4 Ways To Organize Family Celebrations and Events

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If you’re the chief organizer in a family, then you have a lot on your plate. Especially when it comes to figuring out how to gather everyone for family celebrations and events, it can almost feel like a full-time job communicating all the necessary information to the necessary people. That’s why you need an overall plan.

In several ways that you can organize this plan include focusing on significant milestones, birthdays, location, or tradition. Each of these has pros and cons, and different types of celebrations can require different perspectives as well.

Major Milestones

When you organize around significant milestones, there are several events that come to mind. There are graduations, new jobs, getting into college – almost every person in your family will have events that they consider defining moments. So, if you’re going to have celebrations, you have to know how to work with these. Planning a graduation party takes some doing. It takes a list. It takes reminders. It takes a budget. So knowing that, you can work backward from your and desired result and get to some template that you can always work from.


Planning a birthday party is another thing you’re going to have to do. An intriguing way to help organize, especially when it comes to theme, is to know everyone’s birthstone and focus on colors, shapes, or characteristics of that stone that can relate to the characteristics of the person in question. Many people collect items that relate to the overall symbology of their birth month, and having an association with your birthstone is no exception. Especially as people get older, it’s nice to have a sense of consistency about celebrations, and knowing how to celebrate birthdays can be a big part of this.

By Location

Another way to organize family celebrations is by location. To do this, map out where all of your family members live, and then find a central point. Whatever person is closest to that central point is going to be the one who potentially has the most draw regarding getting everyone together. At that point, you can start planning your family gathering so that travel plans are convenient for everyone.

Through the Lens of Tradition

And finally, there is organization through the lens of tradition. Even if dates and places don’t necessarily make sense and aren’t necessarily efficient, something is comforting about following through with traditions. Even if you don’t necessarily know where the tradition came from, if everyone in your family agrees that it’s important to follow it, then it takes precedence. Just make sure that as new family members come into the fold, you explain this importance to them, so they don’t resent it.

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