7 Holiday Inspired Dance Moves

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The holidays are usually a time when most of us are moving about trying to make it as fun and exciting as possible. You probably attended a family gathering with lots of food surrounded by friends and family and when the music plays, it was time to hit the dance floor. Here are 7 holiday inspired moves to get you grooving.


  • Eggnog Chugger


Take one of your legs, say the right leg and the opposite hand which in this case is the left hand. Make a chugging motion to mimic you drinking the eggnog. Move your body as though you are feeling the eggnog slide to your stomach. Turn and repeat the motion with your other hand.


  • Shoot Your Eye Out


This is an all time classic. Tuck your arms in as though you are pissed off. Then with your head turned to the side, make a nod. Turn your head to the opposite side and make another nod. Put your hand on your forehead as if you are trying to find something in the distance and move slowly from one side to the other while bending slightly…then suddenly stand straight and fire your gun straight ahead. Of course, you’ll be using your hand to mimic a gun. Nod once, nod again in the opposite direction, search around and shoot.


  • The Present Wrapper


Now this move mimics its name with motions that make it look like you are folding presents. Take your left arm and place it halfway horizontally as if you are pointing to the front. The palm of your arm should face upwards. This will be the starting position. Simply turn it to face the bottom and repeat the same with your other arm.

It will now look as though you are folding the sides of the present. With both your arms make a motion as if you are closing the back of the present by moving the hands forward and clap as if you are sealing it with tape.

When you are going through the moves ensure you are making a bounce movement with your knees to make it groovier.



  • The Menorah


Keep in mind that there are actually nine candles on the menorah. Going through the motions of the menorah dance is one of the simplest things to do. Stand straight and clap your hands with one move above your head and then move your hands back to the sides. While you are doing this, also make a step to the right.

Repeat this process 4 times with each clap having a step to the side as you move your hands to the sides of your body. Once you make the 4th clap and the 4th step, make the same move to the right. Also make 4 steps to go back to your original position.

Do you remember what we said about the menorah having 9 candles?  This means there is one more step to the dance. Once you make the last step make a sharp move. Stand with swagger while pointing to the sky. Sort of how Michael Jackson did it.


  • Deck the Halls


This is another simple dance move that anyone can do. Move your left hand to the side and follow up with your right hand. Ensure the two legs come together. Then move your right foot apart and follow up with your left foot. Bring the two together.

As you do so, angle your body to the right when moving to the right and angle it to the left when stepping to the left. You can make a decking motion with your hands just to spruce it up.


  • Sleigh Bell Rock


With this dance move you need to stand facing to the side with your left leg facing the front. Make a leaning motion to the front facing leg and then swinging back. This creates a sleigh motion. Swing your hands to the front and back.

When you have a couple of buddies that you want to practice these holiday moves with, it wouldn’t hurt to rock the same leotards such as these.


  • Grandmother Got Hit by a Reindeer


Start by taking 3 steps in one direction, bend over as though you are picking something up and then get up and take 3 steps back to your original position. You can vary your reaction in any way you like and to as though you are rushing to help your grandma who’s been knocked down by a cute reindeer.



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