5 Christmas Gifts for Under $10

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Ah Christmas, that most joyful time of year.  A time for family, a time for delicious food, and unfortunately a time for big money.  The larger your family is, the more gifts you have to worry about. However, quantity is still possible while still keeping costs low.

Drugstore Makeup

Celebrating Christmas with a woman or teenager girl?  Chances are she loves makeup.  Makeup doesn’t just come from department stores and expensive specialty shops. Have you ever taken a stroll down the aisle at a drugstore and visited a little section called Wet N’ Wild?  Lipstick can be as low as $1 a piece. Buy several of these paired with a couple $2 nail polishes and maybe a nice compact mirror and voila! You’ve got yourself the gift of beauty!

A Candle

I’m yet to meet a person that doesn’t like candles.  Candles are soothing, they smell good, and even if you don’t like burning them, they are a great decorational piece! Candles don’t have to be expensive.  You can find them everywhere from the grocery store to the dollar store.  And here’s the best hack of all: you can make them!  Try an at home beeswax candle recipe, or even make it a craft activity with your child melting crayons into a candle! Candles are loved by both genders and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A Wellness Package   

You don’t have to buy someone a $200 gym membership to give the gift of health.  Weight loss and fitness doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. How about a basket of healthy items that you can find at your everyday drugstore?  A cute idea might be an apple, a 1000 count bottle of vitamin C and a pair of dumbbells from a thrift store.  You can often find exercise equipment for practically free. A wellness package is a great idea for a family member that’s been looking to make a change in their health regimen.

A personalized coffee cup

These days you can find all kinds of online stores that will create a custom cup with an uploaded image of your choice.  Perhaps you’d like a more personalized approach and prefer to make your own cup? Head to the craft store and buy a heat friendly/beverage safe molding clay.  Or simply purchase a plain white cup and have at it with some permanent markers.  Sometimes the greatest gift a personalized one that your loved one can enjoy every day with a ritual such as coffee.

A phone case

Much like the personalized coffee cups you can also find a variety of services offering personalized phone cases.  Everyone has a phone these days, and goodness knows how easy it is to break one.  Give your family member the gift of phone protection.  That’s something anyone could use!

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