3 Tips for Saving Money on Personal Health

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If there is anything people are focused on these days, it is personal health. With television advertisements heralding new wonder diets and weight loss methods, people are clearly interested in their physical appeal and personal health. Unfortunately, many of those new weight loss options come with a hefty price tag.

From gym memberships to organic veggies, losing weight and becoming personally healthy can be an incredibly expensive endeavor. So how is a low-budget family supposed to make personal health a priority? Included here are a few tips for saving money on your personal health and getting fit this summer.

Go Groupon

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is the ability to find cost-effective options for almost anything. You can order supplements in bulk, find free exercise videos on YouTube and even find affordable gym memberships. One of the best places to go for finding affordable, discounted services is Groupon.

If you are looking for a gym membership for yourself, or your family, you are likely overwhelmed by the high monthly cost. By taking the time to monitor Groupon for local rates, you could find a deal that offers the first month free or three months membership for the price of one. Logging on could save you hundreds on your family’s quest for fitness.

Go Outside

If a gym membership still isn’t in the cards after the best discounts, exercising for free is still completely available. Take your family to the local park for running, climbing, and other aerobic exercise on their grassy fields. Additionally, you could do calmer exercises like yoga in the park with friends.

If swimming or biking is more your speed, consider heading to the local river or lake. Often, there are public swimming holes that cost nothing to utilize, but that can offer a decent amount of space for swimming laps. Many bike trails surround lakes as well, and you could even practice for a triathlon by biking there before your swim!

Go Local

The local movement has begun to affect many aspects of the home, from your household cleaners to organic veggies. Unfortunately, those organic, pesticide free fruits will likely cost you a pretty penny at the grocery store. To cut down on this cost, take time to grow your own produce. Even with a small apartment balcony, you should be able to produce some tomatoes, peas or beans.

If growing just isn’t possible, you can still have healthy produce at a low price by visiting the local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets can offer you seasonal produce, much of which is grown locally and is much cheaper than the stuff that has been shipped to the store.

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