6 Important Reasons to Install Casement Windows for Your House

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Replacing windows or installing new windows is a perfect way of boosting the value and appearance of your home or commercial building. However, to maximize beauty, function, and performance, you need to choose the right window design. Casement windows are one of the most popular window installation options because of the immense benefits that they offer. Here are a few reasons to install this type of window for your home or office

Superior ventilation

Casements offer increased ventilation and provide excellent airflow when they are open. There is no other window design that provides a big opening for ventilation like the casement windows. Furthermore, the open sash that acts as a flap helps the casements to funnel size breezes and fresh air into your home. Furthermore, casements will pry wide open from the top to the bottom or side to side and this allows more air and light into the room.

Highly customizable

Casement windows tend to be highly customizable and they can be adapted to suit different styles. Furthermore, they are readily available in different colors, frames, designs, and finishes that can suit different homes. Casement windows also come with a wide range of accessories like surface grills, lead grills, chrome, brass crank, or vinyl handles, and prairie grill that adds a new level of panache and style.

Easy operation

Casement windows can easily be closed or opened using one hand. This is due to their convenient crack mechanism. This means that you can open and close the window when you are carrying the baby or carrying other items with one hand. The ease of operation makes them ideal for hard to reach spaces like above counters or cabinets and behind the kitchen sinks.

Bigger view

Metal casement windows usually have a smaller quantity of muntins or the strips of metal, vinyl or wood that separate and hold the glass panes in the windows. As a result, these windows have a much bigger glass area and a broader view of the surrounding environment. With this window design, you will enjoy a seamless connection between your interiors and the outdoors.

Highly energy efficient

Casement windows are usually tightly sealed when closed. This helps to prevent air from the outdoors from seeping through and affecting the temperatures inside the house. This type of window is suitable for areas that experience a windy climate. During the hot summer days, you can allow the cool breeze to enter your room by opening the casement window. When it comes to energy efficiency, casement windows come second only to the fixed pane windows.

Superior security

Casement windows are quite difficult to break into. The casement locks tend to be hook-shaped and they are embedded within the window frame, making them extremely untouchable and providing better safety and security. Furthermore, you can choose how wide you want the windows to open so as to avoid leaving the house vulnerable with a very big opening.

Casement windows have a simple but elegant design, making them more versatile with regard to home d├ęcor. This means that you can install them on all home designs, from classical designs to contemporary ones. Casement windows are a perfect choice for business and homeowners who want windows that offer durability, versatility, safety, and energy efficiency.

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