4 Businesses You Can Run Out From Your Home With Kids

Being able to work from home is something that works best for a lot of parents.  Whether their children are younger and they don’t have any family members to help them out, or daycare is out of their price range, it can be the ideal way to stay home and raise your kids while also making a living.

It can often be challenging to find a stay at home job which is already out there.  Since so many people are competing to be able to get these positions so that they can work from home themselves, the best option is often to start your own business.   Not sure what kind of a business you could do in your home with kids around? Here are some of the best ideas.

Massage Therapist

Giving massages in your home is a low-cost business plan which doesn’t require too much equipment or hassle.  As long as you have space which is separated from the rest of the home where you can receive your clients, it can be a safe and fairly low maintenance job with the potential for a lot of money.

Although it does require some training, it’s usually a certificate program which doesn’t take terribly long to attain.  


Running a daycare out of your home can be a great idea for people with younger children.  This way you can keep an eye on your own little one all day, and get paid for it. It’s important to remember, however, that running a daycare out of your home will require a lot of steps.

Since there are children involved, there are a lot of permits to acquire and insurance requirements.  You’ll need proper training for things like CPR, and you’ll have to childproof your home to avoid accidents and injuries.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re tech-savvy and like working in customer service, then this can be a great opportunity for you to work from home.  Although there are a lot of services which are looking to hire, it’s entirely possible to start your own.

A virtual assistant can do anything from providing technical assistance, to customer support, and even serve as a remote administrative assistant to busy professionals.

Personal Trainer

If you’re someone that loves fitness and motivating others, then starting your own personal trainer business can be a fantastic way to work from home.

Creating a space inside your home with equipment is important, so having enough space to work out and jump around is something that you will want to consider before you dive in.

Take measurements and think about the realities of it being a professional exercise space.

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Tips for Making Your Mommy Business Happen

Mompreneur” is a term bandied about with both pride and reservation. Pride, because as a word it encapsulates the ability of women to “have it all”; and reservation, because it categorizes a woman as simply a mother, a procreating entity who chooses to “dabble on the side”. Nonetheless, those mothers who choose to venture into the unknown and attempt to get their very own start-up ideas off the ground, they’re brave ladies. It’s a fiercely competitive marketplace out there, regardless of gender, but these women have grown the type of claws that only get sharpened with motherhood. So it is that they could use a few tips for making their entrepreneurial hopes a reality. This post is for them.

#1 Your Business Plan and Finances

As a mother, you’re used to counting costs on a daily basis, making sure the family as an entire unit keeps functioning within its means, so your brain for finance has already been honed. Nonetheless, when it comes to facts and figures within business plans, don’t rest on your laurels or get distracted by the kids in double-checking the finer details. Business is money, and money is business. You don’t have to be an accountant of old to get it right, but it does take time and focus. You’ve likely have executive level organizational skills: utilize them now.

#2 Finding a Premises and Situating it Right

When all’s said and done and you’ve established funding for your start-up, whether privately or through a bank, you need a place to base yourself and your growing concept. Some mothers who venture into the entrepreneurial are quite content to get up and running from their kitchen table, as the expression goes, but not everyone can juggle an over-affectionate toddler while taking orders in a professional manner. Therefore, you’re going to want to go property hunting.

However, finding a premises is often the financial obstacle that closes down start-ups before they even begin. To overcome this, though, look into a mobile office or base. Used commercial vehicles are ideal to use when traditional buildings are too cost prohibitive. Added to which, the repurposing on them can be rather fun. Indeed, repurposing has resulted in home-spun business in itself. Nonetheless, just as finding a static office is dictated by its locale and accessibility for future customers, so too should you consider closely to what end a “mobile office” would serve your purposes, and where to park it, also.

#3 Branding is Beautiful

With funding and premises in place (whichever route you’ve chosen to follow in this respect), the most crucial step is marketing. Just remember that, although investing time and money into online marketing avenues via a brilliant website and thorough social media presence pays dividends in bringing to the public’s attention your services, real life appearances matter first. To this end, make sure your business is visually appealing, as well as offering unbeatable customer service and care. That includes yourself. For, as shallow as it seems, the aesthetics are what will draw them like moths to a flame to begin with.

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How to Save Money Managing Your Mommy Blog

Parenting, as great as it can be, is also very difficult. That’s why many mothers all around the world have found solace in starting their own mommy blog. You shouldn’t think, however, that owning and managing a mommy blog must be expensive. In fact, you can host and manage one without spending a dime, if you are willing to put up with a hosted domain name and limited features.

If you want to have a truly functioning and successful mommy blog, without spending a small fortune, however, you need to follow this guide:

Find a Theme

Premium themes can cost anywhere from $10 to $100, however your theme doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles that, say, an international magazine does. It just has to look good and do what you need it to do. If you find a free theme that fits the bill, that’s great! If not, don’t worry – themes are a one-time cost that will make your side-project more fun.

Create the Branding Yourself

Professionals and companies alike will hire illustrators to create the perfect banners and logos for their sites. With time and effort, however, it can be easy for you to create a banner without spending any money. It’s also important to note that the most engaged content online is genuine content. The day of using stock image photography is over – people recognize these images and they come across as fake. Instead, use your own photo and video.

The trick to taking great photo and video – even if it’s on your phone – is lighting. You can do a lot with an iPhone photo, for instance, so long as the image is well lit. You can use lamps, or even create your own light boxes that will diffuse light and make portraits, items, and food look great.

Market for Free

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to market your blog without spending money. It takes a lot of time and effort, of course, but it can be done. What’s more is that when you market yourself this way you create a more organic, genuine community.

Market yourself by starting an Instagram and Facebook page, along with any other social media accounts you feel comfortable using. You can also join mommy groups in your area, make friends, and create content together. The mommy blog niche is a great one, because all moms go through the same struggles and like knowing that they aren’t the only one.

There are many ways to market yourself for free, but generally all you need to do is to be friendly, communicative, and engage in the online mommy community.

Mommy blogs aren’t just ways to waste your time or even to make money. They are useful for reflection, documentation, and to even make friends. The last thing moms should do is isolate themselves after having children, but their old, childless friends won’t accurately know what they are going through. That’s why you need to meet new people and make new connections – and you can do this through your blog.

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Growing Your Family Bakery

Owning a family business can be a gratifying experience. You’re able to use a business model that reflects your own ethics and vision. You may work with family members on a daily basis. When you own a family bakery, you’re helping to perpetuate a tradition of consistently offering local residents food items that both feed and delight them.

No matter how successful your bakery has been, you may still want to grow it even more. If you’d like to see your business yield a greater return for your hard work and sacrifice, you might implement a variety of strategies to do that. From helping out with community projects to working with other local businesses to redesigning your website, you may discover many possibilities worth exploring.

Community Involvement

When businesses place an emphasis on community involvement, they are working to benefit the general public as well as their own interests. People in the community often respond favorably to businesses that care enough to contribute their time and money to local causes. As a bakery owner, you might offer to supply the baked goods for school bake sales and other local events. Doing this will not only serve the community – it will also make the name of your business known to many potential customers who might otherwise not have been aware of your bakery. This is an excellent way to build or strengthen a loyal following.

Working With Other Local Businesses

Another way to stay involved in the community while growing your bakery is to forge alliances with other local businesses. You might speak to the representatives of several local companies about providing their baked goods on a weekly basis. If they enjoy your pastries every Monday morning at their workplace, people who work at neighborhood hair salons, coffee shops, law firms, and advertising companies are more likely to remember your business when they need to purchase baked goods. In return, you might find ways to support other local businesses by purchasing their products and services.

Provide Customers with a Useful Website

If you don’t yet have a website for your family bakery, you are not truly maximizing your marketing efforts. Even if you have a website, it may need to be redesigned to reflect the needs and habits of today’s customers. Many websites that have not adapted to the needs of mobile device users have been left behind in terms of online presence and search engine optimization (SEO). Working with a professional team to create or update your website could lead to more business in the future than you ever imagined was possible.

Growing your family bakery may seem like a daunting prospect if you don’t know how to get started. Fortunately, you can take various small steps toward reaching your goals for your business. By getting involved with the community and serving the needs of customers, you could experience the growth you desire sooner than you expected.

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You Can Get Paid Thousands of Dollars For Doing These Short Term Things

get paid

People are raised up from infancy to choose their careers based on the amount of money that they will be able to make. While many people end up going against the grind and doing what they love, even if it means that they’ll be broke or starving artists, many people choose their careers solely on the fact that they can earn good money.

Once you choose a career path, it’s a big leap to take. You’re in it for the long haul because you’ve committed to 4 years and thousands of dollars to get a bachelor’s degree. If you want a masters, that tacks on even more time and money. If you really want to make good money, that means you’re going to medical school, law school, or some trade school that teaches you the specifics of your field that very little have knowledge of. That is what qualifies you to make the big bucks.

Even after years of school, a hundred thousand dollars of debt, and maybe a couple years in the job position you’ve worked hard for, you’re left with the awareness that the $100,000 dollars that you’re making a year (if you’re lucky) isn’t quite doing to trick.

Be A Surrogate

If you’re searching for an answer on how you can make great money by virtually just living, you might want to consider being a surrogate. Considering a person who is looking for a surrogate will pay between $95,000-$150,000 to have a child through another human being, your cut of the deal could look like a $40,000 dollar paycheck.

Sure that means you have to go through the whole pregnancy process again, and again, but if you love helping people and pregnancy is something that brings you joy, this is a perfect match. 9 months of living and a birth later and you’re left with $40,000 in your bank and endless nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Open Your Dog Up for Stud Services

This is an option that you’ll have to think about on a moral standpoint. A dog who is opened up for stud services is basically used for his sperm. This is a common occurrence for dogs that are full bred, but any dog will probably have a demand for their services somewhere.

Considering you’re on the male end of the spectrum, you as the owner don’t have to go through the mess of labor and puppies, you just get to rent your dog out by the hour and make a pretty penny doing it. You’ll want to have contact with the owners of the mother. Depending on the breed, the amount of puppies conceived, and their coloring, you can negotiate a different cost amount for each puppy.

It’s all up to you whether you use your dog to make money, but in all honesty…what male would say no to sex?

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Effects of High Taxes on the Family Unit


Taxes are the necessary evil of the world. For centuries people have been taxed on their earnings so that the greater good of the state as a whole can be fulfilled. The tricky thing is that everybody has different opinions on how much tax is appropriate to enstow upon the people. The amount taxed ranges from individual, to family unit, to millionaires who own fortune 500 companies, all depending on how much they make and all that they can claim as a writeoff.

The inability to agree on an amount to tax seems to be one of the conflicts that fronts political movements and candidates running for senate and president. Everyone can say what they will about how much a government should be involved in the lives of people, but in the end, when an individual gets taxed on the equivalent of half of their hard earned dollars, the complaints start flying, no matter what they agree is right on the political side of things.

Here are some of the effects of high taxes on a family unit alone:

Parents Can’t Provide

High taxes mean that less money gets transferred to the family unit. People might make a certain amount of money that sets them above the poverty bracket, but because income is measured before taxes, it’s not an adequate representation of how many people are actually living below the poverty line. The directly affects the family unit because there is way less income to live day to day than there would be if taxes were lower.

Wages Stay Low

When a business is taxed on all of their dealings, it directly takes money out of the pockets of the individuals working for the said company. An employer physically can’t afford to pay their employees well because the money is being taken out on the top.

If businesses were taxed less, there could then be regulations made that companies would have to appropriate that money towards increasing their employee wages. This puts more money into the direct hands of the people, putting more money into the economy, creating growth without government being the middleman.

Taxes are a convoluted mess. It is pretty clear that there is not an immediate fix to the problems facing the economy in regards to this issue. As everyone has different opinions, and legislation on the matter is filled with loopholes and contradicting requirements, it is unsure if the controversy surrounding tax will ever be settled.

In any case, if you ever feel you’ve been personally wronged by the tax system, you can always take a stand and challenge those who oppose you in this matter. That’s how legislation gets changed.

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