3 Money-Making Opportunities For Children or Teenagers

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Even before children really understand what it takes to have a real job, their desire for things and experiences necessitates them to have some way to make money. As a parent, you can choose to simply give them money when they have a need or when they ask for something. However, you also have the option to help them learn about money and finance by teaching them how to earn their own income.

While your kids may feel like this is a much harder way to be able to afford the things they want, the life lessons they can learn by making their own money can help them well into their adult years. To help your children find ways to generate their own income, here are three ideas for money-making opportunities for children or teenagers.

Yard Work for Friends or Neighbors

Many children love playing outside and getting dirty. If this sounds like your kids, you can help them learn to take this passion and turn it into a way to make a few dollars.

Doing yard work for friends or neighbors generally requires very little experience as long as you’re willing to work hard. Madison DuPaix, a contributor to About Money, shares that some common yard work tasks your kids or teens could perform include clearing snow, pulling weeds, raking leaves and pruning gardens. As long as your kids can follow directions and work moderately independently, this could be a great option for them.

Babysitting or Pet Sitting

If your kids are a little bit older, babysitting or pet sitting is a great way to learn important life skills while also making money. KidsHealth.org states that when kids are preparing to start babysitting, they should seek out ways to let other parents know about their services and learn how to keep themselves and the children safe without supervision. These same principles work with pet sitting as well. So if your teenager has a soft spot in their heart for children or pets, opening a babysitting or pet sitting service could be a great money-making opportunity for them.

Farmer’s Market Vendor

Children who are especially artsy or interested in crafts and handiwork may want to look into getting involved with your local farmer’s market and selling products there. According to Melissa Griffiths, a contributor to HobbyFarms.com, some of the most common homemade items that are sold at farmer’s markets include beauty products, baked goods, hand-crafted items, resale items and more. Not only could this be a great chance for your kids to make some spending money for themselves, but it could also be a way to help them find a hobby they enjoy.

Although most children and teenagers don’t need a lot of money, it’s nice for them to have a way to make a few dollars here and there to learn about the value of work and money management. If your child is wanting to earn some money, consider one of the ideas mentioned above to help them achieve their goals.

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