5 Ways To Protect Your Family’s Health In Your New Home

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If you recently purchased a home and moved your family in, then one of your next primary concerns is going to be taking care of potential health issues in the new domicile. At your old place, you might have had a solid idea of what to do to keep your kids and spouse healthy, safe, and happy, but it’s important to reassess that at a new location.

Five of the ways to do this protective sweep will include making sure that you reduce chemical exposure potential, take care of wet areas, control the climate in your home, reduce allergen potential, and take special note to keep any pests out of your living areas.

Reduce Chemical Exposure

Especially if you’ve moved into a new home, there are chemical exposure issues that you need to be aware of. Newly stained wood, newly installed carpet, and newly painted walls all can have lingering fumes that, at the very least, can cause some pretty significant headaches. Be sure that you don’t have too much of that ‘new home smell’ before moving all of your belongings in and consistently staying the night.

Take Care of Wet Areas

Mold causes health issues. This is a given. So, in your new home, you have to be sure to right away take care of all the wet areas. Kitchens and bathrooms especially need to be free from mold to start, and then you need to make sure there’s plenty of ventilation, and that all of your seals around faucets are handled to an airtight condition. If water gets in the walls and stays there, you can have eventual health issues that pop up that surprised you because of inhalation or irritation.

Control the Climate

Small children or older people can get sick if there’s too much variation in climate control in your home environment. This means that depending on where you live, you have to be absolutely sure that your heating and cooling systems are tight to go. After moving in, have a technician check the furnace and air condition appliances and ductwork.

Reduce Allergen Potential

In a new location, your family members may have new allergic reactions to things. At the very least, to prevent allergies inside the house when it’s closed, buy an air filter that you trust. This is an extremely efficient way to help keep health and safety at a base level.

Keep Out the Pests

Every home has different pests that come around. Ants, earwigs, bees, box elders – every location is different. But as the seasons change during your first year in your home, make sure to keep everything out that poses an actual threat to your family. For instance, if anyone has bad reactions to hornets, you obviously want to keep a lookout for nests and get rid of the as soon as possible.

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