Budgeting Tips For School Clothes

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When it comes to school clothing, you can spend up a lot of money fairly quickly. Kids grow every year and every year they need new clothes. Even if they didn’t grow out of last year’s clothes, it’s pretty likely they wore them out.

Not only do kids grow out of clothing, but they grow out of shoes, and you want to make sure they have well fitting shoes that are in style, and keep their feet safe and comfortable. School time means gym class, as well, where they need shoes suitable for sports of all kinds.

Looking For Sales

The first step at saving money when it comes to buying new clothes for your child, or children, is to look for sales. It helps to know when is the best time to go shopping and get the best prices. If you wait until right before school starts you might not be getting the best deals.

Part of looking for the best prices includes looking at the flyers and sales catalogs for the stores in your area. You’re often going to save more money going to big box stores than shopping for clothing at the mall. Mall clothes can be extra pricey.

Finding The Best Online Deals

Sometimes the best deals you are going to find will be online. If you know what sizes your child needs online shopping can be very helpful, and you’ll save time and gas money as well. It’s much easier to help your child pick clothes online rather than waiting hours at the store for them to try things on.

And, returns are generally easy to deal with when you shop online. You can send items that just didn’t fit right back for a different size, money back, or maybe even store credit. Order early and you won’t have to worry about school starting before you have everything you need.


While some children will argue with you about wearing someone else’s clothes, or not having the latest fashions, many love to wear fun older clothes. By shopping at thrift stores you can find some great deals.

There are also thrift stores that cater to brand name clothes that are only a year or two old, and they can save you a ton of money for kids that want all the cooler, newer fashions.

Other Cheap Options

You don’t have to go broke buying school clothes every year. If you have children in different age ranges you can do some work with hand-me-downs, with items that don’t get worn out. This can save tons of money.

You can also try out yard sales throughout the summer. Sometimes you can find new or like new clothing at great, low prices at garage sales. Often you’ll find stuff even cheaper than thrift stores.

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