4 Crucial Tips You Need To Remember When Choosing The Right Bridal Store

Many people always imagine having perfect weddings, according to swoon.theodysseyonline.com. No one plans for anything terrible to happen. It’s always assumed to be the best day of one’s life. However, few understand the headache of deciding on colors and themes. No one will know that you spent sleepless nights planning everything to the last detail. No one will understand that you had to make daily trips to the bridal store. However, everyone would love to be part and parcel of your special day. The dress you wear on your wedding day is probably one of those things that you will treasure for a long time. It is therefore paramount to choose the perfect store to buy your dress. There are more bridal stores than you can imagine. It’s thus only wise for you to select one that serves all your needs. These are the crucial tips for selecting a bridal store:

  1. Budget

A budget always helps you understand the importance of financial control. Without a budget, you could buy anything at any given time. Look for a bridal store that has affordable, high-quality gowns. High-quality fabrics are expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you pay dearly for them. Find a store that gives you a comfortable means of payment. It’s a one-day affair after all, so it’s not worth risking your credit score for. Stay within your budget range.

  1. Reference

There have been many weddings before, some of which may have involved your relatives and friends. This means that you can always ask for references from them. They will shed more light on how you can get a good shop that has all your wedding gown needs in one place. They might even refer you to Luv Bridal, where they may have bought theirs from. You should only be comfortable with a bridal store that is trustworthy, and that his clients’ interests at heart.

  1. Location

The reality is that weddings take time to plan. Moreover, your gown needs to fit you properly. It’s risky relying on a wedding store that is miles away or even in another country. It’s okay to have your gown imported. However, what happens when it doesn’t fit you properly? Such inconveniences can be avoided if you use a local store that can change your measurements. A bridal store that is nearer is accessible and can customize the wedding dress to meet your specifications and preference. You need to look good on your big day, and how the gown fits will play a crucial role in your appearance and comfort.

  1. Services and experience.

Any shop that offers a variety of services will always attract more clients. Consider evaluating what the bridal store offers. Currently, some bridal stores offer advice on selecting the theme of a wedding, the dresses for your maids, and even a shoe collection. Such full range services can attract anyone who had plans of buying a wedding gown. You should also consider finding out how long the bridal company has been in business. Experience will mean that they have the required knowledge to render quality services to their clients.


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5 Tips To Save Money When Buying Your Embroidery Patches

Embroidery patches are an excellent addition to your company uniform or marketing items. There are many ways that you can get a good deal when buying patches and logos. If you want to save some cash and still get high-quality embroidery patches, you should put these tips into consideration when making your next order.

Order bulk patches

If you want to save money, you should buy your patches in bulk. This way, you will be able to save more money because the cost per patch will be lower. It is best that you research extensively to find a company that will offer you bulk orders at a lower price without affecting the quality of the patches.

Avoid many colors

The more thread colors you choose for your embroidery patch, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, you should keep your colors to a minimum so that you can save. Most companies will charge you nothing for the first thread colors that you choose, after which you will be required to pay extra for additional colors of thread. Therefore, it is best that you combine similar colors and save money in the long run, especially when you have a bulk order.

Go for smaller size patches

Most companies can make different patch sizes to suit the needs of the clients. The size of the patch will be influenced by many factors. For example, if the patch has text, then you must ensure that it is big enough to accommodate the text. The size of the embroidered patches is one of the major factors that determine the prices of these pieces. If your patch is still legible even when it is slightly smaller, you can go for it and save some money. However, this does not mean that you go for the smallest size that cannot be clearly seen as it will not serve its intended purpose.

Opt for no backing or plastic backing

When buying embroidery patches, you will need to choose the type of backing that you want. The no backing and plastic options are usually included at no extra cost. If you plan on sewing the patches on your own, then you can opt for the no backing option or plastic backings. Most companies will require you to pay for a heat seal backing for every patch you order. If you are not sure about the type of backing that you want, you should inquire from professionals so as to make the right choice for your business.

Opt for less than 100% embroidery

Patches that have 99% embroidery cover or less tend to be less costly than those with 100% coverage. Patches are embroidered on a twill material, and the embroidery coverage is a measure of the fabric that is covered by thread. Patches that have coverage of less than 100% will show exposed parts of the twill. If you want to save money on your designs, then you should choose embroidery coverage of less than 100%.

Embroidery patches are quite popular in the apparel industry. People of all ages love embroideries because they make clothes remain stylish, beautiful, and elegant. Make sure that you settle for patches that complement your garments or uniforms. To get the best quality of embroidered patches, you need to choose the right company in the industry.

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Kurta for men – the ethnic dress that can make weddings special

The kurta pyjama has an appeal of its own that has enabled it to withstand the test of times or else we would not have adored it still in the way we cherish other fashionable dresses. It is true that the kurta that we see today has evolved a lot with several creative changes happening to it in style and design, but at the core it still remains the ethnic dress of India that has been made famous. This iconic dress of the sub continent of India has found new takers in the western world too.

High popularity

From the common man to the elite class, the dress has found such easy acceptance that it has been blended in to the cultural fabric of the country. The design of the dress and the choice of fabrics make it the most comfortable to wear that is also easy to maintain. This is perhaps the reason for its popularity. Added to this is the possibility of creating wonderful designs with kurta for men that makes it more attractive for the fashion minded people. Moreover, kurtas can be worn by people of all ages cutting across gender lines which add its popularity.

A dress for every occasion

From the everyday comfort wear to graduating into a dress for special occasions, the kurta can be compared with the man for all seasons. It simply rises to the occasion for which it is meant. Kurtas for men can be said to be the essence of Indian dressing that has also been attractive to the western world. It would therefore never be surprising to see people in Europe or America trying out the dress that has also been quite historic in its Indian origin that is embedded in the strong values and culture of the country. How relevant this versatile apparel can be has been discussed below.

Treat it as casual wear

The dress can provide a refreshing look as you break away from the conventional ways of dressing when you are on a casual outing. Choose a kurta made of cotton fabric that upholds its ethnic appeal and simplicity without any flashy looks that goes perfectly with the casual mood of the outing. Those who intend to be creative can also try to fuse the ethnic appeal with a pair of jeans.

Attending friend’s engagement

When you are invited to your friend’s engagement ceremony, it can be the stage to show off your kurta as semi formal attire that perfectly matches with the occasion. A kurta that has a heavy design of embroidery but not too flashy can be just suitable for you.

Comfortable wear for weddings

To cope up with the stress of wedding ceremonies and look the very best, choose a kurta that can dazzle and uphold your personality and mood of the day. Indian weddings are well known for its celebrations as also for the unique dress of the groom.

Just name an occasion and there will always be a kurta that can be matched with it.

About the author Elina Brown is a makeup artist who has been closely associated with fashion shows. How the fashion for men has evolved with time is a subject that interests him. Ethnic fashion has always attracted her and her fascination for kurta for men stems from it. She also loves blogging especially to share her views on fashion.

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Tips For A More Savvy Clothing Shopping Experience

There’s cheap clothing and there is expensive clothing. There is cheaper priced clothing that can last a while and there is more expensive clothing that falls apart with the first wash. When it comes to buying clothing some people love it while other people hate it.

You need clothing because you’ll get arrested if you walk around town without it. But do you really need to spend a fortune on a large wardrobe in which you only wear half the stuff? Here are some tips for being savvy when it comes to shopping for clothes, even if you do want that closet full.

Consider Store Cards

Sometimes you need certain clothing for work, like scrubs or a pantsuit, so you have to spend this money because you need a required uniform. And, not all jobs reimburse for such things. Why not make it a little easier on yourself and sign up for a store credit card.

Stores like Walmart sell scrubs and have store credit cards. This way you can stay stocked up, but you can also make payments on those items you bought rather than throwing down a lump sum. Some stores may also award you points or cash back for using a store credit card. Take some time and do the research and find store credit cards that will work for you.

Use Coupon Apps

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days and they come with the ability to download all sorts of apps. You can even find some great apps that give your coupons and coupon codes to use when you are shopping. Having such an app on your phone just might save you some money on clothes.

You can also simply use your phone to Google coupons for the specific store you are shopping at. Having wifi at your fingertips wherever you go is reason enough to invest in a smartphone.

Always Check Clearance

One excellent way to save money when buying clothing is to head right to the clearance rack. You might be out-of-season or last season clothes, but you will also find great deals on those clothes. Clearance clothing prices vary depending on the store you’re shopping at, but they always offer a decent price cut.

You could also shop at discount stores that always offer a lower price, like TJ Maxx. Outlet and discount stores offer you clearance like prices in current fashions.

Thrift Shop

You can also save a great deal of money if you buy clothing used. Of course, you need to have a good eye in order to find clothing that still has a lot of life in it, but you can find excellent prices at resale, consignment, and thrift stores. You can also get cool clothing for cheap at rummage sales.

Thrifting for your wardrobe is also a great way to ensure that you don’t walk into work or into the club wearing the same exact thing as someone else. If you’re not concerned about donning the latest fashions in store then thrift shopping is the key to your clothing shopping troubles. You’ll save money and discover great finds.

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Budgeting Tips For School Clothes

When it comes to school clothing, you can spend up a lot of money fairly quickly. Kids grow every year and every year they need new clothes. Even if they didn’t grow out of last year’s clothes, it’s pretty likely they wore them out.

Not only do kids grow out of clothing, but they grow out of shoes, and you want to make sure they have well fitting shoes that are in style, and keep their feet safe and comfortable. School time means gym class, as well, where they need shoes suitable for sports of all kinds.

Looking For Sales

The first step at saving money when it comes to buying new clothes for your child, or children, is to look for sales. It helps to know when is the best time to go shopping and get the best prices. If you wait until right before school starts you might not be getting the best deals.

Part of looking for the best prices includes looking at the flyers and sales catalogs for the stores in your area. You’re often going to save more money going to big box stores than shopping for clothing at the mall. Mall clothes can be extra pricey.

Finding The Best Online Deals

Sometimes the best deals you are going to find will be online. If you know what sizes your child needs online shopping can be very helpful, and you’ll save time and gas money as well. It’s much easier to help your child pick clothes online rather than waiting hours at the store for them to try things on.

And, returns are generally easy to deal with when you shop online. You can send items that just didn’t fit right back for a different size, money back, or maybe even store credit. Order early and you won’t have to worry about school starting before you have everything you need.


While some children will argue with you about wearing someone else’s clothes, or not having the latest fashions, many love to wear fun older clothes. By shopping at thrift stores you can find some great deals.

There are also thrift stores that cater to brand name clothes that are only a year or two old, and they can save you a ton of money for kids that want all the cooler, newer fashions.

Other Cheap Options

You don’t have to go broke buying school clothes every year. If you have children in different age ranges you can do some work with hand-me-downs, with items that don’t get worn out. This can save tons of money.

You can also try out yard sales throughout the summer. Sometimes you can find new or like new clothing at great, low prices at garage sales. Often you’ll find stuff even cheaper than thrift stores.

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February Stitch Fix #stitchfix

I am always so excited to get my Stitch Fix it is like getting a present in the mail. Stitch Fix is a subscription box that you can monthly, bi-monthly, etc it contains apparel and accessories. You can read more about Stitch Fix here.

I got my Stitch Fix on Saturday. I would like to know your thoughts on what I received in this month’s Stitch Fix.


Loveappella Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt in Navy $64. I was not a fan of this because of the funnel neck. It was comfy but just not my style. Returned

Loveappella Funnel Neck Sweater


Lemon Tart Kienna Patch Detail Pullover Sweater $68. I really don’t like stripes and especially didn’t like the patches. Returned

Lemon Tart Patch Detail Sweater

41 Hawthorn Presley Colorblock Button-Back Sweater in Coral $68. I don’t like the colorblock on this sweater. It was also weird to have the buttons on the back. Returned

41Hawthorn Colorbloack Sweater


Market& Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top $58. I didn’t like the lace overlay on the shirt. Returned

Market Spruce Lace Overlay Top

41 Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top in teal green. I really like this color I kept it so I wouldn’t lose the $20 styling fee. They already sent me a dolman top awhile back that I kept. Dolman tops are not my favorite.

41Hawthorn Dolman Top

Here are the style cards that give you ideas on how to style the clothes

February style cards

If you want to see some of my past Stitch Fix boxes you can see them below

November Stitch Fix

December Stitch Fix

January Stitch Fix

What do you think I should have kept?


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


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November Stitch Fix Review #stitchfix

I have never done a post on Stitch Fix before but this is my 7th Stitch Fix box. It is like Christmas when I get my Stitch Fix. I love shopping especially for clothes, I get unique clothes from Stitch Fix that I wouldn’t find in any of the stores I shop in.

Stitch Fix

First let me tell you a little bit about Stitch Fix.  The first thing you do is fill out a personal style profile so they know what your style is, how much you want to spend, and what type of clothes and accessories you like. You then choose the date you want your box shipped and you can also choose the frequency you want. (ex every 2-3 weeks, every month, every month, or every 3 months) Once you get your box you have 3  days to decide what you want to keep. They provide you a a pre-paid bag to send back the items you don’t want.

You can also create a Pinterest Board and pin styles that you like and add the link into your style profile. This will help your stylist know what pieces you want and like. Here is a link to mine so you can see an example . Clothing Pinterest Board.

You will get an email before your shipment asking you if you want to add a note for your stylist. You can add anything you want such as I only want shirts this month or you can tell them specific items you want such as any of the items I received.

There is a styling fee of $20 however that goes towards your purchase if you keep anything. If you keep all five items you will get a 25% discount.

So now for the fun part you get to see all of the lovely pieces I got in my November Stitch Fix. They have it all packaged nicely.

Stitch Fix

The first thing I opened was the jacket I received

Stitch Fix

This jacket is called Sutton Faux Leather Trim Quilted Jacket and the price is $88.00. I do like this jacket I am just not sure how much I would wear it,

Here comes the next one actually two things

Stitch Fix


I am wearing Liverpool Loren Bootcut Jeans and they are priced at $78 and Loveapella Morgan Knit Raglan Top and it is priced at $54. I really like this shirt I had this shirt pinned on my board.

The next shirt is

Stitch Fix

This shirt is Laila Jade Wilson Cowl Neck Knit Top priced at $58. This shirt is a little sheer so I had to put on a black tank top underneath it. I don’t have any cowl neck shirts but I really like it and I had it pinned to my board.

and now the last one

Stitch Fix


This one is 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan priced at $48. This cardigan is so comfy and I love the color.

This post was hard to do for me I don’t like pictures of me. But at least you get to see what the clothes look like on.

I am still not sure on what I am keeping. If I keep everything it would be $224.50 which is just way too much to spend and that is even with the 25% discount and $20 stylist credit.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix you can sign up here.

What do you think I should keep and what should I send back? Please also let me know if you like these kind of posts.


Disclosure: This post does include referral links.


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