6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Traveling To India For Your Next Vacation

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Very few destinations in the world will leave a lasting impression on travelers as India does. With a rich history, great people, and lots of breathtaking attractions, India is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to have a good time. You will be stunned by the lush beauty, exotic architecture, and richness of this land. Here are reasons why you should consider traveling to India.

The people

The local Indian people, especially those in the rural areas, are the most hospitable and kindest people. You will be touched by the warmth and friendliness that these people offer to foreigners. Whether you are just wondering around the streets or encounter kids playing in the fields or roads, you will be amazed by the love that Indians have to offer. Some locals may even invite you into their homes.

The food

Indian Food alone is one reason why you should consider India for your next holiday. You will have a chance to sample the most delicious meals and incredibly diverse cuisine when you travel there. You will enjoy lots of thick, creamy, and moderately spicy curries in the North, for example, tandoori chicken, parathas, and mutton rogan josh. The Southern Cuisine mainly contains ingredients such as seafood, coconut, rice and the food is spicier, for example, fish coconut curries and the masala dosas. You will also get lots of vegetarian diets because there are many Hindus there.

Architecture and history

India is an architecturally diverse and exceptionally beautiful country that is filled with palaces, forts, monuments, temples, ancient ruins, and mosques. It is home to the oldest civilization in the world and with lots of beautiful attractions that you will love to see. The Indian architecture is rooted in its culture, religion, and history. The architectural designs have evolved due to the influence of many dynasties and the colonial period. The country has 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and this makes Indien reisen a great treasure for tourists to explore.

Religion and spirituality

Spirituality and religion are intricately entwined in the everyday life of Indians. India is home to all the major religions and it is the birthplace of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Observing the local people as they engage in their everyday rituals can be an intensely intimate experience. Most travelers also come to this country to find true spirituality and attend meditation retreats in an Ashram or practice yoga.

The beaches

The southern beaches in India are an excellent escape from the frenzy pace in the north. Even though the popular beach destinations in Goa tend to be crowded, the more remote beaches are more pristine and quiet. Examples include Palolem and Agonda beaches.

The chaos

When traveling to India, you should embrace the chaos. In your journey, you will experience endless traffic jams, delays, crowded streets, swerving rickshaws and motorbikes, never-ending honking of horns, and invasion of your personal space. You should learn to relax and go with the flow. When you are at peace with whatever is happening on the Indian time, you will have a deeper understanding of the culture and nation.

In India, you will enjoy a sense of adventure everywhere you go. Whether you are strolling around the southern beaches, spotting Indian elephants and Bengal tigers in the wild, trekking the snow-capped mountains or navigating the chaotic Delhi streets, traveling to this beautiful country will be one big adventure, and you will have memorable moments.

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