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3 Timesaving Tips To Use When Looking For The Best Electrician For You

There are areas that require special attention when it comes to any construction, so as to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building when it is complete. One of the major areas is electrical wiring. Electricity is not something to play around with. In as much as it is beneficial because it provides the energy that allows many appliances used in daily life to function, it can be dangerous and even cause death. According to, electrical fires in the U.S between the year 2001 and 2004 caused 420 civilian deaths, 1370 civilian injuries and $ 1.4 billion direct property damage. These statistics prove how important it is to have your electrical wiring done by professional electricians. There are very many professionals that offer these services. However, you need to find one that is able to meet your specific needs. Some of the time-saving points that you can use to evaluate your options include:

  1. Experience

When looking for a good electrician, experience is one of the key qualities that you should look for. If they have been in the industry for a while, they have probably seen and experienced the benefits of putting safety first at all times. This means that they will ensure your safety and that of your family when dealing with electrical issues. Furthermore, experience is what will help them to be able to assess different situations and give you solutions that are friendly, but that will solve the problem permanently.

  1. Cost

When getting an electrician to deal with any problems that you have, you should be prepared to incur some costs. The costs are for the services offered and any materials that you may need to buy. Ensure that you choose an electrician that has friendly costs. They shouldn’t be too expensive as you might not be able to afford them. The two of you should come to an agreement on what is comfortable for you. Moreover, when it comes to buying materials, they should be able to help you buy them at a reasonable price. To minimize over-spending,  work with a budget of how much you are willing to spend.

  1. Licensing

The best electrician for you would be the one who is licensed to practice. This proves that they have undergone the necessary training and have been certified to fix electrical problems. If you hire somebody who is not licensed or certified, they may be a bit green on what they are supposed to do. As such, they may opt to use a trial and error method, which can lead to greater problems now or even in the future. They may also hurt themselves, or worse, they can cause an explosion to happen later on that will kill you and your family. It is therefore best to hire somebody who knows what is expected of them.

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4 major tips on saving and sustaining your marriage

Having a wedding is most people’s dream because they get to legalize their relationship with their spouse. According to, couples buy wedding insurance to cater for the financial loss incurred during the wedding. This is a wise choice because a lot of things can go wrong during the ceremony. During a wedding, a marriage certificate is given to show the legitimacy of the marriage. During the marriage period, you get to live together with your better half. When you share the same roof with your wife or husband, you need to have common rules that will guide you to avoid any divorce. Divorce happens due to misunderstandings. Over the years, solutions have been developed to help save many homes from being wrecked. Sometimes it’s hard to walk out of a marriage, especially when you have children. Below are the main tips that help most marriages:

  1. Trust

Prevention is better than cure. Recovering lost trust is a hard thing in most homes. Don’t allow your marriage to break because of trust issues. Infidelity is the major reason why there is doubt in many marriages. Avoid any situations that will have your spouse suspecting you. It’s hard living under one roof with someone yet you can’t trust them. Trust is built on a number of factors. One stupid decision can break the trust between you and your spouse. You also need to know that trust is not bought; it’s earned.

  1. Understanding

The only way you will be able to stay together is if you have proper knowledge of each other. People are different. You need to respect the differences you have. It’s not an easy task to study the behavior of someone. However, this can be achieved by spending more time together. This can be challenging if you have other duties occupying your day. You might be having school or work obligations. What you need to know is that sacrifices need to be made in marriages. You can dedicate one weekend to Christian marriage retreats. This retreats will help you know a few things about your partner. Understanding is important as it helps to push the marriage during hard times.

  1. Respect

Respect is a major pillar in every marriage. It’s respect that will humble you and dismiss all ego problems. It’s okay to have some boundaries even in marriage. You have a family that has been there for you before you got married. You should thus find a balance between them and your spouse to avoid conflict. Knowing the each other’s boundaries is an essential aspect in marriage. Respect is a two-way traffic. Give respect to receive respect. If you adopt this principle in your marriage, then you will be saving it from divorce.

  1. Communication

Understand the essence of talking to each other. The only way you get to solve a problem is by knowing its root. This can’t be achieved when there are no proper communication channels. Be open to your partner about everything. Secrecy can drown your marriage. It’s painful to find out that your partner is hiding some information from you.

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Savings are a big attraction when you consolidate several loan accounts for debt relief

Debts can become quite worrisome and sometimes overwhelming if you are unable to manage it well. When you find yourself in trouble with debts, miss a few dates of payments and have collectors and creditors chasing you, it is natural that you would look for some relief. Most people facing such or similar situations when handling several loans, turn to some debt relief companies for advice and guidance in settling loans.  The objective is to look for some settlement that might not make you debt free but would surely make life easier so that loans become much bearable.  The experts at the debt relief companies provide services in debt relief that has helped thousands of people come out from financial distress arising from loans. They have provided solutions that have turned the affected people into better loan managers.

Debt relief comes with savings

As long as you are comfortable in managing loans, no matter how many, you would not mind going along with it. However, for most people, the task of managing multiple loan accounts become so much stress that it distracts them from achieving the goals of life and creates a hindrance.  This is when they turn to debt relief programs for showing the best way of living with loans but without any stress. When you approach a debt relief company and explain your requirements, you would get a free estimate that shows how much savings you could generate through debt settlement.  You are under no obligation to accept the offer but could decline it if you find falling short of your expectations.

The gains are many

By availing a debt relief program, you not only streamline debts but also save money in the process. The model of debt relief revolves around taking a fresh loan called debt consolidation loan, which you can use to knock off other debts so that you have only a single debt account to manage. When taking the new loan, you can bargain hard to get lower interest rates than the average rate of interest you currently pay on other loans. This results in savings that can become quite considerably depending on how well you can negotiate for the new loan.  By using the extra money generated from debt consolidation loan, you can augment your finances and make it stronger. The multiple gains of charting the path for leading a life without worrying about debts and savings are the high points of debt settlement through consolidation.

Adhere to the debt settlement program

To convert the estimates of savings and settlement worked out by the debt relief company into reality, you have to stick to the debt relief program and to see that you can settle all debts.  On complete settlement of debts, you are likely to save 50% on payment of fees to the debt relief company over a period of 24 to 48 months.  The figure will be 30% if you include the fees.

The best part of consolidating loans for debt relief is that it saves you from going bankrupt.

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4 Reasons Your Family Needs an Emergency Savings Fund

Having a good amount of money put to the side is important for your family.  When something occurs which requires a lot of cash, some people turn towards credit cards or borrowing from a family member.

However, putting yourself into debt isn’t necessary when you properly prepare yourself.  Putting aside a small amount of savings regularly may seem like it won’t make a big difference, however, it starts to add up.  By consistently contributing to your savings fund, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you put in the work to be prepared for whatever comes your way.  

When it comes to some of the most common reasons why you may need an emergency savings fund for your family, here are the ones that stand out most.

Making Home Repairs

You never know when disasters can strike and cause damage to your home. Whether a tree needs to be removed, a pipe bursts or even something as serious as a fire occurs, having the funds to be able to make sure it’s taken care of is important.

Regardless of how much you try to avoid issues and take care of your home, things come up whether you like it or not.  So rather than being one of the millions of people who believe it could never happen to them, take the route of being prepared with an emergency fund on hand.

Losing Your Job

Losing your job can be incredibly stressful.  When your source of income is suddenly pulled out from under you, you can start to feel your head spin as you wonder how you’ll be able to take care of your family.

While you start looking for other options, it’s important to have a backup plan to keep you afloat.  Having a savings account which will provide you enough money to be without work and still pay your rent and put food on the table is priceless.

As a parent, the biggest fear we can have is our children going without.  Therefore, providing them with security in situations like these is essential.

Medical Emergencies

Sometimes medical conditions aren’t anticipated.  When things go wrong medically and you need to act fast, the last thing on your mind should be that you can’t afford it.  

Having enough money to be able to make sure that your family is taken care of is crucial.  Without it, you’ll waste your time worrying about the problem rather than spending your energy on the solution.

Last Minute Travel

Whether it’s a death in the family, or an emergency at work, last minute travel can come up when we least expect it.

Traveling at the last minute is much more expensive than booking something ahead of time.

Therefore, having money on hand to be able to make it anywhere you need at any time is a huge stress reliever.

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Frugal Lifestyle: 5 Ways of Saving Money When Living on a Shoestring Budget

It would be great if we had all the money we wanted but for many of us, it’s hard to make ends meet. Bills need to be paid each month, we need to eat, and cars need gas. Then we need to save a little something each month for either long-term goals or emergencies. You know emergencies tend to pop up when we can least afford them. Thankfully, there are ways to save even when you don’t make a lot. Here are five.

Keep your pocket change.

Those nickels and dimes that you typically cast aside can add up to a lot if you store them. Put them in a clear container so you can watch your savings grow. It helps if you set a savings target or particular purpose for the funds. When you can, throw in a small bill to further boost your bounty.

Buy second-hand.

Whatever you need, there’s probably an almost new or gently used version out there for sale. From major purchases like cars to clothing and house décor, you can save a lot if you don’t insist on only having brand new items. Flea markets, garage sales, car boot sales and thrift and consignment stores are all places to look. Just be sure to examine the items carefully to be sure they are indeed worth it.

Grow your own food.

Food is, of course, one of the major expenses for most people. Try to grow as much of what you eat as you can. If you don’t have access to a large plot of land, look for ways to use pots, vertical gardens or even window spaces to grow vegetables.  The only thing limiting you is your imagination. You can also rope a few of your neighbors into starting a community garden for a wider range of crops and some help with planting, watering, and reaping.

Monitor how much you spend on the little things.

When confronted with a necessary major expense, you may be tempted to find an instant loan. This can give you a quick cash injection but its’ often at a high interest rate. If it’s not a genuine emergency, you may be better off monitoring your spending and cutting back on unnecessary purchases. Do you drive or pay to take public transportation when you can walk instead? How much do you spend on candy, or lottery tickets? All these little $1 purchases add up.

Carefully assess your energy and utility costs.

Leaking pipes and faucets, inadequate insulation and old appliances can all be costing you more than they should. Have a professional visit your home to ensure that you aren’t spending more on utilizes and energy because of inefficiency. Turn off your lights when you’re not using them and unplug appliances since even small bits of energy usage accumulate. Make sure all members of your family are on board.

It can seem almost impossible to save when your budget is tight. The good news is that you can still put something aside if you think creatively and commit to the task. If you have a family, bringing everyone on board makes it even easier to achieve your savings goals.



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Last Minute Lessons: When Your Savings Simply Aren’t Enough

You wake up on a Sunday morning and the car won’t start – problem with the transmission in your car. Your mechanic says it will cost a minimum of $700 to have the problem fixed. It is early in the month; no salary in sight, and no savings to turn to! It’s definitely an emergency. You must get to work the following day with this very car. What do you do?

Such tight spots occur all the time, and they simply never announce when they are going to happen. While such emergencies can instantly turn your day from good to awful, there is always a way out. You just need to know where to look.

Online loans: your quick way out of emergency

With the rise of online loans such as Northcash installment loans, it is much easier now to raise the money you need to get you out of an emergency. Most online lenders are keen to make the loan application and acquisition process easy and stress-free. Oftentimes, they’ll require you to fill up only a few details on a loan application form to access the funds you need. This is usually a short and secure form that you can complete in a matter of seconds – and you’ll be on your way to getting the desired pre-approval for your loan application.

Normally, the lender reaches out to you to confirm that all the details you have provided are correct. After the confirmation, you can expect to receive your money the next business day. Everything is done online, meaning that you can apply for your loan anyplace, even on the road.

Being able to have money deposited in your bank account within as little as 24 hours can be a lifesaver. Interestingly, you’ll only need as little as five minutes to complete the entire application process.

Convenient loan application process

When it comes to online loans, there is no booking an appointment with a loan officer for you to initiate the process. Neither do you need to call the lender several times to be able to access the cash. You can send your loan application from the convenience of your home, car or office. You can apply for the loan using your phone or PC, without any restriction. Additionally, unlike traditional loans that involve several back and forth meetings with a loan officer, online loans typically get pre-approved after a single instance of application.

It is because of this level of convenience that many people find online loans a great alternative when it comes to addressing an emergency situation. Notice however that these types of loans should be taken out only for emergencies and not as a regular source of financing.

Caveat: in case of high-interest loans, make sure you can pay back the loan on time so that the debt does not affect your credit profile. Not everyone pays back their loans on time, but evidence shows that a good many people are able to repay their online loans without issues.


There are lots of situations that require instant money to address, and since you won’t always know when the next emergency situation will strike, it helps to have a place from where you can raise the money at an instance.

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Home Improvement Goals: Saving Money So You Can Spend More On Your Family

Many people are going to approach home-improvement from the perspective where a nicer home is a goal in itself. However, if you think from a broader viewpoint, you can start to consider that one of the reasons you want to do home improvement projects in the first place is to save money so that you can spend more cash on your family instead.

Consider this process. First you figure out how to get a home improvement loan. Then you choose a DIY route for accomplishing a task, thereby saving money. And then you figure out how to eliminate sunk costs in your household, freeing up some more cash. And then you think outside the financial box to determine value other than strictly in a monetary-based way.

Getting a Loan

For anything other than the smallest home improvement projects, you’re probably going to have to get a loan. As long as you know that you have the income to cover this loan over time, it really is better to pull the trigger and improve your situation as opposed to trying to figure out how to scratch together the money over time. After this loan is in, then you can figure out which home improvement projects to take on to start sorting out areas of your household that prevent you from spending good family time together.

Choosing the DIY Route

There are tons of DIY home improvement projects that you can do. Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring a contractor, you can spend a few hundred doing it yourself. Also, if you do the project with your family, that’s a good bonding experience. So not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be spending more time with your household tribe as well.

Eliminating Sunk Costs

There are sunk costs associated with certain household items or activities. And if you really want to save money, even if it feels like a sacrifice, you should get rid of these things. For example, if your family isn’t using that in-ground pool that’s costing you tons of money to maintain, it might be time to fill it in. Even though people wouldn’t consider getting rid of the pool as an improvement in most cases, you know that in this context that’s actually exactly what you want to do.

Thinking Outside the Financial Box

The value concerning your household and the quality of time that you spend with your family is not just going to be about the number of dollars that you spend. Quality time means focus. Quality time means understanding what everyone in your family likes to do. If you choose home improvement goals that increase the value of your family time as opposed to just the value of your home, then you’re headed in the right direction.

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Savings are Sweet with #5back17

There is not much time left to shop for Christmas! With less than 2 weeks until the big day, it is time to start shopping, wrapping and of course, saving! This year I have a secret saving tip to share with you that just might make you glad you waited til the last minute to shop!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and ideas are my own!

This year, I am going to come in under budget with the best gifts. I am also going to save a lot of time in the process. How you might ask? Easy! I am using a Five Back Via Gift Card at select retailers and saving from the word shop!

The Five Back Visa Gift Card is the easiest way to save some cash this holiday season. Available at retailers like Office Max, Albertson’s and online from, the Five Back Visa Gift Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, much like your average card. However, that is where the similarities end! When used at participating retailers, 5% of the total spent will be added back to the card! How is that for sweet savings?

The savings don’t stop there for a money saving mama like me. I will take the Five Back Visa Gift Card to my favorite shops and stack my savings with coupons, sales and special discounts for a shopping experience that helps me stay under budget and still score awesome gifts!

There is a fee to purchase the card, $5.95, but the savings will make that more than worth the fee! If you buy a $500 Five Back Visa Gift Card, you can save over $19 plus the cards purchase fee without doing anything other than shopping. If you stack coupons and sales on top of those savings, you will come back from your shopping spree under budget, or with a few extra gifts at least!

As if all of this talk of savings wasn’t enough, I have partnered with some awesome friends to bring you a gift card giveaway! Good luck! Someone will win and I hope it is you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saving Your Health: 5 Things You Need to Do When You Have Medical Bills Coming

There will come a time. Sooner or later, you will need money fast. Car repairs, broken down appliance, or a medical emergency with mounting bills, you don’t have the cash at hand—or the credit record to get a slow process loan.

That’s the day you reach for a “signature loan.” defines it as “a type of unsecured term loan… as a good faith loan or character loan.” You put up no collateral, and your promise makes it all good.

5 Things You Need to Do

US News warns, “Unpaid medical bills often end up scarring your credit report, which can then impact your finances down the road. “

It starts a depressing circle where the medical bills hurt your credit and you, then, find it difficult to get a mortgage, credit card, or automobile financing.

  1. Get a fix. Things may not be as pad as they seem at first. Once you are past the shock of the bill, you should take some time to cool off. With a worksheet, you can better assess your assets, obligations, and budget.

With a plan on the table, you can lay out possible approaches to paying off the debt You might move other payments around or educe a payment here or there.

  1. Talk to the biller. Medical billing is often inaccurate. Sometimes, you first bill does not reflect ongoing insurance solutions. So, contact the creditor to review the billing accuracy and detail. The Fair Credit Practices Act (FCPA) entitles you to current and accurate accounting.

If you foresee difficulty paying the bill, you should communicate that and discuss any breaks available and clarify the timeline on the payable.

  1. Request an payment plan. If you know their timeline and your financial plan, you can request a payment plan. Some providers may be willing to work out an interest-free payment plan to fulfill the obligation within their timeframe and your budget.

The medical office has no obligation to cooperate, but they usually have the flexibility to work things out to your mutual advantage.

  1. Freeze your spending. Once you prioritize the payments that must be paid and those you can shave some cost off the top, you get a better grasp of the hole you are in.

If you share your personal problems, your budget situation, and your willingness to cooperate, medical billers will usually find the way to set you up.

  1. Borrow the money. A lender like Milwaukee’s stands ready to lend you the money quickly without your providing collateral. It’s the Easy Loan Store putting cash in your hands without undue process and delay.

You complete an online application, and they call you to discuss the loan, terms, and details. Once the loan is approved, you pick up the cash at the local King of Kash store or have them deposit it your bank account.

Saving for your health costs

A signature loans beats a payday loan or title loan. It’s not tied to your payday or your auto title. You get immediate funding and fixed monthly payments that help you budget your future. And, you can borrow up to $3,000!






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Saving Money on Family Days Out

Having a family can be a costly endeavour, all those groceries, all the toys for the kids, all the toilet paper and toothpaste, the list goes on and on. Of course, you are probably willing to spend anything to keep your loved ones happy, no one is making you do this, but don’t you wish you didn’t have to sometimes? So you could still have nice days out without having to spend a week’s worth of wages? There are several ways you can go about still making the time with the family an exciting one and not going destitute.

Image source: Pexels

Feeding the family

On a weekend day out you probably end up going to eat somewhere, be it in a restaurant or some fast food chain, someone is going to be hungry at some point. Afterwards, the kids are probably going to want some dessert (unsurprisingly). Now while substituting some fancy ice cream might not be the easiest thing, taking packed lunches instead of going to get dinner for a ridiculous amount might save you a pretty penny. Packed lunches also have that picnic appeal which everyone loves, making it a win-win scenario and it doesn’t take a master chef to make sandwiches.


If you have a family, you probably also own a car, and since that car is presumably the family car, it is probably rather sizeable. Large family cars tend to have less-than-amazing gas mileage, often leaving you speechless at the pump, wishing you walked instead. Then come the parking fees when you already get there, and having to worry about getting back to the car in time. It’s a mess. Sometimes instead of taking the car out, consider taking a cab which is probably going to be cheaper than the gas + parking, or maybe just a free uber ride. Why not?

Image source: Pexels

Setting up things to do for the kids doesn’t always have to be incredibly costly, there tend to be more deals for various kid activities than you might think. Often even found on cereal boxes, or in brochures, you can find free tickets for kids to theme parks, cinemas amongst many other activities. Keep an eye out for those next time you go grocery shopping. On the other hand, many attractions often just turn out to be free entirely. Museums and galleries might not always be your son’s cup of tea, but places like the National History Museum in London are entirely free from start to finish and have exhibits on topics such as dinosaurs which are bound to interest any young minds. If you’re feeling generous you can always treat your kids to something in the gift shop but other than the price of travelling there, museums often tend to be a great idea for a low budget day out. If your kids really want to go to a Legoland or Disneyland type scenario which usually end up being somewhere far out and not exactly 10 minutes by car, consider taking a different means of transport than your car. As mentioned previously, family cars can be quite the fuel hogs and taking them out can be costly. Taking a coach or train can often turn out to be much cheaper and hassle-free. With companies like Megabus selling tickets for as little as £2.50, taking them out might really save you quite a bit of money.
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Getting On The Road To Recovering And Saving Financially

When you’re in a downward spiral financially, finding the brake pedal can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s not often that you get into a situation where you need to get out of debt, so many people aren’t prepared. Even if you don’t have savings to help you through a rough time, knowledge is the best currency. Knowing how to save money regularly and using all the available options to you is the only way forward. The task is made even more complicated when you want to repair your image once you’ve climbed your way out of debt. Unfortunately, in the modern world of finance, your reputation can be seen by anyone in the industry who has the authority. You’re more likely to be refused a loan and treated with kiddie gloves by banks and companies if they see you haven’t made tangible progress. You can make a few choices to start on the road back to recovery.




Ask for payment records


When you’re in debt, the last thing on your mind is asking the company or the bank to make sure they’re keeping a record of your repayments. Your aim is to just get the money in on time and make sure that the interest rate is not suffocating your lifestyle. However, once you’re in the clear, one of the things you can do to make a record that you’re no longer in debt and living a more responsible and trustworthy life is to ask for these records. You can either email or phone up your bank or loan company, which will, in turn, send you paperwork that shows the dates, amounts and extra money that you paid in order to be cleared of the debt. In future, you can use these records that as evidence, when asked by banks and loan companies to show you are responsible and that you do have enough self-discipline not to let this happen again.


Photo by Chris Potter


Repairing credit scores


Whenever you go to take out a mortgage or large long-term loans, you’ll always be subject to a harsh financial background check. This will determine if the bank or company, will feel comfortable lending you the money, and knows that they can see return payments being made on time. If you’ve been through a rough patch before but have since turned a page, that record can still affect your likelihood of getting out a mortgage for a new home purchase. To find the best ways of patching up your reputation, visit, where you’ll be able to read in-depth reviews and use modern techniques to help build up your credit score again. Some strategies are great for a short-term boost, but most others take meticulous planning and dedication for a longer period of time. However, if you stick with them, you can wipe the slate clean and start again.
Repairing your financial record is sometimes a matter of honor. You may want to show any future lender or bank that you have made payments to clear any outstanding debt, and have done so in a controlled and reliable fashion. Requesting your payment records is the evidence that can show this. However, repairing your credit score can sometimes only happen after you’ve read a detailed review of the many different credit repair companies.  
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Hobbies Harming Your Bank Account? These Money Saving Pointers Could Save You

The hobbies we harbor when we’re young have an enormous impact on the people we become. They may not directly influence our career choices (although sometimes they do,) but they often help more than we notice. A drama group, for example, can be a huge help with public speaking down the line. That dance club could teach the importance of teamwork.



So, when your kids come to you with an endless list of hobbies it makes sense to facilitate them. After all, any one of those activities could have a significant influence on their lives. Besides which, trying things out is the best way to discover what we do, and don’t like.

The trouble is, there are so many hobbies to try, and the cost of each adds up. There’s equipment to buy, and lessons to pay for. Neither of which are cheap. But, instead of denying your child opportunities,  look for ways to cut those hobby costs. To help you do it, we’re going to look at a few methods worth trying.

Practice at home before committing

Let’s be honest; children are easily swayed. In many ways, this is a good thing. They’re willing and enthusiastic to try anything. They’re sponges, soaking up experience. But, it also means they’ll want to try hobbies because their friends are, or because they saw them on television. And, when they get something in their heads, it’ll be near enough impossible to rid them of the idea until they’ve tried it.



But, instead of rushing out and spending money on a hobby that might not suit, try things at home first. There are YouTube videos to help with learning all kinds of instruments. If they want to try a sport, play as a family to see how they get along. If they enjoy themselves and stay committed, take things further.

Cheap ways to get equipment

Equipment is a major expense in the hobby world. And, if they’re trying a lot of different things, you could soon see yourself paying a fortune. To help lower the cost, consider cheap ways to stock up.

Schools often provide the chance to hire necessary equipment. This is worthwhile when your child first starts out and gives you an opportunity to save for the real thing. Or, you could find cheap places to buy. Bidding sites like DealDash are ideal for this purpose. Check out the reviews on sites like Sitejabber to judge whether it’d work for you. It’s possible to get anything you need this way. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the perfect item.


Pay per lesson when you start

Most hobby classes allow you to either pay by lesson or by term. Paying in bulk often works out cheaper, but it won’t do you any good if your child only attends one or two classes. As such, paying by lesson to start could save you money. That way, you don’t lose anything if your child decides it’s not for them.

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Grow Your Savings by Investing in P2P Lending

One of the investment choices that is very quickly becoming popular is peer to peer lending, commonly referred to as P2P lending. The concept evolved from the concept used in lending to friends and family and was expanded to a more commercial scale. Today we have P2P websites that are designed in such a way as to bring borrowers and lenders together for the benefit of both.

If you are a lender, you can use this as a form of both saving and investing and get back a good return on your money. If you are a borrower looking for funds for personal use or a business person seeking an injection of cash, this can work very well for you too. Most investors find this a great way to grow their money because they are guaranteed better interest than what they would get by leaving their money in the bank.

One of the things that most investors like about using these websites is that the people behind the company have put in place checks and balances to protect their money. Borrowers must pass a variety of rigorous checks before they can qualify to take a loan. The main idea is to of course make sure that they can repay the loan. Where there are defaulters, debt collection agencies are used to recover the money and the investor does not go at a loss.

The Process

As a lender, you put your money into an account so that it is ready to be loaned out. The interest rate you will be getting is already pre-set and there are some opportunities to select the interest rate you want.

With, you get an opportunity to select the borrower that you would like to lend your money to as well based on their credit rating and other factors.

The money will then be allocated and the investment will usually be split between different borrowers as a way to mitigate risk and so that you get the money back.

Your money is ‘ringfenced’, which means that the company will not be using it for their operations and many such companies also make sure they have bailout funds which are used to reimburse you as they follow up with a defaulter.

Benefits of P2P Lending

It is possible to get up to even double the interest you would get at the bank with a savings account.

Rigorous credit checks are carried out on borrowers and only a few make the cut.

If they default, the P2P company has debt collection agencies that work to recover the money

You can actually withdraw your funds before the term is up, although there are charges for doing so.

A P2P lender is regulated by government, which means that you are just as protected as you would be if you were investing with a mainstream financial services provider.

P2P lenders have usually designed the business to be quite low risk, but it is riskier than putting your money in a savings account at the bank. Like all other investments, it is important to do your homework and be comfortable with the amount of risk involved before taking the plunge.

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Saving Starts With Spending: Top Tips for Tracking Your Daily Expenses

Somehow, you can’t work out where all the money goes. You’ve got a reasonably good job, and you don’t live in Beverly Hills, but your debts creep up and there never seems to be any money. The problem, probably, is that you are not using the “b” word. Getting control of your finances nearly always starts with a budget.


Chicken or Egg


It’s so difficult to know which comes first—making the budget or living by it. Logically it is obvious that making the budget comes first, but gathering the information you need takes time, and while you’re doing it the spending goes ahead.


Making a proper budget is a long-term process, but that doesn’t stop you setting up an interim one. One month is probably all you need to gather the information that will get you started. After that, you can make the first draft, although it will take at least a year to identify where all the money goes as quarterly, annual, and one-off costs are added.


Ins or Outs


For most people, it is relatively easy to work out what comes in each month. Being clear about what goes out takes longer. The more you pay by credit or debit card, the more information you have at your fingertips. Whenever you pay cash, keep a receipt or write it down in a notebook—nerdish but useful!


At the end of the month gather the statements and receipts, and analyze your spending into categories: groceries, gas, meals out, utilities, mortgage, savings, etc. Compare the monthly income with the expenses. If the expenses are greater, it is time to look for areas where you can cut costs.


Cash or Card


Once you have set yourself a budget, sticking to it requires constant monitoring. As you began in the first month, so you must continue for every subsequent month. If you can check each week how you are doing, so much the better.


Credit cards may seem like symbols of profligate irresponsibility, but they can be a real ally if you use them wisely. Every month you have a convenient list of your spending, which you can then analyze under headings. Some cards even do the job for you by assigning each payment to a category. With a shared account couples can keep watch over their joint spending. Try this website to compare available cards.


Cash still has its place. Its best use is to decide at the start how much money you can afford to spend on “luxuries” like coffees and lunches out. Put that amount in your wallet as cash and when it is gone, you stop buying until next month. It’s an effective way to get under control the money that can easily melt away.


Start or Delay


There is probably only one good time to start living on a budget, and that is today. Like many things, it seems like hard work to begin with, but by the time it has become a habit you will only notice the benefits.

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When Convenience Meets Cost Savings: The Many Benefits of Online Mattress Shopping

Experts recommend that you replace your mattress once it’s become older than 7 years. This means it’s highly likely you’re going to be purchasing a few mattresses throughout your lifetime, and you certainly don’t want to end up with something that’s not going to last until that 7-year mark – especially if you’re part of the 1 in 3 adults not getting enough sleep!


And it’s for this exact reason many people are worried about purchasing mattresses online. Online shopping means you aren’t able to sit on the mattress or even see it in real-life before you purchase it, and it’s this factor that puts a lot of people off. However, there are many hidden advantages to buying a mattress online and, as long as you do your research, you’ll likely still end up with a mattress you can depend on for years to come.


Convenience and no pressure


As with almost every form of online shopping, buying a mattress online means you’re able to do so at any time from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to make specific plans to go to the store during opening hours and you’ll never have to deal with busyness or stress.


Online shopping also completely eliminates pressure. Generally, mattresses are an extravagant purchase – and what often comes hand-in-hand with an extravagant purchase at the store? A pushy salesman! Whilst they’re clearly doing their job and often just trying to help, it can be quite overwhelming and you may feel pressured into making a decision you don’t really want to.


Higher quality for a cheaper price


Often, mattresses you’ll find online have better specifications and are made using higher premium materials. Whilst you can find mattresses of this quality in store, it’s much quicker and easier to come across them online simply because there’s a more varied choice.


Better still, buying your mattress online could save you an average of up to 15% of how much you’d spend in store! Since mattresses are often expensive, this could mount up to a lot of money. To discover more inspiration and detailed reviews of a wide variety of pre-priced mattresses, check out Sleep Scouts.


Cheaper return policy


Whilst it’s likely you’ll end up with a mattress you love online after doing your research, there’s always a chance it may arrive and isn’t quite what you imagined. When this happens with a store-bought mattress, return fees can be very expensive – online shopping generally avoids this problem.


There will still be some form of return fee for an online mattress purchase, but it’s likely to be a lot cheaper than a store’s return policy!


If convenience and cheaper prices are what you’re looking for when buying your next mattress, don’t shy away from the concept of online shopping. With a huge variety of better-quality products to choose from, shopping online for a mattress doesn’t have to be as stressful and disappointing as people assume.


Calin Yablonski is the founder of, a website dedicated to testing, rating and reviewing the world’s most popular sleep products. Stay up to date with Calin on Facebook and Twitter.


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