Expert plumbers can identify the factors that lead to drain choking

Drainage system upkeep is important to avoid the problems arising from clogged drains. The drainage system should always work perfectly because of any negligence to look after it can result in wastewater finding a way into your rooms, basement and all over the house, including the walkway and driveway. It poses serious health risks because the bacteria and germs that the wastewater carries will spread through the home and make life miserable. Even after a thorough cleaning of the places affected by wastewater flooding, the health threats might remain. Therefore, keeping drains clean by avoiding clogging helps to prevent a lot of nuisance.

Although drain cleaning might appear a simple task, for doing a foolproof job to prevent recurrence you have to rely on the services of a professional company that specializes in drain cleaning Toronto. Fixing the problem of blocked drains is easy only if you can detect it early and act fast. It would ensure that you do not face the inconvenience of leaking pipes and overflow of wastewater that besides posing health problems can affect the safety of homes if it finds its way to electrical installations and cables.  The electrical damage can be even lead to fire due to short circuit.

All drain blockages are not alike, and the cause of blocked drains varies depending on the drain location. Once you can determine the cause, finding a solution is easy. Blockage happens not only due to some external materials finding its way into drain pipes but also because of the internal conditions of pipes and the sludge in wastewater which can lead to recurrent choking.  What factors you should consider understanding the causes of drain blockage is the topic covered in this article.

Indoor or outdoor drain

The drainage system covers the entire premises both inside and outside, and since the conditions differ between indoor and outdoor, the causes of blocking also change accordingly. Outdoor drains with trees and plants in the vicinity are prone to choking due to the accumulation of dead leaves, twigs or even dead roots at the drain points and inside the pipes that create a barrier and restrict the flow of water. Another reason could be that some heavy material reaches the drain due to careless flushing. Any stuff like sanitary products, paper towels or other items that do not flush away easily can choke pipes. Hair, tissues, and wipes are also some of the known culprits that reduce the effectiveness of drainage systems due to clogging.

Toilet, kitchen, and bathroom drains

Indoor drains are vulnerable to clogging in varying degrees depending on its location. Kitchen drains are most susceptible to frequently clogging because food and vegetable waste, as well as oil and grease, can easily slip into the drain through the kitchen sink and start choking the pipeline that ultimately blocks the flow of water. The maximum debris passes into the drain from the kitchen, and you have to be cautious to minimize the entry of unwanted materials in the drain. The drains in bathrooms are most likely to face the problem of hair clogging at the drain points. All the reasons stated here can cause significant drain blockage that needs professional plumbers to clean thoroughly with the assurance that it will not recur soon.

Follow some routine to check what goes into the drain

Creating a household routine with the objective of preventing drains from getting blocked is the best way to avoid bigger problems. You have to be careful about what goes into the pipe and what items lie close to it that could make its way into the drain so that you can take some preventive action. It would help to avoid many unpleasant situations that you might have to face from clogged drains. Leaking walls and roofs, water-soaked electrical connections and foul-smelling water would all be things of the past as the chances of drain blockage would reduce significantly.

Keep an eye on the waste in the kitchen

Remember that the drain system is capable of handling wastewater only and problems start when some solid particles find its way into drains. Therefore, keeping an eye on the solid waste that can most likely go into the drain and preventing it from getting there is an easy way to reduce the chances of blockages. Since the kitchen is the most active source of drain blocking elements, you have to be very vigilant to exclude solid particles from going into the drain.

Scrap food particles from plates thoroughly before cleaning so that the food particles do not mix with the water used for cleaning and reach the drain. Use soaps and detergent in adequate quantity to remove grease and oil used during cooking. Never pour any grease or oil into the drain but keep it in a separate container for disposing of with other waste materials. If at all you have to pour grease into the sewer, flush it immediately with water so that it does not stick to the walls of the pipe.

Restrict carrying solid items to the bathroom

When going to the toilet, ensure that you do not take any solid material like hair grips, which on reaching the drain even by chance will act as a catalyst to clog the drain very fast as it will gather all kinds of debris especially hair and form a solid chunk. Uses the bins for disposing cotton wool, face wipes, sanitary napkins, and tampons and never make the mistake of pushing it down the drain. These items can jam pipelines and cause drains to overflow. Avoid using too much toilet paper and throwing it into the drain because it causes a quick blockage.

For keeping outdoor drains free from blockages keep the yard clean and remove the debris like tree leaves, garden waste and other debris and collect is at a place for disposal so that it cannot reach the drain.

Despite doing everything, drain blockages can happen because you cannot prevent sludge formation in pipes. However, professional drain cleaning services can delay the occurrence considerably.

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Completely Ignore These 6 Cleaning Hacks—They Don’t Work

If you’re like most people, you dream of making cleaning easier and somehow find someone to solve all your cleaning problems. Thanks to new innovations, today’s cleaning tools and products are far superior to those we used in the past. As a result, our lives are much easier.

Moreover, there is a plethora of tips and hacks online offering hope for effortless and more effective cleaning. Often times, they leave you wondering why you never thought of them yourself. Some are backed by science; some not so much.

Below are some cleaning hacks that simply don’t work and will only waste your money and time. Some are even dangerous. Ignore them and follow more reasonable cleaning advice. Better yet, hire Charlotte professional maid services and use that time to do something productive or enjoyable.

  1. Microwave sponges to sanitize them

Like many other dubious hacks, there’s a bit of science to this one. Sure, some bacteria can’t survive high temperatures. However, the duration needed for a sponge to stay in a microwave to incinerate all the bacteria in it would destroy the sponge. In fact, studies have shown that about 40% of the bacteria population (some of which are life-threatening) survive the microwaving. You’re better off buying new sponges.

  1. Prevent dye-bleeding by adding salt to the washer

Save the salt for your food. By the time you buy the clothes at the store, it’s too late to prevent dye-bleeding. Any measures needed to prevent it should be done during the manufacture of the garments. Thankfully, there are hacks that actually work in case all your underwear is blue.

  1. Remove ink using hairspray

This is an old one. It worked well when hairspray was 100% alcohol. Things have changed, though, and today’s hairsprays don’t contain as much alcohol (the agent responsible for removing the ink) as they used to. Instead, they have more emollients, oils, and conditioners. So use isopropyl alcohol instead and save the hairspray for your hairdo.

  1. Remove stains in the toilet tank using a magic eraser

Granted, these erasers can be effective at removing crayon marks on walls, and soap scum on bathtubs. However, they don’t do anything for the toilet tank. On the contrary, they may end up messing up the tank’s flushing system. Made out of melamine foam, these erasers need actual rubbing action to work. They’re neither soluble nor antimicrobial.

  1. For easy cleaning, add a coat of car wax on a cooktop

Food particles and grease can be extremely difficult to clean from cooktops, especially after weeks of high heat has made them extra crusty. Even though they’re a bit easier to wipe after adding a coat of car wax, this is actually a fire hazard. Just make sure you promptly clean the cooktop in case of a boil over using a powerful grease-removing product.

  1. Kill all germs with hot water

As mentioned earlier, high temperature kills some bacteria. However, it has to be extremely hot (around 212 degrees Fahrenheit) and the contaminated surface must be exposed for a reasonably long period. Seeing as most water heaters have a maximum heat setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re fooling yourself if you think you’re killing the germs. Stick to using phenolic solutions (Lysol), pine oil or chlorine bleach after preparing raw meat in your kitchen.

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Different Ways to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Different Ways to Decorate a Small Bathroom

If you are short of space when it comes to your bathroom, it can be tricky to know what will and won’t work when it comes to decorating. Here are just some ways on how you can decorate a small bathroom.

Natural Light

Having natural light in your bathroom can help create a peaceful and soothing environment for you to relax in. Try not to cover up your windows with blinds or dark curtains so your bathroom can get as much natural light as possible, instead opt for blinds or curtains in lighter colors like cream or white. Also, make sure that the blinds or curtains are thick enough to provide you with the privacy you need as well as being thin enough to let the natural light in.

Paint Colors

The color you choose to paint your bathroom walls can have a significant difference in how big or small the room looks. Try to avoid highly contrasting colors, as they can make your bathroom look smaller. Choosing paints that are like your bathroom tiles can help your bathroom seem bigger. If you have cream tiles, it is best to paint the walls the same or in a lighter shade like peach or pale blue.

Add Shelving

It can be hard to find space in a small bathroom to fit all your items in. To get the most out of your space, you will need to take time to consider where you want to place shelving that can be practical to use but also give you the needed space you require. If there is an area in your bathroom that is not getting much use, it could be worth installing shelves, so you are able to store any toiletries, towels, or decorations. However, make sure that any shelving you install is above head level, so you do not run the risk of bumping your forehead into it.

Adding/Removing Furniture

If you want to free up space and feel there is furniture that could go, it is best to remove the furniture from your bathroom. As you have a limited space to fit everything in, you will need to consider the size and overall usage of your furniture to ensure you have the necessities in your bathroom. Clearing even a little bit of furniture from your bathroom can make an enormous difference and help make your bathroom look bigger. Websites like Simple Toilet

can provide you with a wide range of toilets to suit your bathroom.

Decorate Accordingly

Putting too many decorations in a small bathroom can be doing you more harm than good. You will want your bathroom to look as spacious as possible, rather than being full of clutter. A simple bathroom mirror and a photo frame or two can be enough to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. There are many ways you can go about decorating a small bathroom. Try and avoid hanging any large posters or light fixtures, as they can make your bathroom look and feel smaller.

Before you begin decorating your bathroom, make sure that you have a plan in place so you know exactly how you want the room to look and so you can have a budget in place.

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Budget Savvy Strategies For Renovating Your Kitchen

How would you like a new and improved fitted kitchen in your home, without it emptying out your bank account? Sound like a dream doesn’t it, but there are some strategies you can use that will help you achieve it. Just keep reading to find out what they are.

Getting help with the deconstruction of the old kitchen


Image here

One of the most difficult and expensive jobs that must be done in a kitchen renovation is the deconstruction and removal of the old units. This is such an in-depth job because all the cabinets are fixed to the walls, and the appliances are fitted in certain spaces around this. Something that means it can be a tough task to pull everything down to start again.

However, you can save some serious money by getting stores like Habitat for Humanity to come in and deconstruct you old kitchen for free and then take it away. Such shops want you previously used kitchen units because they can sell them to fund their charitable efforts, making it worthwhile helping you to remove them. Of course, that means you don’t have to pay for a builder to do this job for you, and you get the satisfaction of helping a charity too. Everybody wins!

Painting cupboards


Chalk paint is a budget way to reinvigorate your kitchen cabinets.

Picture link

However, if you can’t afford to replace the cupboards at the moment, you can refresh the look in your kitchen by painting the doors instead. To do this successfully, it is important to realize that most kitchen cabinet doors are coated with a thin film of varnish or plastic. This helps them to be easier to clean, something that is needed because of all the dirt and grease that can get splashed about in the kitchen area.

Unfortunately, this coating means that trying to paint the cabinet doors is a nightmare, as the pain won’t stick to them. Luckily, you can get around this by giving such doors a light sanding with fine sandpaper. Then use chalk paint, as that will adhere to most surfaces. Just remember to finish the paint with wax or sealant afterwards to get the best lasting result suitable for a kitchen space

Sourcing end of line items

The next strategy that folks looking to renovate their kitchen without spending a fortune should follow is visiting the DIY store and looking for products that are the last in their line. These are products that have been on sale for a while but are almost sold out.



The reason these are cheaper is that shops are often looking to shift these items and make room to stock their new ranges. Something that means you can pick up tiles, cabinet handles, and other pieces for a greatly reduced price.

Just be aware though, that because these are the last available in that range, you must have enough to complete the job. Otherwise, you may get stuck finding additional matching items and not be able to complete your kitchen renovation at all. Something that no saving, however large is worth making for.

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Spring Cleaning Just Got A Whole Lot More Interesting: Here’s How

Let’s face it, I don’t think any of us love the idea of spring cleaning. Getting our homes in order for the spring and summer months. Organising and decluttering our way to a nicer home. Cleaning those rooms and areas that we probably avoid during the winter months. It can all get a little too much.

However, I have begun to realise that actually spring cleaning can be quite useful. Sure you get the benefits of a nice home that feels amazing, once all the jobs are actually done. But you can actually make some money from spring cleaning, who knew? There is money to be made and so if that isn;t incentive enough to pull out the cleaning products and get a little more organised I don’t know what would incentivise you to do it. But how do you make money from tackling the mundane jobs in your home? Here are my suggestions.

Image source

Is there money to be made in your recycling bins?

Recycling. It is something that we are encouraged to do. Having specific bins for certain items such as glass and paper. It may have even become second nature to you, but did you know there is money to be made? People actually buy things like empty wine bottles. The glass, because of the colour, can be used towards making jewellery and have a second purpose in life.

Champagne bottles or fancy prosecco bottles can be made into candles, and even corks have a use such as clever craft objects for kitchens such as pin boards for organisation. The options are endless.

However, it doesn’t stop there. There can be ways you can turn old newspapers into cash. If you have collected some over the years or even recent one’s, popping them online could be a great way to earn a few extra pounds from them. People love to keep papers for special dates such as the birth of children, or even marriage or anniversary dates.

Could you sell unwanted items in your home you no longer love?

Do you have unwanted items in your home that you no longer love or want? Then maybe now is the time to spring clean your home, declutter and make some money in the process. We all might have things knocking around that could serve other people well, and often it can be a bit of laziness not to do anything with them. However, websites like eBay and even selling platforms like Facebook groups are a great way to earn some extra dosh from those things. Old technology that you have upgraded. Clothes that no longer fit. Accessories in your home that no longer suit the decor or theme. Excessive furniture that no longer serves a purpose. Even sending items can be made easier thanks to websites like Shiply. Once you start you may find that you enter into a habit and process that is easier to keep up with, and the money you make could be towards all sorts, even a summer holiday in celebration of your new clean and clutter free home.

Is sharing your cleaning through social media a way to make money?

Cleaning is often a chore we don’t enjoy doing, isn’t it? OF course, there are few people out there who love it, or perhaps just love the satisfaction feeling once the job is done. But, cleaning can actually be made more of if you know where to look. There are social media apps now that enable you to monetise your social media platforms. They advertise jobs and campaigns that you can bid for, which means that your general duties of cleaning could make perfect photo opportunities for brand collaborations and advertising campaigns. Of course, it isn’t just as simple as that. You need to have a decent following online, perhaps even have the products in your home or buy them, but the money that could be made is very lucrative and who knows what direction this could take you and your life in?

Use smartphone applications to get more from your books and DVD’s

There are so many great smartphone applications to take advantage of these days and making money is just one of the angles to explore. Books are something that many homes have, but yet a lot of people no longer like the fact they have excessive books piled high on shelves and even in bookcases or your bedside table. However, some people still like to hold a book in their hand and so apps like we love books could easily help you offload them and make some money in the process. It is as easy as scanning the barcode and packing them up, they will even collect. The same can be said for other items in your home like DVD’s. Thanks to digital TV providers, people can now save films on the TV boxes, making it a much more convenient way to enjoy their films and programmes. But an excessive amount of DVD’s can mean your home feels clutters, so scanning them and packing them up to companies like Music Magpie is a great way to earn a little extra. It works for CD’S to.

Take advantage of upcoming car boot sales

Finally, now that the weather is going to get a little better, you may want to start scanning your local community websites to see when the next car boots are going to take place. While you may need to pay for a pitch and your expenses to get there like fuel and food for the day, it can be a real lucrative way to offload a lot of items in one go and get the cash straight away without

much need for anything else. A lot of the time, getting there early pays off as you have the feral hardcore bargain hunters hoping to get all the best stuff. So while it may feel like hard work for the day, it can be totally worth it to clear your home of clutter and make money in the process.

I hope that sharing with you some of these ways to make spring cleaning more interesting will motivate you to get started yourself.

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The Household Duties You Simply Cannot Live Well Without


If you’re a new homeowner, odds are that running a household is relatively new to you. It’s one thing to rent your own bedroom in a student house, or to rent small properties from landlords as you try and gain a foothold in your career. Owning a house is much more promising, difficult, and wonderful however. It does require a certain degree of skill to keep everything to function in tip-top shape.

Luckily, this can be achieved with the right outlook. Some household duties you simply cannot live well without, so it’s important to take care of them. Luckily, all this takes is the right scheduling and know how. The scheduling is down to you, but if you find a free hour here and there it’s well within your grasp. The know-how is in the following article, so it’s lucky you’re in the right place:




Of course, we’re not assuming you’re a messy or disorganized person. But how often do you commence long, thorough cleans? Ideally you should look to vacuum and polish behind the larger pieces of furniture at least once every fortnight, and to clean your property once a week. Your bathrooms might be well suited to more frequent cleaning than this.


Cleaning is not just vacuuming. It’s disinfecting potentially dirty surfaces, especially if you have children or pets. It means attending to messes as they happen, and wiping away the grime before it gets too much. It also means cleaning the areas you often forget about, such as the inside of a microwave or oven. It certainly means cleaning under the bed, despite how much you might have stored under there.


If you have children, a great way to build self-discipline is to have them clean their place along the same schedule that you do. Asking them to vacuum, polish and disinfect areas of their room at least once a week will help them care for their own space. If it gets messy, then that’s their own fault. Stop them from throwing dirty laundry all over the place by continually informing them of the benefits of tidying this up. Have them do their own laundry once in awhile to make them appreciate the work you do. If you all pitch in, then cleaning around the house is something that can be completed in a matter of an afternoon, and maybe even sooner than that.


Expenditure Maintenance


The costs of running your household are hard to ignore. You must continually ask yourself ‘can I find a better deal elsewhere?’ To compare electricity tariffs for example, you must assess your needs, apply with your location and see the most cost-effective or best service you hope to receive. This can help you lessen your energy costs. It might help also to purchase low-energy bulbs, as they are good for the environment and can also save you a pretty penny.


It might be other simple things that you might not expect that can cause pressure on your purse. For example, your child tracking mud into your beige carpets after a football game can be infuriating, and especially when it costs hundreds in carpet cleaning services. A little common sense and decorum taught to your children should help avoid fates like this (if you’re lucky!) It’s not always common for them to listen, but if you can prevent one in every two cases like this, you might have something to draw on.


It could be that your heating is draining your wallet, and not because you have the wrong tariff supplier. It might just be that the insulation you have is lacking and could use an upgrade, as money can often be wasted when it doesn’t actually warm your home effectively.


It could be simply budgeting for your home improvements. Sometimes people are so excited to install new apparatus and interior decors that they waste their moving in budget, which is real when waiting on salary payments from your career.




Security is important to take care of. Many people do not consider this until it’s too late, or until there is a report of a robbery near them. You can be targeted at any time for a number of reasons, so it’s important to ensure you prevent this to the best of your ability.


A great way to begin is to get a dog. Dogs do cost money in maintenance, but what they provide you in love they also provide you in security. Sometimes you needn’t even purchase a mean or large dog, especially if you have children. Simply a dog with a loud bark can be enough to cause a would be interloper to recoil from your property. The first thing a thief looks for is a dog, so sometimes a ‘beware of the dog’ sign could work well enough to terrify a trespasser away from your property, even if no such animal exists. Of course, that only goes so far.


Locks (preferably two to three on your main doors) should be everywhere. Not only on your doors, but on your windows, and in your outdoor areas such as sheds or garages. Try to use interior locks mostly, as key padlocks can be picked, and this is because they have remained largely the same in design since the eighteenth century. CCTV setups can work when you need to collate evidence of a break in, or simply the presence of which can prevent a thief from entering your property uninvited.


Floodlights are excellent also. Think about a thief sneaking up your drive, or someone trying to trespass in the dead of night. When the motion sensor is triggered (especially in hidden nooks and crannies,) a full blinding light will show that person in full form, and make them believe you have spotted them. This usually will cause them to run, as any aggressive action towards your property from then on out will require a very intensive commitment, and a huge risk of being caught or defended against.


With this you’ll find that your moving in period is seamless and smooth. We wish you the best in your new life!

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Time To Clean House? Time To Gather Supplies

You did a major cleaning last spring. Then came the summer and your home was full of activities, but you at least maintain some organizational stasis in your household. Now the autumn has arrived, and it’s time to do another major housecleaning.

To get ready, it’s time to gather the necessary supplies. You need to purchase your essential cleaners, get your rags and sponges at the ready, and ensure that you have the right ladders and stools to get to those hard-to-reach high places. Once all those materials are together, then you just have to have a plan to follow, and your house will be spick-and-span in no time.

Basic Cleaners

Purchasing your essential cleaners is the first step to getting a clean house. There are a few different basic categories of thought on getting these cleaners together. You can go the natural and organic route and stick with mostly vinegar, baking soda, and maybe some ammonia. Or you could go with professional cleaners that have some extra scrubbing power, though they also tend to have some chemicals in them that can be harsh as well as poisonous.

Rags and Sponges

Buy some cleaning rags and sponges before you start putting your elbow grease to work as well. Even though it is a small investment to get all new rags and sponges, what you don’t want to do is run out of inspiration and motivation because you are trying to clean with things that are dirty. Sponges from last season are going to be growing mold and be covered in grease. Rags that you’ve already used for some other project are going to do the job either. When it’s time for significant housecleaning, it’s time to reset all of your rags and sponges.

Ladders and Stools

There will be areas in your home that you can’t reach. And you can buy ladders and stools to step up on, or you can buy cleaning supplies with extended handles. It all depends on what your preferences and what your budget is. Ladders and stools can double for other projects, so purchasing a few high-quality ones that will last many years to come is not a bad idea.

Following a Plan

To have the cleanest house possible, you have to follow a plan. All the best cleaners in all of the cleanest rags and sponges in the world aren’t going to do any good if you don’t know your plan of attack. Generally speaking, you want to start at the top and work down first with dust and then with dirt. But you also want to make sure you don’t get yourself stuck in any corners or make messes out of things after you clean them. Have a path in the plan, and stick to it.

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4 Tips For Having a Cleaner Home

When it comes to keeping your house clean with kids it can seem impossible at times.  With multiple messes going on at any given time, spills, toys, and just about anything else you can think of it can be a full-time job trying to keep up with the mess.

However, don’t let these obstacles make you give up altogether. With just a few of the right tips, you can have your home clean with little effort.  Here is how.

Use Your Storage Space

One of the biggest tricks when it comes to giving the illusion that your home is clean is clearing the space of clutter.  If all of your surfaces are clear and there is a sense of spaciousness this can give the impression of organization and cleanliness.

Therefore, you should take advantage of using storage in your home to clear away the clutter.  Use all of your closets and drawers to keep things put away rather than out and taking up space.  

If your home doesn’t have a lot of store space, consider getting a storage unit or buying shelving. This can not only make your house feel cleaner but it can give you a sense of inner peace rather than fixating on the clutter.

Make Your Bed

One of the simplest yet most immediately effective things that you can do to make your house look clean is make your bed.  When you bed is made the whole room seems to come together.

Even if a room is spotless from ceiling to floor if a bed is unmade it will give the illusion of being a mess.  Therefore, try to get yourself into the habit of making your bed every morning.  You’ll find that it makes a huge difference without actually having to clean anything!

Vacuum Every Other Day

Rather than doing a deep clean once every month which involves hours of dusting, scrubbing, and washing, why not do it in small increments.  This way you will spend less long periods tearing your hair out wishing you didn’t have to be cleaning.

By vacuuming every day you can stop dirt in its tracks before it can really start to take over. This small task should take anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the size of your home and can make all the difference.

Don’t Wear Shoes Inside

When you wear your shoes inside you are tracking all of the dirt and mud from outside into your home.  Not only are you increasing the dirt n your home but you are also spreading bacteria.

By asking your family and guests to take their shoes off when they enter the home you will cut down on nearly half of your cleaning time.

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Decluttering Tips

I have been on a decluttering frenzy lately so I thought I would share some tips with you that have really been helping keep my house looking better everyday.

Mail- go through your mail everyday. Throw away the junk mail and put your bills that need to be paid where you put them or pay them. I try to pay all my bills online which helps with the paper clutter.

Donation bin- I keep a basket in our bedroom behind our chair as a donation bin. If I try on clothes and I don’t like how they fit or they just don’t fit I put them directly in the bin and as soon as it is fills up I put everything in a bag and take it to Goodwill.

Donation bin

Only touch once- if you pick something up in a room that doesn’t belong there immediately take it to the room it belongs in.  You can use this same rule with mail.

One in one out rule- If you go and buy a new shirt, look through your shirts and find a shirt that you don’t like as much or how it fits and throw it in the donation bin

Books- As soon as I finish a book if I am not going to read it again I donate it to our local library or give it to someone who I think might enjoy it

Magazines-we sell our magazines after we read them to Half Price books-we wait until there is a large pile and then take them and in and sell them

Do you have any decluttering tips to share?



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5 Wet Areas To Understand In Your Family’s Living Environment

Living in a home with your family, you know that one of the irritating emergencies that can occur is if you have problems with wet areas. Especially when it’s either pressurized or hidden, water damage can cost thousands of dollars, and that wreckage can occur within a relative short period of time.

So, five wet areas around your home to be sure that you understand the basics of include areas around the water heater, under the sinks, into and out of the washing machine, anywhere that your basement might leak, and near and around all of your windows.

Around the Water Heater

Your hot water heater is one of the more important appliances in your home. If it goes on the fritz, say goodbye to hot water in showers, sinks, and washing machines. Doing dishes is going to be a pain, and depending on if there’s a leak or a blockage, you can end up paying extra for water or energy. Add to that, the area around a water heater can become damaged quite quickly as well. If you have anything of value to store, next to the water heater is not a good place for it, no matter how convenient the space is.

Under the Sinks

Check for leaks under your bathroom sinks regularly. Because this is such a common storage area, it’s easy for damage to occur. Plus, if you keep any cleaners or chemicals down there, if they get wet and slimy without anyone knowing, that can present a health hazard. Sink drains aren’t pressurized, but if gravity is making them leak, it can still be a big mess.

Into and Out of the Washer

Your washing machine can be the center of a disaster if anything goes wrong with the pipes going into and out of it. Because there’s soap and a lot of water being used, anything going wrong with the waste system is going to be gross and potentially expensive. If you see leaks around your machine, learn to diagnose the problem quickly.

Basement Leaks

Anyone who has a basement knows that there’s always the chance for areas down there to leak as well. Typically, there will be some sort of a sump pump to prevent major damage, but in the event of a storm where the power goes out as well, that’s a recipe for disaster. Your best bet it to make sure you have a backup generator.

Near Windows

And finally, check occasionally to make sure that rain and snow aren’t getting in through the seals around your exterior windows. There are a few different ways that window frames can warp, and a little bit of rain running down the outside walls can do a grip of damage quickly. During big storms, just do a quick check to make sure there are no puddles forming on interior sills.

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Recipes for Homemade Cleaning Products

It seems like my family spends a lot of money on cleaning products. After my last shopping trip to stock up on all of the products I need to keep my home tidy I started thinking about how many chemicals are in these products and how much money I could save while keeping my family healthy if I tried to make my own cleaning supplies.

I found some great homemade cleaning supply recipes that I can’t wait to share with you- I wonder which recipe you will try first!

cleaning supplies

Bacteria Buster Counter Top Spray

DIY Lemon Lime Dusting Spray

DIY Dishwasher Tabs

Homemade Toilet Fizzies

Homemade Dryer Sheets

All Natural Carpet Refresher

Easy Homemade Tile and Grout Cleaner

Which of these DIY recipes for cleaning supplies do you think you would like to try first? Do you have a favorite cleaning supply recipe to share? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Medicine Cabinet Clean Out Challenge


I recently lost my mother to cancer/heart disease, we had to clean out her trailer. She was on a lot of medication due to all of her heart problems and pain from cancer. I had a bag of medicine that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

Here are some questions and tips about medicine

Know your medicine

  • Do you take your prescriptions as prescribed?
  • Do you understand all possible side effects?

It is so important to take your prescriptions as it says on the label. When you fill your prescription it comes with a pamphlet/paperwork to tell you any side effects. Make sure you read them, some prescriptions you are not suppose to drive when you take and there are tons of other side effects. Here is an example of a drug called Xarelto that is prescribed as a blood thinner to patients to prevent the risk of stroke. It has been linked to having a horrible side effect of internal bleeding! You can read more about the side effects of Xarelto here.

Secure your medications

  • Are your medicines stored in a secured location?
  • How do you monitor the amount left in each medicine bottle?

I store the medicine up so the kids can’t reach it. I can easily look in each bin to see how much is in each bottle and what I have left for medicine. When I am on a prescription I just keep it in the kitchen on the counter so I will remember to take it everyday.

Dispose your medications

I wasn’t sure how to dispose of all of my Mom’s medicine so I did a Google search and found that my local grocery store pharmacy disposes of expired/unused medication. I also called them and they said they can take most medicines except pain pills which my Mom did have. The pharmacist told me I need to crush them up and put it with kitty litter then dispose of it.

Here is an article about proper disposal of medication. You can also do a Google search for medication disposal and then your state and it will tell where you can locally dispose of it. My local police station also has a bin that you can put expired/unused medication in and they dispose of it.

There are dangers to taking expired medicine. Here is an article that explains a little bit more. You also can check to see if any of your medication has recalled at the link above.

I went through all of my medicine and disposed of the expired medicine. Then I reorganized it all and put them in bins then labeled the bins.

So now are you going to take the challenge and clean out your medicine cabinet? Make sure you dispose of all the expired medication correctly.


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Spring Cleaning Checklist

I can’t wait for spring.I love to open my windows and get fresh air in the house. I also do deep cleaning/spring cleaning. I found this great new cookbook from Six Sister’s Stuff. They also have a facebook page you can follow. This cookbook is awesome it has a lot of great recipes to try but they also have crafts, activities for kids and a great spring cleaning list. It is quite extensive.

spring cleaningphoto credit

Ok on to the list:


dust light fixtures

wash walls and trim

wash doors,knobs, and switch plates

wash any furnishing

clean or replace entry mat

sweep and scrub floors


dust furniture

each drawer remove items, wash drawer,place items you need back in the drawer, donate items you no longer need

remove everything from closets, wash closet walls, sweep or vacuum floors, put everything back neatly, donate items you no longer need, do not store things on your closet floor

move bed, sort and put away anything that was under the bed, sweep or vacuum under bed

flip or rotate mattress, vacuum both sides

launder bedding and curtains

dust light fixtures

clean lampshades

wash windows and windowsills, take out and wash screens

wash switch plates

wash wall and trim

wash mirrors and dust art

wash doors and doorknobs

wash floor registers and other vents

sweep, wash floor or vacuum


open windows

empty all cabinets and vanity. Wash inside, replace items neatly. Discard expired medications and cosmetics

wash outside of cabinets and vanities

clean tub, wax if necessary. clean drain

clean toilet inside and out. Remove seat and clean around bolts

clean sink and drain

shine faucets

clean mirror and frame

dust light fixtures

wash windows and windowsills. Take out and wash window screens

wash switch plates

wash walls and trim

wash doors and doorknobs

wash floor registers and other vent covers

sweep and wash floors

reseal grout lines


open windows

remove and clean window coverings

for each cabinet or drawer. Remove items, wipe out drawer, place items back neatly. Donate unneeded items

wash and sanitize cutting boards

sharpen knifes

wash cabinet doors and knobs

clean and organize pantry, Check food expiration dates

clean oven

clean stove top. Remove elements and drip bowls. If applicable wash and put back

clean and organize fridge and freezer. Defrost freezer if necessary. Check food expiration dates

clean under fridge and stove

vacuum refrigerator coils

clean microwave

clean crumbs out of toaster

clean and descale kettle

wipe down other counter appliances

wash counters and back splash

wash and shine sink, shine fixture, clean drain

dust light fixtures

wash window and windowsills. remove window screens and wash

wash switch plates

wash walls and trim

wash doors and doorknobs

wash floor registers and other vent covers

sweep and wash floor

reseal grout lines if applicable

Dining Room

open windows

wash curtains

wipe down table and chairs

wipe down or dust other furnishings

clean chair pad

polish table is necessary

dust any displayed china or serving dish

launder table linens

shine silverware

dust art

wash windows and windowsills. Take out and wash window screens

wash switch plates

wash walls and trim

wash doors and doorknobs

wash floor registers and other vent covers

clean floors

Living Room/Family Room/Playroom

open windows

vacuum sofas

spot clean sofas, if applicable

launder throw pillow and blankets

dust shelves, furniture and decor

clean lamp and lampshades

wash windows and windowsills

take out and wash window screens

clean television screen

carefully dust electronics

tidy wires to electronics. tuck nicely out of sight.

sort through music and DVD collections. Donate things that no longer suit  your family’s interests. Organize what is left in an attractive manor.

sort books and magazines. Donate or recycle ones that no longer suit your family’s interests.

wash hard plastic children’s toys with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry. Launder stuffed toys. Donate or store toys your children have outgrown.

wash switch plates

wash walls and trim

wash doors and knobs

wash floor registers and other vent covers

clean floors

Laundry Room

open windows

wash windows and windowsills

take out and wash window screens

wash cabinet doors

wash inside cabinets

wash laundry sink. Shine faucet. clean drains

was outside of washer and dryer

wash inside of washing machine

wash lint trap

was switch plates

wash walls and trim

wash doors and doorknobs

wash floor registers and other vent covers

sweep and wash floors

reseal grout lines, if applicable


sweep or vacuum stairs

spot clean walls

wipe down handrail

dust art and light fixtures


sweep porches and walkway

wash thresholds

wash exterior doors. Give front door a fresh coat of paint if necessary

clean or replace welcome mat

wash siding


clean blades if ceiling fans

dust blinds, if applicable

sort through and organize family photographs(digitally or into albums)

sort through paperwork and discard unneeded files. Date and file important documents in an orderly manner

sort and clean any extra zones, such as linen closets, utility closets, and office spaces


I hope this list comes in handy. Enjoy your spring cleaning.

If you want to purchase the Six Sisters Stuff book see below

Credit: I got this list form Six Sister’s Stuff book




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