4 Ways to Save on Your Family’s Next RV Trip

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4 Ways to Save on Your Family’s Next RV Trip

An RV trip can cost a lot less than a traditional vacation because you won’t pay exorbitant fees to stay in a hotel every night. However, that doesn’t mean that costs can’t sneak their way into your trip, causing you to spend a lot more money than you planned.

There are many ways you can save money on your family’s next RV trip. Here are just a few that will allow you to save big, if done right.

Choose a Budget-Friendly RV That Doesn’t Compromise on Luxury

It all starts with your RV. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest RV you can find, but that’s not a good idea. You don’t want to spend weeks at a time in an uncomfortable RV, even if it does mean you saved a few thousand bucks.

Instead, your method for finding the right RV should be about finding a balance between cost and luxury. Luxurious RVs exist that don’t cost an arm and a leg. You just have to put in a little time to research your options before you settle on one that fits your budget.

And of course, you can always rent! Renting an RV allows you to get all the luxury without the full cost of buying an RV and finding a place to store it.

Skip the Drive-Thru

Vacations are notorious for bad eating. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a greasy fast food burger, but eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can add up quickly.

In an RV, you have the benefit of a mobile kitchen! Plan to make quick, easy meals and bring along plenty of snacks. It’s a lot cheaper to visit the grocery store than it is to eat out whenever you get hungry.

Lower Fuel Costs

Large campers and trailers can really guzzle gas, which means more stops to fuel up, and more money out of your pocket. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can save on gas:

Pack light: The heavier your RV, the more money you’ll spend on gas.

Maintain your RV: Regular oil changes and adequate tire pressure can increase your gas mileage and help you save on fuel costs.

Find the best gas prices: Download an app that allows you to find the best prices on gas in any area.

Get a gas rewards card: Many establishments, like gas stations and grocery stores, offer gas discounts when you shop with them.

Plan Low-Cost Activities

The activities you plan while you’re on vacation can add up just as quickly as eating out every night. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid costly activities altogether, but you can save a lot by searching for free or low-cost activities in your area.

It’s even better if you can search by a certain date. That way you can find craft fairs and farmer’s markets in the area that are free.

Going on an RV adventure with your family doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With these tips, you can save enough money to start planning your next family vacation!


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