3 Ways To Make A Small Apartment Work For Your Family

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If you have a family of two adults, you know that it can be challenging to come together with all your possessions and make everything fit together in the space you have available. But once you start adding kids into the equation, any extra space you might have had instantly gets taken up by all the gear that come along with having babies and toddlers and kids and teens. And while some families are able to upgrade to a larger home as their family grows, many have to make do with the small space they have. So to help your family work together well and live a happy and fulfilled life regardless of the square footage you’re working with, here are three ways you can make a small house or apartment work for your family.

Put The Kids In The Master Bedroom

While most parents automatically think that the master bedroom is for them, you may need to rethink this preconception if you’re having to fit four or more people into a two bedroom home. Because master bedrooms are often much bigger than standard bedrooms, Elizabeth Passarella, a contributor to Real Simple, suggests giving the kids the bigger bedroom to share. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep a lot more of their stuff in their room rather than having it spread around the house so much. This can help make your home feel bigger by having less things in the common areas.

Move Upwards, Not Outwards

As your belongings grow but your home doesn’t, you need to start getting creative about how to create more space or take advantage of the limited space you do have. One way to do this, according to Rachel Wray Thompson, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, is to move upwards, not outwards. By thinking vertically rather than horizontally about things like storage, you can make better use of small spaces and keep your stuff from taking over larger footprints on the floor. This might mean adding shelving, using tall storage units, or hanging more items from the ceiling.

Take Advantage Of Any Available Outdoor Space

While this isn’t applicable for some, if you do have any outdoor space that accompanies your home, Jennifer Langston, a contributor to Today.com, recommends that you use that as efficiently as possible for additional storage or living space. Although it’s not as protected as being inside your home, outdoor space can make small living spaces much more manageable. So whether that means installing a small shed for storage and using your deck or porch as an indoor/outdoor entertaining space, don’t overlook the space you can use outside your home to make your home more livable.  

If you’re worried about bringing more people into your small home, consider using the tips above to help you find ways to make your square footage work for you and your family.

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