5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Military Homecoming

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For many military families, deployment is one of the hardest times of the year. According to Military Spouse, it is advisable for you to find a hobby and keep yourself busy when you’re loved one is away. This will prevent you from constantly thinking about them. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure this forever because eventually this difficult season will come to an end and your loved one will return home. Is their return date approaching? Are you looking for the best welcome home gifts for you military spouse or parents? Well, this is definitely the right place for you. Here are some great ideas:

  1. Welcome home banner

This is a lovely customized gift that demonstrates your love and affection. You can either make your own DIY banner or get a customized banner printed from a local company. Be creative in the message and design of the banner. You could even have several banners placed in different areas around your home.

  1. American Flag

Every single service man and woman is aware of the immense value and symbolism of the American flag. While on deployment, they are used to seeing huge flags hoisted at their designated camps. So, why not install a flag post in your front yard? This amazing gift will serve as a loving reminder of the commitment that your loved one has made to their country. Atlantic Flag & Pole has the best flag poles for sale which are affordable, durable and easy to install. Get in touch with them today for the best quality flags, flag poles and flag accessories.

  1. Favorite food buffet

It’s no secret that most military facilities offer a basic diet comprising of canned food and modest portions. So, it would be a lovely surprise if you could prepare a custom buffet solely comprising of your loved one’s favorite foods. Go all out and prepare a 4 or 5-course meal with appetizers, the main course and desert. Don’t forget to include their favorite beverages too. Alternatively, you could take them to their favorite restaurant.

  1. Photo Album or Slideshow

When your loved one has been deployed for several months, they might miss some important milestones such as weddings, birthday parties and graduations. A great idea would be to document all these important events and compile them in form of a slide show or photo album. This helps them to gave a glimpse of what happened while they were away.

  1. New beddings

Servicemen and women are used to braving the harshest of conditions. While on deployment, warm blankets and comfortable beddings are merely a dream. So, why not help them to enjoy what they missed by getting the coziest, fuzziest beddings. While on deployment, sometimes sleep is a luxury, so it would definitely be a pleasant surprise to have a good night’s sleep in a comfortable environment. For an extra touch, you can even get them some new pajamas and socks to complete the look.

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