Are you exploring the potentials of custom foam board signs thoroughly?

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Have you been using you a paper knife for too long? Are you tired of the rough edges and jagged finish of the boards you use for presentations and conferences? DIY is great. It saves a lot of money and it is excellent to boost your creative skills, but when you are trying to design a plaque or board for professional use, the lack of a flush design can convey a wrong impression about you. You need to upgrade your foam board printing skill. In this age everything is possible. So, why shy away from outsourcing your custom foam board cutouts need to the experts? Wall mounted, free-standing, life-size and miniature foam board designs don’t require intensive labor and endless hours anymore. Meticulously foamboards need professionally designed foam cores.

These foam boards are durable, and they find several types of uses around the world. Shopkeepers, baristas, fast food franchises, marketing heads, conference halls, fair stalls and set designers put them to varying use time and again. The utility of the boards does not end when you close shop for the day. You can turn temporary displays and cut-outs into permanent office decors, lobby decoration pieces and inside-the-shop installations for your visitors and clients. The versatility of these poster boards calls for an in-depth discussion of their different uses across the world of commerce and entertainment.

What uses do these custom foam core signs have?

If your presentation deadline is just one corner away, it is wiser to opt for custom printed foam boards. The expert printers can help you design them to the perfect dimensions as per your requisite. Almost all foamboard sheets are initially 4’x8′. Therefore, all designs that fit within that dimension are now possible. Getting your custom foamboards from a reliable and professional printer is the smart way to go for saving money and time. Zooming in on the right printing service will give you access to many opportunities you have never explored before. Here are the six ways you can use a custom printed foam board today –

1. Conference and business fairs

With thousands of start-ups mushrooming all around the world, it is essential for your company to stand out. LED screens, HD displays and robotics are favorite marketing tactics, but neither are they cost-effective for every entrepreneur nor are they pertinent to all businesses. Does that mean you have to stand and watch, while your competitors steal the market? Absolutely not! You have the custom foamboards to attract the attention of the attendees. Having lively cut-out and 3D printed posters do not let the attendees pass you by without looking twice. They are great for cameos for social media marketing.

2. Price charts and menu lists

The most prominent use of custom board cut outs includes the menu lists and price lists of shops and stalls. These increase the business productivity and throughput by providing a list of the items that are already available and their corresponding pricing. That saves time and effort. It allows the stall employees to focus on their immediate work. By the time the customer reaches the booth, they have already made up their mind about their lunch or dinner and the staff is ready to start prepping it.

3. Celebration and motivation

Say, your team has met the target of this quarter’s sales with two weeks left at hand. Wouldn’t you want to celebrate the event with them? Is taking them out for dinner and drinks on the weekend enough? Just as their hangover wears off the following Saturday, they will start to forget what the joy felt like. You need to do something more to make the occasion special for them. Customization of the foam posters allows you to design a layout or a life-sized standee that gives them a visual cue about their success. Whenever they walk into the office, it boosts their morale and inspires them to do better in the upcoming quarter.

4. Presentations and seminars

We have moved far away from the chalk-and-talk days of lecture. Now the audience wants something more. Multimedia, audio-visuals are familiar parts of all workshops around the country. However, there are certain places like fair stalls and low-key trade fairs that do not provide dedicated seminar halls to all businesses on the premise. What can you do to communicate your business-critical points to the target audience? Playing a movie clip often means the passersby will catch a glimpse of the repetitive content and they might miss the USP of the talk. Supplement the video with physical 3D foam-board setups. Having all the information on one display allows people to catch a glimpse of the most critical points before they can proceed to the next. They can always have a visual reference to the spoken content or the video content playing during the presentation.

5. Aisle demarcation

You must have already seen this inside departmental stores and libraries. Small and colorful foamboard signs are hanging from the ceiling that helps people find the precise location of the products they are looking for. Airport lobbies, reception areas, and fast food cash areas also use these signs to demarcate reserved spaces, fast-moving lines, and lines for the exact change. You can put your business on the faster lane by adopting a few changes aka foam board prints that tell your visitors and customers what to do and where to go. It reduces confusion and increases profits.

6. Give back to the planet

When your foam board cut out has served its purpose, you don’t necessarily have to throw them in the trash. They have a lot of life left in them even after months of regular use. You can use them as insulation or sunshade, they are perfect as mouse pads, you can switch them up to serve as bookshelf lining, and you can use your DIY skills to turn them into storage boxes.

These environmentally-friendly, polystyrene foam cores are the perfect recyclable solution for shop signage, menu boards, marketing standees, advertising cutouts, presentation displays and almost anything else you can think about.

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