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Traveling today is a lifestyle! Globetrotters and travelers are always making plans to explore new destinations. Today, there are several benefits for travelers who are always on the move. There are choices available in personal finance and travel credit cards that make vacations enjoyable and life easy. This card comes equipped with travel benefits, points, and few security precautions. Other advantages like minimized hotel bills also come with the package.

Another buzzword with frequent travelers today is Air Miles. Simply put, this refers to travel points and frequent flyer miles offered by travel credit cards or airline brands. Usually, travelers need to attain a certain number of miles based on their destinations. You get Airmiles when you spend on your travels. And later on, travelers can use the same to purchase their airfare as well.

Understanding the concept of Air Miles

 It might appear very simple! However, air miles have more to offer. So, let’s delve deep to understand it and the benefits it brings for the travelers.

The term “miles” here doesn’t denote the total count of miles that a person can fly. Instead, it suggests the miles count that a traveler has already flown. For instance, if you have accumulated about 2,734 miles for traveling from Australia to Miami, then it doesn’t suggest that you have access to a free flight. The miles that you collect translate to points at a reward program. It means that frequent travelers can explore several destinations and also collect air miles, which they can use to finance the airfare for their next travel. Airmiles can be used to travel to both domestic and international destinations.

Travelers can opt-in for both one way and round trips. However, while redeeming the points, travelers need to check the actual price of the booking to ensure that they have the best value for money.  Hence, when you utilize air miles, you accumulate points for purchasing. With time as the points increase, you might as well get airfare for free.

Airline rewards and travel credit card rewards – The difference

 When it comes to air miles, travelers can score points in 2 ways. They are:

  1. By opting in for service via the airline brand itself
  2. By signing up for personal finance or a travel credit card that provides reward mile

There are a couple of travel credit cards that apply to almost any airline while there are few which works only with specialized ones. However, both brings with it advantages of their kind.  The good news is, travelers can use both cards simultaneously.

The travel credit card rewards that have air miles, function in a slightly different manner.  Majority of credit cards offer travelers a selected point, on a chosen dollar amount that is being spent. These points can all be redeemed by travelers through the frequent flyer miles. Want to ascertain its worth? That ultimately depends on the travel credit card itself.  Similar to any other credit card, you have to pay annual fees here as well. Travelers gather airline points, only when they pay their card off.  Hence, travelers might have to utilize the travel credit card more to gather increased points that they can use up later to their benefit.

Other useful ways to gather miles

Using travel credit cards and flying aren’t the only two ways to accumulate air miles. In fact, there are many other exciting ways as well. Some of it comprises of eating out, shopping, opting in for spas and salons and the like. So, listed below are few ways to increase your air miles to finance your airfare later:

  • You have access to extra points via specific airline dining programs
  • Majority of airline brands provide choices in shopping bonus. Go ahead and use up these bonus points on the best shopping sites. It will help you to supplement the air miles as well.
  • There are selected banks that also provide miles based on opening a new account. Some banks offer points for opening an investment account.
  • Furthermore, travelers can earn miles by merely filling out chosen survey forms for chosen sites as well.

The options available today

Take a look at the choices in travel credit cards today, and you’ll have plenty of options to select from. There’s an endless list for you to browse and choose from. Are you willing to earn reward points? Or do you want to leverage the cashback offers available? Regardless of your requirement and wish, there’s always the best travel credit card designed to cater to your preference.

Finally, the travel reward credit cards today, enjoy their share of prominence. Now you might question if this is the ideal cut for you? The answer is – if you are someone who’ve decided to travel extensively in the forthcoming years, then this option is the best for you. Furthermore, these cards are also perfect for small business firms, where going for work is a mandate. Today, the market offers a wide array of choices. You can browse and opt-in for the one that caters to your traveling needs.

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