4 Ways To Organize Family Celebrations and Events

If you’re the chief organizer in a family, then you have a lot on your plate. Especially when it comes to figuring out how to gather everyone for family celebrations and events, it can almost feel like a full-time job communicating all the necessary information to the necessary people. That’s why you need an overall plan.

In several ways that you can organize this plan include focusing on significant milestones, birthdays, location, or tradition. Each of these has pros and cons, and different types of celebrations can require different perspectives as well.

Major Milestones

When you organize around significant milestones, there are several events that come to mind. There are graduations, new jobs, getting into college – almost every person in your family will have events that they consider defining moments. So, if you’re going to have celebrations, you have to know how to work with these. Planning a graduation party takes some doing. It takes a list. It takes reminders. It takes a budget. So knowing that, you can work backward from your and desired result and get to some template that you can always work from.


Planning a birthday party is another thing you’re going to have to do. An intriguing way to help organize, especially when it comes to theme, is to know everyone’s birthstone and focus on colors, shapes, or characteristics of that stone that can relate to the characteristics of the person in question. Many people collect items that relate to the overall symbology of their birth month, and having an association with your birthstone is no exception. Especially as people get older, it’s nice to have a sense of consistency about celebrations, and knowing how to celebrate birthdays can be a big part of this.

By Location

Another way to organize family celebrations is by location. To do this, map out where all of your family members live, and then find a central point. Whatever person is closest to that central point is going to be the one who potentially has the most draw regarding getting everyone together. At that point, you can start planning your family gathering so that travel plans are convenient for everyone.

Through the Lens of Tradition

And finally, there is organization through the lens of tradition. Even if dates and places don’t necessarily make sense and aren’t necessarily efficient, something is comforting about following through with traditions. Even if you don’t necessarily know where the tradition came from, if everyone in your family agrees that it’s important to follow it, then it takes precedence. Just make sure that as new family members come into the fold, you explain this importance to them, so they don’t resent it.

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Organizing with shoe organizers

I am always trying to organize my house and find ways to keep it more organized. There are articles/posts all over the internet with ideas. But I wanted to share with you how I keep somewhat organized in my house.

My go to product is using shoe organizers all over the house. I have them all over my house to corral stuff and keep it where I can easily access them.

My favorite way to use it is to store gloves, hats, scarfs, etc. I keep all of my kid’s stuff on the bottom rows so they can reach their own stuff and I put my husband and my stuff on the top rows.

mittens & scarfs

I have a hallway closet and I store travel size items and other small health & beauty products.

travel size

There is another one on the back of the master bathroom door I store extra hair products, razors and anything else that I use in the bathroom that will fit in the pockets of the organizer

beauty products

The last one I have is in my kitchen in the pantry. I keep the kid’s snacks (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc) in the lower rows so the kids can grab stuff out that they want, on the top rows I keep some of my snacks.


What products do you use to keep your house organized?

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How I stay on top of household chores

how to stay on top of chores

We had a great summer, going swimming at the pool almost everyday. This school year my daughter started Kindergarten and my son is now in 3rd grade. So both of the kids are in school all day. My goal is to get more organized and stay on top of all of the house and school stuff.

I thought I would tell you things I have been doing to be more organized and have a more streamlined home.

1. laundry- I do a load of laundry everyday from start to finish and put all of the clothes away. It takes less than a minute to put a load of laundry in the wash.

2. mail- I recently read an article that says you should only touch paperwork/mail one time. When you get the mail go through it the same day, recycle what can be recycled, trash anything that is trash and can’t be recycled. If it is a bill pay it right away if you can. I pay all of my bills online so if I do get a bill I go online and set up the payment that day.

3. school paperwork-with 2 kids in school they bring home a lot of paperwork, I have them pile all of their paperwork on the counter when I have time that day I look at everything and if anything needs to be signed and returned I make sure I do that before I go to bed and sign it and put it back in their folders.

4. vacuum- I have a dog and a cat so I vacuum every other day. My husband is allergic to pet dander so I have to keep on vacuuming.

5. cleaning bathrooms- this is my absolute least favorite thing to do. We have three full bathrooms and 1 1/2 bath. I have been having my son clean his bathroom because it so disgusting. But I do clean the other bathrooms. I try to clean them once a week to stay on top of cleaning otherwise they get pretty disgusting.

6. dishes-If I am making a big meal I will try to fill up the sink and do dishes as I am cooking. During the week I usually make quick meals and after dinner I load the dishwasher or hand wash the dishes. It is so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen.

I would love to hear ways that you stay on top on household chores?


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3 Steps to a More Organized Laundry Room (guest post)

Does it feel like your laundry room has been hit by a tornado? Everything is all over the place and you struggle to access the items you need? Do you often trip on things? Well, you are not alone. Laundry rooms seem to be the most crowded rooms in the home. But just because they are notorious for being messy doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. With a few magic tricks and steps you can tame the mess.

Check out these three simple and easy steps by Main Cleaners London to make your laundry room more organized.


1. Define the purpose of the room.

Does the room serve only as a laundry room or does it have any other purposes, such as a mudroom or storage room? Is the space big or small? Can it accommodate all associated laundry supplies and stuff? Answer all these questions to determine the purpose of your laundry room. Decide whether you are going to use it only as a laundry room or not. Then follow the next steps.

2. Make a list of the contents.

What is currently being stored in your laundry room? What else should be stored there? Here are a few of the most common things to include in your laundry room:

  • Utility – flashlight, matches, candles, splitters, extension cords, batteries, light bulbs.

  • Cleaning garbage can, rags, cleaning supplies and solutions, cloths, shoe polish, paper towels, rubber gloves, etc.

  • Laundry – iron and ironing boards, spot remover, dryer sheets, laundry detergent and soap, drying racks, washer, bleach, clothes steamer, laundry baskets, hamper

  • Mudroom – gardening supplies, outerwear, scarves, hats, gloves, jackets, coats, sweaters, boots and shoes, hangers, items you don’t use frequently, keys, etc.

3. Divide your laundry room into sections.

And the next step is to organize all the things mentioned above. Divide your laundry room into zones and store similar items together.

Organize your laundry zone. Needless to say, your laundry zone should take up a large part of the room. Find a place for a hamper, washer and drying racks. Use collapsible dryer racks to save space. Additionally, you can attach a hotel clothesline to the wall so you can dry more clothes.

Group your cleaning supplies. By keeping your cleaning solutions and supplies in one place, you will be able to see if you are running short of a particular item so you can replace it before it runs out. This will also keep you from spending extra on supplies you don’t need. Be sure to label all your cleaners. Determine which products you use on the daily and place infrequently used products on higher shelves. Make your all-purpose cleaners accessible and easy to see. Put furniture polish, wood polish and window cleaners at the back of the shelf. Think about helpful tools that will keep your items more organized such as storage containers, rotating caddies, bags shelves, etc.

Create an ironing zone. You need to determine a place for your ironing board. If you don’t have enough space for it, buy a pull-down ironing board and attach it to a wall or a door. This will save space.

Organize mudroom zone. Rather than mixing all family members’ stuff in the same place, use baskets or other storage containers to organize everybody’s personal possessions. Use labels with your family members’ names so that each one of you knows where to store their items. If you have small kids, make sure to put their baskets in an easy-to-reach place.

And that’s how you can effectively organize your laundry room. Keep it simple.

Edna Thomson is the author of this post.


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8 Organization Projects

I am always looking for ways to organize my family, my home and my life! I am so much happier when my space is orderly and everything is in it’s place. I started looking for some of the best simple yet effective organizing ideas on Pinterest and created a great list for you to check out if getting organized is on your list of things to do once school starts!


$10 Linen Closet Make Over
Organizing a Small Closet
Car Organization
Organize Your Cords
An Organized Fridge
Laundry Station Organization
Cheat Sheet for Keeping a Clean Home
Kitchen Cabinet Organization

If you have an organizing tip to share I would love for you to leave me a comment!
Do you have an area in your home that really needs some attention?

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Organizing my Kitchen Cabinets

I have a never-ending to do list. I have been wanting to reorganize my kitchen cabinets. I finally took the time today to empty all of my lower cabinets/lazy susans and reorganized them. The lazy susans drive me crazy I love the storage but it seems like no matter what I put in there everything gets thrown all around. I have been reading a lot of posts on Pinterest trying to get ideas.

I wanted all of my baking stuff all in one place. I had most of the stuff in the lazy susan but it was really hard to get to everything and see if I was low on anything. Here is what it looked like before. Sorry for the dark picture the best I could get.

before baking cabinet

I decided to move everything over to a pull out drawer that I had all of my pots and pans on. As I pulled everything out I checked all of the expiration dates to make sure nothing was expired. I added chalk board labels and other labels to the baskets/bins and now I just love it. Oh I also lined it with a really pretty liner that way of anything spilled it would be easy to clean up.

Here is what it looks like now.

after baking area


Oh my gosh I love it so much it looks so nice and I can see and reach everything so much easier.

I moved the pots and pans to my other lazy susan closest to the oven. I already had the lid organizer so I used that to hold all of the pan lids. Here is the before & after:

pots and pans IMG_1158

It looks so nice and organized now. Next on my list is to organize my upper cabinets.


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Tuesday’s Tip of the week

I have been on a declutter mission lately so I thought this week the tip would be related to decluttering.

Use the one in on out rule-every new thing you bring into the house you must get rid of another item.


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Lessons I Learned from the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

I feel like I am always organizing/decluttering my house. When I found out about the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge I was all for it and excited to start and see the inspirational posts from other people participating in the challenge.

You can read more about the challenge here. There is also a Facebook group you can join to see all of the posts from other people participating. Everyone is so helpful, sweet and inspirational, you can join the group here.

I did not keep track of how many bags I got rid of, I used Walmart/Target plastic bags and as I filled them I would put them in the trunk and once it got full enough I would take a load to Goodwill.

I first worked on my kitchen because we were getting a backsplash installed so I wanted the kitchen extra clean. I went through every cabinet and every drawer and got rid of anything I didn’t use. When I went through my utensil drawer I couldn’t believe how many spatulas I had. I also cleaned out my pantry, I threw out any expired foods and organized everything.

I went through my bedroom closet and dresser drawers any clothes I didn’t love or wear I got rid of. I also went through my makeup/nail polish and got rid of anything I didn’t use or that was old. While I was working in my bedroom I decided to go through my four bookshelves full of books. I got rid of 95% of my books, I donated the books I thought there might be a chance I may someday read again. I sold the other books to Half Price Books, I didn’t make a lot of money from them but having the bookshelves look so nice and even have empty space is so nice.


The basement was the worst area in my house, it is the place where I put things that don’t have a place or that needs to be put away. It is an easy place to get cluttered no one goes down there but that is where everything gets set. We have a built in bar area. It has a huge counter that is always covered in stuff. I cleaned that off completely, it looks awesome.

My kids had a small play area down there I had them go through everything, and anything they haven’t played with in a while I got rid off. I decided to take out the play area completely because we just don’t go down there often enough. Anything that they kept had to go up to their rooms.

They even went through their movies and got rid of any movies they didn’t like anymore, or just didn’t watch anymore. I also organized their movies so now they can find their movies faster.

I learned a lot from participating in the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. I learned that I am not alone with having a lot of stuff, reading and seeing the posts of others participating in the challenge really helped me and inspired me to keep going. It also made me realize how much I really hate clutter and how clean open space makes me smile. The challenge has also made me rethink my purchases I have been following the one in and one out rule.

I am currently reading a book called Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp, it is a really good book. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are going through all of your stuff.

Do I currently use it?

Do I really love it?

Would I buy it again?

I now have a basket in my room that anytime I find something that doesn’t fit or something I don’t use I immediately put it in the basket when it is full I put it all in a bag and take it to Goodwill.

Are you ready to start decluttering?  Join the challenge and join the facebook page for the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.

“You only have one life to live. How you live that life is your choice. As far as I know, no one has ever had ‘I wish I had bought more stuff’ inscribed on their tombstone. What you own can easily blind you to who you are and what you can be.”
― Peter Walsh

I would love to hear how you keep your house clutter free.

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Declutter your house with 40 bags in 40 days Declutter Challenge #40BAGSIN40DAYS

I hate clutter it stresses me out and puts me in a bad mood. I feel like I am constantly organizing and decluttering my house. So I am going to do something about it. I am going to be participating in the 40 bags in 40 days 2015 Declutter Challenge.


40 bags in 40 days is a forty day period in the spring (coinciding with the 40 days of Lent) where you declutter one area a day.

The goal is one bag a day but you can have more or less. The 2015 challenge officially goes from Wednesday, February 18th to Saturday, April 4th. Sundays are your day off.

You can read a lot more details here.

She has a printable that will help you plan out the areas you are going to declutter. There is also a facebook group you can join for support and inspiration.

I am so excited to join this challenge. I can’t wait for my house to look more decluttered. It will put me in a good mood and my house will look so much better.

Join me and participating in the 40 Bags in 40 Days 2015 Declutter Challenge. I will be posting some pictures as I go along.

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Best Organizing Posts

If you are like me every year one of my New Years resolutions is always to be more organized. I wanted to share with you some of my organizing posts hopefully to inspire you and even inspire myself to keep my house organized.

Organizing my makeup

Organizing baking tools & accessories

Organizing on the cheap

Organizing my daughter’s closet

Closet Declutter

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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Re-organizing my makeup

I have a lot of makeup and I was using a hanging travel organizer. It has been working ok but I have to dig to find what I am looking for also I can’t really see everything I have. So I went to one of my favorite stores-Dollar Tree and picked up some organizing bins, glass containers and some accent jems.

Here is what it looked like before


I love how it turned out now I can see everything and access everything a lot easier. Here is what it looks like now. I separated out my brushes, put my eyeliners and mascara together, one for all of my lip glosses and the large bin for all of my eyeshadow.



I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but hopefully I can look at it will help me not buy makeup for a while. Now if I can just stay out of Ulta and the makeup section at Target.

Tomorrow I am going to tell you my new favorite beauty products so stay tuned.


How do you organize your makeup?

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My New Favorite Organizational Product

I am always organizing and cleaning my house and looking for products that actually work and decent priced. My intimates drawer(underwear, bras and socks) has been driving me crazy it was always a mess and then I found these expandable drawer dividers. I love them. They are so easy to install and are spring loaded.

Now my drawer is all organized and it smells like cedar. No more trying to keep it organized.

Disclosure: This is my affiliate link.

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