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Have you wondered what it would be to opt for a Bed and Breakfast? They can take your lodging and eating experience to an altogether different level. If you are planning a getaway to New York then why not try a Bed and Breakfast for a change over a luxury hotel. Most people are not aware of what a Bed and Breakfast is all about. Often you may have a misconceived notion when it comes to the quality of their services. The concept of Bed and Breakfast is something that is different yet in a major way.  In this article, you can find out all about it.

Reasons That Will Make Your Stay at Bed and Breakfast a Unique Experience

Below are some good reasons that will make your stay at a good Bed and Breakfast Ithaca NY a unique experience. Take a look,

  • Affordable- The best part about living in a Bed and Breakfast over a luxurious hotel is that their charges are affordable yet without compromising on quality.
  • Enjoy Homemade Breakfast- You can enjoy delicious homemade breakfast in a home away from home. You can relish everything from frittatas, pudding, buns and more. Your kids too will love it.
  • Free Amenities- These days a speedy internet connection has indeed become a must have and when you travel you wish to stay in a hotel that offers a free Wi-Fi at least. When you choose to stay in a good Bed and Breakfast, you will enjoy not only a free Wi-Fi connection but also concierge services and complimentary parking. What more can you ask for? Isn’t that great news? Besides a hotel concierge is likely to direct you lazily to the kiosk that is full of outdated and impersonalized tourist pamphlets. But on the other hand, most Bed and Breakfast owners in New York are seasoned locals have proper knowledge regarding the locale. The good news is they will tip you off happily to the most beautiful restaurants as well as things to perform.
  • Staycation- Have you lived in New York your entire life but have not gone fishing? If you are planning for a quick vacation, but do not wish to spend unnecessarily on hotel accommodation and plane tickets, you can book a room in an excellent Bed and Breakfast in New York and oft for a fishing package. That will comprise a full day of fishing accompanied by a local guide. To add to it, locally crafted beer will come as a complimentary gift.
  • Feel to be Transported to a Different Country- Most of the Bed and Breakfasts have about 25-30 rooms which also includes a fireplace for keeping you warm and most importantly make you feel at home. Every room comes with a fridge filled with soda bottles and of course an in-room coffee machine. As opposed to most hotels, such drink will be complimentary which means no extra mini-bar charges.
  • Exclusive Features- These days you will also come across Bed and Breakfast that offers an array of unique features which will make your stay all the more enjoyable and comfortable. The living room has a camera which means you are free to Skype with loved ones. Besides they also provide a hot tub and car service round the clock.
  • Enjoy Personalized Meal- When you choose an excellent Bed and Breakfast you can enjoy a personalized meal specially made for you by professionally trained chefs.
  • Personal Attention- Often when you stay in a hotel you will not get personal attention, but this will not be the case in case of Bed and Breakfast Inns. Here, the innkeepers will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you feel comfortable and welcome and will always be at your service. Bed and Breakfast are generally smaller in size compared to a hotel which means you will get more assistance and personal attention. Whether you have any queries concerning the bed and breakfast or need tips on what to do within the area, do not hesitate to ask. The innkeepers will act as an excellent local expert and enjoy in giving you an insight regarding what you see, eat and do in the town.
  • Unique Rooms- Every room in your Bed and Breakfast will possess a character. As every room has unique decoration, it will have a special feel. No matter you are planning to visit with your better half or a group there is room to cater to every need. Some Bed and Breakfast pride themselves in ways how every room is different while there are some rooms which have themes. Some inns will allow you in booking a room of your choice as opposed to choosing a room in case of a hotel. The best part is some inns also provide a one-of-a-kind experience like learning the ways of working on a farm or sleeping in the teepee.
  • Encounter Unexpected Luxuries- There are some Bed and Breakfast that offer some special extra touches which will make the stay luxurious and be pampering. Organic food, bathrobes, locally roasted coffee and luxury bed linens are the different perks available for visitors.
  • Utmost Care and Attention- The services offered at Bed and Breakfast is much beyond providing a comfortable lodging. They treat every patron as a guest and not customers and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that their home successfully adheres to the various levels of comfort. For instance, they are pet-friendly. Their aim is to offer an original experience to provide guests with that defining experience. They focus on the initiatives that the guests can latch to make long-lasting memories.

Your stay at an excellent Bed and Breakfast will be a truly unique experience which you cannot afford to miss. It is here where you can attain the quiet, privacy and peace that you desire. Above all, you can experience the taste of the local flavor as well as lifestyle. Some inns also offer some additional recreational activities resting on the location such as skiing, golfing, canoeing, hiking, and biking. Book your stay in an excellent Bed and Breakfast in New York and experience the difference.

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