasons that new parents can begin to argue after adjusting to life with a baby.

One Stays Home More Than The Other

In many cases, one of the parents starts to feel like they are the one taking on the majority of the work with the newborn.  One parent often isn’t quite prepared for the restrictions that a new child puts on them.  Since the baby often needs to sleep, be comforted, and have food on hand, it becomes a challenge to leave the house.

It is common for one parent to go through an identity crisis of sorts and they revert back to a younger time in their lives.  It is not rare for them to go out and drink heavily, stay out late, or do other sorts of behavior which involve avoiding responsibilities.  

When the other parent feels like they are taking on all of the work at home this can create bitterness and an imbalance.  It is important to discuss that an equal share of responsibility is crucial in order for your relationship to survive.

Lack of Sleep And Exhaustion

It’s no secret that newborn babies are downright exhausting.  It can be a lot of sleepless nights and rocking a baby that can’t seem to be comforted despite your best efforts.  Sometimes parents are so exhausted that they start to take it out on each other.

When you are running on one or two hours of sleep your patience can run thin and you can start to wonder how you are possibly going to make it through the day.  This is usually when arguments erupt and tension arises.

It is important to take turns resting so that the both of you can be on your best form.  Swapping feedings responsibilities and giving the other parent the chance to nap sometimes will benefit your relationship as parents.

Criticizing The Other

Since both parents are new at this there can be a lot of insecurity about whether you are doing things right.  Despite the numerous amount of books that are written on the subject of parenting, there is really no one right way to do things.

When there is such a gray area for how to parent since each child is different, this can lead to criticism of how your partner is going about their duties.

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