8 Awesome Rug Ideas for your Living Room

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Rugs are one of the best home décor items that can transform your living area into something magnificent. After you have selected the couch, chairs and coffee table, it’s time to select the rugs that can complete the look. Rugs are of many kind and you have plenty of choices to create a personalized space. With the right rug choice you might not even need other accessories. You can choose HomeTown Coupons to buy best rugs at affordable rates.

Living room can be decorated using the rugs in different ways. You can give your house a complete makeover with the right rug.

Here are some rug ideas for your living room:

  1. Coastal Theme

If you love water, sky and color blue then a coastal theme rug style is the one for you. You can create a coastal theme living room décor with blue color rugs. Blue can be vibrant and soothing at the same time. You can choose a whole different styles and patterns to bring the coastal theme alive in your living area. A blue rug can be a focal point of your living area. You can use neutral colored furniture like beige to go with the vibrant blue.

  1. Floral Prints Rugs

Floral prints are one of the top choices for so many things not just the rugs. Large floral print rugs can make your living room look fabulous. If you are looking to make an impression for less, then the large floral prints rugs can help you make the impression. The rug will immediately draw attention to itself. With white walls and windows, the color floral patterns will make the right impression.

  1. Go bold with White Rugs

White rugs look beautiful, elegant and top notch. They are also not easy to maintain. Having kids and pets in the house can be risky. But white color rugs can bring sophistication and beauty to your living area like no other. White rugs are the best option if you are going for a minimalistic look.

  1. Choosing the right Size

It is important that you choose the rug of right size. Oversized rugs will eat up the whole area space and leave no space for other things. If the rugs are too small they will not make any impression. Make sure to choose a rug that is of right size. Rug should be visible, make an impression as well as serve practical purposes like making walks easier. Rugs can be beneficial in many ways if you choose the right one.

  1. Shape of the Rug matters too

Every living room is different. Rugs come in various shapes like round, square, and rectangle. Based on your living room area and the kind of furniture you have choose a rug that can fit just right in. For smaller spaces, a round shaped rug can look great. If you want to cover a large part of the floor in the living area then a rectangle shaped rug is one of the best choices. No matter what rug shape you choose make sure that it works for your living room area.

  1. Textured Rugs

If your living room area has lots of foot traffic then textured rugs are one of the best options. Having kids and pets at home is one of the reasons for heavy foot traffic in the living room. Textured rugs are designed to bear foot traffic more effectively. Rugs likewool rug, sisal, or a cotton flat-weave are one of the best choices for textured rugs. They will keep the living area looking beautiful, make walking easier and prevent falls. You can choose to buy best rugs via Pepperfry Coupons to have good discounted rates.

  1. Observant Room

If you have a living area that is meant for observing and not touched that you can buy rugs styles in silk, ultra-luxe, and other delicate materials. They can instantly make your living room come alive with their soft color and elegance. This is an old-school style living room décor and looks fabulous with traditional style furniture.

  1. Layering the rugs

It may sound a bit odd,  but layering rug can make your living room come alive. You can use a smaller rug on top of the larger rug of similar patterns. If you want to create a beautiful pattern, color combination or designs then layering the rugs are one of the best ways to decorate your living room. Rugs come in various sizes and colors so you have plenty of choices there.

The Bottom-Line

The right rug style can make any living room look and feel fabulous. Choose your favorite rug décor idea or your living and room and make an impression that last. You can personalize your living area with the right rug style.

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