Budget Savvy Strategies For Renovating Your Kitchen

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How would you like a new and improved fitted kitchen in your home, without it emptying out your bank account? Sound like a dream doesn’t it, but there are some strategies you can use that will help you achieve it. Just keep reading to find out what they are.

Getting help with the deconstruction of the old kitchen


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One of the most difficult and expensive jobs that must be done in a kitchen renovation is the deconstruction and removal of the old units. This is such an in-depth job because all the cabinets are fixed to the walls, and the appliances are fitted in certain spaces around this. Something that means it can be a tough task to pull everything down to start again.

However, you can save some serious money by getting stores like Habitat for Humanity to come in and deconstruct you old kitchen for free and then take it away. Such shops want you previously used kitchen units because they can sell them to fund their charitable efforts, making it worthwhile helping you to remove them. Of course, that means you don’t have to pay for a builder to do this job for you, and you get the satisfaction of helping a charity too. Everybody wins!

Painting cupboards


Chalk paint is a budget way to reinvigorate your kitchen cabinets.

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However, if you can’t afford to replace the cupboards at the moment, you can refresh the look in your kitchen by painting the doors instead. To do this successfully, it is important to realize that most kitchen cabinet doors are coated with a thin film of varnish or plastic. This helps them to be easier to clean, something that is needed because of all the dirt and grease that can get splashed about in the kitchen area.

Unfortunately, this coating means that trying to paint the cabinet doors is a nightmare, as the pain won’t stick to them. Luckily, you can get around this by giving such doors a light sanding with fine sandpaper. Then use chalk paint, as that will adhere to most surfaces. Just remember to finish the paint with wax or sealant afterwards to get the best lasting result suitable for a kitchen space

Sourcing end of line items

The next strategy that folks looking to renovate their kitchen without spending a fortune should follow is visiting the DIY store and looking for products that are the last in their line. These are products that have been on sale for a while but are almost sold out.



The reason these are cheaper is that shops are often looking to shift these items and make room to stock their new ranges. Something that means you can pick up tiles, cabinet handles, and other pieces for a greatly reduced price.

Just be aware though, that because these are the last available in that range, you must have enough to complete the job. Otherwise, you may get stuck finding additional matching items and not be able to complete your kitchen renovation at all. Something that no saving, however large is worth making for.

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