3 Ways to Prepare Your Family For A Major Home Improvement Project

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While you and your family can likely just power your way through small home improvement projects that can be completed in a few short days, bigger projects are likely going to take a little more planning and preparation to ensure that everyone’s ready for what renovations can bring. Especially if the renovations are going to take a longer period of time or will interrupt your normal life routines, like replacing your roof, kitchen or bathrooms, you may find yourself needing to make some plans for how to make it through these times. To help with this, here are three ways to prepare your family for a major home improvement project.

Consider Your Pets

Most people are very aware of how their kids will be impacted by home renovations or improvement projects. If you have young kids who might get underfoot, you’ll likely be especially concerned. However, many people overlook their pets and how they can be affected. According to Home Advisor, open doors, the use of chemicals, and the availability of power tools can be just as dangerous to pets as to children. So if you think there’s a chance that your pet might be uncomfortable being around all the construction, or they’ll be too bothersome to you and the other workers, you may want to ask a friend or family member to pet sit for a while or board your pet during big construction times.

Pick The Right Time

To cause fewer inconveniences to your family and those working on your home, try to be strategic about when to start and finish your projects. According to Beth Orr Schroeder, a contributor to Angie’s List, you may not want to do projects during the summer when your kids will be home from school all day. Additionally, if you have a big trip coming up or another special occasion that you need to focus on, you may want to wait until after the event so you can give your home improvement project the attention it needs.

Stay Away During Construction

If construction starts running long or there are particular days where bigger sections of your home will be torn up, Better Homes and Gardens shares that you may want to simply stay away for a few days. Unless you have family or friends close by who are willing to take you in, this might mean getting a hotel room or renting out another space, which could cost additional money that you weren’t planning on spending. So before you start your construction, try to have some money in an emergency savings for situations just like this.

For those concerned about how to take on a big home improvement project while still keeping their family functioning well, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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