5 Essential Jewelry Pieces That Men Should Own

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5 Essential Jewelry Pieces That Men Should Own

Men and jewelry seems like an unusual combination but the modern man is not averse to the idea of experimenting with his style. Whether it is in clothing, footwear or accessories, men are as enthusiastic as women when it comes playing with the latest trends and individual taste. It comes as no surprise that men’s jewelry industry has witnessed extensive growth in the recent years. Several jewelry brands have emerged as men’s favorites as they keep coming up with the latest style trends for them.

Before you think about investing in some cool and funky jewelry pieces, there are some fashion-facts that you need to know to put your money at the right places. Not only should you know about the pieces that you must have in your collection but also be aware of styling your look with them. A simple piece can complete your ensemble and enhance your look manifold, provided that you wear it right. Let us list a few jewelry pieces that every man must own.


Undoubtedly, rings have been men’s favorite for decades and they deserve to be, considering the variety they offer. In fact, these are available in such designs and styles that suit diverse tastes and preferences. For instance, you can wear a simple band in gold, platinum or silver if your personal style is simple yet tasteful. Those who want to be experimental can try out some unique tribal patterns. And there is a huge variety that you can explore in colored gemstones rings, if you believe in astrology or just want to add a pop of color to your personal style statement.

A ring is easy to carry as you would not even need to take to take it off. It is one piece that you can wear and forget. A promise ring or wedding band is something that you would rather want to wear all the time. You have the choice to wear a single piece or flaunt more if you want. Most jewelry brands offer ring collections as these are usually in high demand.


Another piece of jewelry that is an essential for every man’s collection is a bracelet. Perhaps, you can even own a few of them if you love to look cool and make heads turn with your unique style statement. From gold to silver, platinum, gemstones, and even leather, you can find a rich and interesting variety in men’s bracelets. And the same goes for bracelet designs as well as designers come up with unique ideas to craft pieces that catch the eye. What more, you can even have a piece customized with your name or a design that matches your personality.

You need to be style-savvy when you combine an outfit with this jewelry piece because it can actually be a hit or miss in terms of making a style statement. If you wear a watch, match it with your bracelet and do not wear the two together on the same wrist. Also, make sure that the bracelet blends well with your outfit and works for the occasion. For example, a sleek platinum bracelet looks good with a business suit while a trendy one in leather makes a good combination with a casual ensemble.


Who would say that chains and necklaces look good on women only as men can carry them well enough! A simple chain is a timeless favorite while a thick, cabled one can add to your masculine appeal. You can buy one in pure gold or platinum if you are ready to invest a hefty amount on this piece of jewelry. For those with a lower budget, there are plenty of options available in silver and semi-precious metals. You can check out https://www.frostnyc.com/collections/men-s-gold-chains for an awesome collection of chains with amazing designs.

Chains and necklaces make a classic favorite for men and you can choose to play with the lengths and thickness of the pieces to add variety to your collection. The best thing about this accessory is that you can wear it anytime and anywhere, whether you are going out for a professional dinner, a romantic date or a casual outing. It can actually give you a more sophisticated and regal look without being loud and showy. You can even try wearing a stylish pendant in a chain to get a little more experimental with your attire.


Earrings for men have become a popular accessory in the last few decades, with several celebrities endorsing this cool trend. You have an awesome range of choices in this piece of men’s jewelry, from sleek diamond studs to cute dangling earrings and stylish hoops. Men’s fashion experts suggest that men should opt for one earring rather than two as the former looks more masculine and stylish. One thing that you need to be careful about is to get yourself pierced by a professional who knows his or her job well.

Also, you need to be fairly conscious about when to wear them as you would not want to raise eyebrows while you sport danglers or hoops at a professional meeting. Keep the look reserved for the games or holidays. But that does not mean that you should not have a few cool pieces in your collection. Look for pieces that you are comfortable wearing and can flaunt them on special occasions. A simple stud is something that would be apt if you want to wear an earring day and night.


A watch does not exactly fall in the category of jewelry but it can still be regarded as an accessory that no man would say no to. If you want to flaunt that ultra-stylish, modern-male look without going over the top, try a bejeweled watch. Brands like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Phillipe, and more showcase an awesome collection in studded watches that are absolutely needed in every man’s jewelry collection. Even if you need to spend a small fortune on these stunning pieces, don’t hesitate at all because these are true gems, both as an investment and a style asset.

As an accessory, watches are practical and fashionable as they tell time as well as add a sophisticated appeal to your look. While you must own a piece of two of the premium brands, it is a good idea to pick a few reasonably-priced pieces to add more variety and versatility to your collection. Make sure that you pick ones that are value-for-money, whether it is about style or features.

Now that you know about all the fashionable pieces that you must own in your jewelry collection, you should also be aware about how to wear them right. Make sure that they match your outfit and the occasion that you plan to wear them to. Buy pieces that blend effortlessly with your personal style statement rather than just follow the trends blindly and stock up on stuff that you might never wear. Also, be practical while you shop for jewelry because these pieces are also a long-term investment in addition to being your style companions.

Always buy trusted brands from reputed sellers, whether you shop from online sellers or brick-and-mortar stores. Ask for certificates of purity and authenticity while buying precious metals and gemstones. Generally, well-known brands do provide quality certificates to guarantee that they are selling only genuine and high-quality products. As a jewelry lover, you should also be aware about handling and maintaining your collection well to prolong its life and retain its value. Whether you wear or store these pieces, do it with much love and care!

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