A Sabbatical: Where It Can Lead And What You Can Achieve

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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut regarding your work/life balance, and sometimes; you can find yourself uninspired and dragged down by your job role and the feeling of unhappiness. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut with work; you’ll have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and payday can never seem to come soon enough. However, more and more people are choosing to take a significant amount of time out of their job to concentrate on other things, and, more importantly, themselves. Taking a sabbatical can lead to self-discovery, new experiences, and even time to further your current career path or start a completely new one.


If you get to Sunday night dreading the week ahead and are spending every weekday thinking about Friday night; it might be time to reassess your current work situation. Perhaps there’s something you’ve always dreamt of doing, or you want to develop more skills and expertise to enrich your life and your future career; whatever it is that won’t go away, there’s no time like the present to take charge and make changes. The following are some areas to consider, and some tips and ideas for those who are ready to step away from their job role, for now, so that they can lead a fulfilled life, and enjoy the rest of their future.




Adventure And Travel


Traveling to new destinations will give you a completely fresh outlook on life, and you’ll discover new ways of living, culture, and ideas as a result. Therefore, there’s no better way to spend the time over your sabbatical, than going on trips and adventures around the world. You don’t need it to be another regular vacation; it’s worth spending weeks at a time in a place and getting to know the locals, where the best food is, and how the way and pace of life differ from yours. You could write a blog about your travel, or simply document each step of your journey with plenty of photographs and mementos.


If you haven’t got savings to send on jetting across the globe; look into teaching abroad, or volunteering with an organization who will give you food and board. Helping and educating others will be an extremely rewarding addition to your life, and it could lead to further opportunities along that career path. Maybe it’s not your current career that’s dragging you down, and it’s more that you need a change of scene and location. If this is the case; six months, a year, or more, doing your work in a developing or faraway country, could give you the boost that you’ve needed for so long to keep motivated and excited about the future. Fresh locations and destinations give you the chance to meet new people, learn new languages, and further develop your skills and expertise, so don’t delay in looking for ideas and opportunities to do so.


Another way to travel, trek, and backpack across the world is to write yourself your ultimate bucket list. Make sure you put all those things you’ve dreamed about doing on there; whether it’s snorkeling in the great barrier reef, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or seeing the pyramids. Even if your dream destinations are closer to home; this is your chance to hire an RV and head out on a road trip to remember, or get on a plane and spend the foreseeable future working your way around the places that you’ve never been. You could join in on an organized adventure-style trip, where you’ll meet new faces, and enjoy seeing each destination on the itinerary; these are great for those who want to cram all the best place into one getaway.


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Career And Study Plans


If you’re ready to take your job and career to the next level; you could consider taking time out to study and develop your skills in specific areas. Evolving and gaining new qualification will open more doors in your chosen line of work, and the opportunities to grow will increase. Research into how to get further in your career path, so that you don’t stagnate in your current position for the years ahead. Whether you look into types of master’s in psychology degrees or a doctorate in the arts; you’ll give yourself a much needed-boost, and will be confident that your year or so out has been put to great use.


Maybe this is the perfect time for you to go back to school and study so that you can change career, or begin one; you could always do part-time hours, and work alongside your studies to pay the bills. Many places of work also offer training as you work with them and expect you to study out of hours. Therefore, your foot in the door to a fresh job opportunity could come at the very beginning of your process, and your sabbatical will quickly turn into your new life.


See what your peers and those who you admire in your ideal career are doing or have done; this is a great way to get inspired to make changes and understand what you need to do to get where you want to be. Attend a TED talk, or go to a seminar or networking event to get to know what’s on offer and what others have achieved. Sometimes, it takes someone else describing their journey through, for you to discover what it is you want to do with yours. They’ll hopefully lead to plenty of lightbulb moments and positive changes in your life; things will soon begin to click into place, and you’ll be so happy you decided to take time out.


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Time For Family


It might be the right time in your life to start thinking about family, and your job just doesn’t fit in with the life that you want anymore. You might be ready to start a family with your partner, and want time out to spend with your new family member. Or perhaps, you’ve decided that you’d like to be at home more with your current kids, and be able to pick them up from school, and o and watch their ball games. Whatever your reason is to be with your little ones more; it’s a valid and important one. You can always return to your career later on in life, or after a temporary sabbatical with your children, or maybe you’ll decide to return on a part-time basis instead.


Perhaps it’s not the young members of your family that fill you with concern; it might be your elderly parents or grandparents that need your time and care. If you’d rather be spending your days with the seniors in your life, due to worries about their health and abilities, or just because they’re your favourite people; time away from work and a new part-time role will help to free up your days. You can use your free days and evenings to take trips out with your loved ones, cook for them, and generally make their (and your) life a bit better.


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Creativity And Business


During your sabbatical, gap year, or time out from your normal job; embrace your talents and creative side, and get stuck into your own projects. A creative outlet could lead to business and profit opportunities; you could end up becoming your own boss, and working from home or a studio. Therefore, it’s worth exploring further into whatever it is you’re good at and gauging a reaction. Take a class or two and perfect your skills, keep practising, and see where it takes you. The more you put into your sabbatical; the more you’ll thrive, and you’ll have a bright future ahead.


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