6 Ways Your Family Can Reduce Monthly Outgoings Right Now

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Lots of families will struggle for money at some point. That is because the job market is less than stable, and anything can happen. Also, plenty of people make poor financial decisions and end up with debts they can’t pay. When that occurs, it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. However, there are many strategies people could use to turn the situation around and get their families back on track. Considering that, read this article carefully and see if any of the suggestions appeal to you. These methods tend to work well, and there should be at least one excellent idea below.



Switch energy supplier


Most homeowners pay more than they should for electricity and gas because they fail to change provider every twelve months. Either that or they use too much power and fail to monitor their carbon footprint. Anyone who wants to reduce their outgoings just needs to use some comparison sites to find the best deals. There are lots of different domains that compare prices from multiple specialists to ensure customers get the best rates possible. The process should take no longer than a few minutes, and the power companies will perform all the hard work. If you currently use an electricity metre, it’s vital to switch to a monthly pay deal as soon as possible. In most instances individuals just have to:


  • Visit a price comparison site
  • Enter personal details
  • Take a look at the results
  • Contact the cheapest supplier



Swap your credit cards


Many folks also make mistakes when it comes to the interest rates on their credit card debt. Lots of companies offer excellent introductory deals that mean individuals won’t pay any interest on the money they owe for the first twelve months. So, it’s possible to reduce the bills you pay considerably for the next year. Just be sure the deal you select allows balance transfers because that’s how you’ll get rid of the old cards. Also, read the small print because some lenders hide valuable information there. Again, there are comparison sites that will compare offers from all the major credit card suppliers. So, you just have to follow the same process you did when swapping to a different energy firm.



Downsize your property


Some people struggle to meet their financial responsibilities because they have to pay an extortionate mortgage. Maybe you changed career recently, and now you don’t earn as much as you did before? Whatever the problem, the last thing anyone wants to do is default on the debt and lose their home. It’s much better to sell the property and move somewhere a little cheaper. Be sure to use a mortgage calculator next time to ensure you understand how much cash you will have to find every month. Some folks might consider renting a home, but that’s a terrible move because you will throw money down the drain. Just look for properties that are:


  • Cheap
  • Located outside of popular areas
  • Meet the needs of the family



Get rid of that second car


Being a two-car family is somewhat of a status symbol these days. Indeed, that is why so many couples have more than one vehicle parked in their driveways today. Still, it costs a small fortune to keep the second automobile on the road, and so you should get rid of it as soon as possible if you want to save money. Families that use two cars have to pay insurance, tax, and fuel costs twice! That doesn’t make sense if you find it difficult to pay other bills at the moment. The only downside to selling the second car is that you might have to wake up a little earlier in the morning to get the kids to school and commute to work. However, that is a small price to pay if it means you have lots of extra cash in your accounts at the end of the month, right?



Consolidate your debts


At some point, homeowners might reach a point where they can’t make payments on their bills and debts. When that happens, it’s vital that you don’t bury your head in the sand because things will only get worse. You need to tackle the issue head-on as soon as you can for the best outcomes. Consolidating your debts is a fantastic option that could stop you from getting into too much trouble. Anyone who wants to do that just has to:


  • Make a list of all the debts
  • Get in touch with a consolidation specialist
  • Sign a new repayment deal
  • Keep to the repayments


In most instances, debt consolidation deals will last for around five years. Those who don’t manage to pay the entire balance within that time will get the rest of the money they owe written off. Of course, that is the last resort, and if you fail to make the repayments, you stand to lose everything.



Consider bankruptcy


Lastly, it’s important to note that bankruptcy is always an option. In fact, it’s sometimes the best solution for people who don’t own property. Those with few assets stand to lose very little during the bankruptcy process. Indeed, sometimes the procedure comes to an end in less than twelve months, and the individuals get a fresh start. Of course, you should do everything possible to avoid that situation, but sometimes there is no alternative. Those who want to declare themselves bankrupt will have to:


  • Pay a fee
  • Make a list of all debts
  • Hand bank accounts over to the authorities
  • Follow all instructions from the receiver


Just bear in mind that anyone who owns property or who has assets will lose them. Anything worth money will go to auction to help cover the outstanding debts.


Those six ideas should help anyone who’s struggling to make the right decisions. There is often a method of getting out of debt and reducing monthly outgoings that won’t require bankruptcy. However, that concept is mentioned here today because it’s vital that everyone understands money problems are not the end of the world. In some instances, creditors might make people bankrupt when they don’t receive payments. It’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds, and so there is no reason to stress. Still, the other suggestions should assist most people in avoiding that final solution.


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