7 Effective Tips To Prevent Premature Ageing

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7 Effective Tips To Prevent Premature Ageing

Aging is a natural process and there is nothing much that you can do to stop the changes that occur in your body as you grow older. However, premature aging is one challenge that needs to be addressed effectively. After all, no one would want to look older that their years. If you are struggling with sagging skin, a receding hairline, graying hair and other premature aging symptoms, you should be seriously concerned about stopping, if not reversing them. Here are some tips that can help you in resolving these problems.

1. Get generous with your antioxidants

It is a scientific fact that oxidative damage to the cells is the key cause of aging. If this happens earlier than it should, it’s time to become generous with your antioxidant intake. Some of the foods that are high in anti-oxidants are berries, apples, carrots, beans, red grapes, black plums and dark chocolate. Considering that these foods are tempting enough, you can easily integrate them into your daily diet and combat the early aging symptoms. So know your antioxidants well and start loading them!

2. Ditch the bad habits

Alcohol and cigarettes may make you feel good but they are capable of taking toll on your hair and skin, leaving them aged much before time. Studies have identified smoking as a leading cause of premature aging. Both smoking and drinking can cause premature wrinkles and redness of skin due to dehydration and loss of collagen. The best way to prevent these symptoms is to ditch these bad habits before they literally get under your skin.

3. Minimize sun exposure

Spending too much time outdoors may be bad for your skin and hair as the UV rays of the sun can damage them both and cause wrinkles and graying respectively. The best way is to avoid overexposure and take some precautions when you go out. Use a quality sunscreen to protect your skin and cover your hair with a cap or a scarf to safeguard your hair. At the same time, soak an optimal amount of sunlight to get enough of vitamin D for strengthening your bones.

4. Get enough sleep

Another effective tip to avoid premature aging is to get adequate sleep as it rejuvenates your skin and hair cells on a daily basis. At least 6 hours is essential but you should target at 8 hours if you are experiencing the symptoms of premature aging. Also, have a proper sleeping pattern which includes sleeping early and waking up early. Make a routine to get into bed by 10 on most of the evenings and stick to this routine to develop a healthy pattern.

5. Use quality skin care and hair care products

According to Julianne Harris from SeroVital Hair Regeneres, premature graying of the hair in women is becoming more and more common. The same goes for skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines. A major reason is that women do not pay attention to the quality of skin care and hair care products they use. Treat your skin and hair as an asset and be ready to invest a little extra on maintaining them even if

it means spending a good amount of money on the cosmetic products you use.

6. Have a proper care and maintenance routine

Just using quality products for your skin and hair is not enough as you also need to follow a proper care and maintenance routine to be forever young. Have a night time routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin. Opt for regular cleanup and facial massage to prevent the skin from sagging. Regular oiling and deep conditioning is prescribed for the hair. If you color your grays, always have it done from a professional and ensure that they use a quality product.

7. Go natural

Premature aging is a health-related problem and the best way to tackle it is by going natural. Try out some herbal remedies to alleviate the symptoms and address the root cause. Natural detoxification is another measure that can help you eliminate the deep seated toxins that may be responsible for these symptoms. Drink plenty of water to speed up the detox function as well as keep your skin and scalp well hydrated. This measure will definitely help you in preventing the symptom of premature aging.

Besides trying out these tips, try to stay away from stress. Of course, wrinkles and gray hair will give you stress if they appear unexpectedly. But you will make the problems only worse by getting anxious. Understanding the root cause is the best possible thing to do because the solution lies right there.


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