Four Wellness Things To Do With Your Family This Summer

Summer is a great time for family adventures. While you may still have to go to work five days of the week (or more), your children finally have some free time so why not enjoy it with them. During the school year you probably see them less often with school and after school activities, so take advantage of this time they have free.

Don’t squander the time though. Instead of just sitting at home playing video games or coaxing them into helping with yard work, do something with them that helps them be a healthier individual. Here are some fun things to do this summer that will help you and your kids increase wellness and happiness.

Do Yoga On The Beach

Yoga is just as good for your kids as it is for you. It is somewhat easy to do and can be fun to do as well. Doing yoga on the beach is both relaxing and it adds some extra challenge to your poses, which may help keep your kids more focused on the task at hand.

Yoga can help with focus and relaxation, in general, and what child doesn’t need some focus (and you definitely need some relaxation)? Find out if the beaches near you have a yoga event or just go do some on your own. You can find free videos to follow on YouTube with your smartphone.

Spend Time Swimming

Summer is a time of pools and beaches, so make sure your children aren’t missing out on some swimming fun. If you don’t live in a beach town you might want to consider visiting one. Or, you could find out if there is a community pool. If you have the money and the yard space, consider investing in a pool for your home. Swimming is great exercise!

Play Beach Volleyball

Need more time on the beach with the kids? Play some beach volleyball. It’s fun and it’s a great full-body workout.

If you don’t have a beach nearby or it’s too busy there, get a set of fun outdoor games to set up in your own yard. You can play volleyball, badminton, tennis, or whatever outdoor sports games your family likes.

Get To The Park

Take your family to the park, no matter what it is that you intend to do there. Go for a hike, play on the swings, or do some fishing (if your park has any ponds or rivers). The park offers so many things to do and it gives you and your family a chance to get out into nature, which is awesome for wellness.

Parks can be educational as well. Take some time to teach your children about the plants and animals you see as you walk around. If your park as a learning room or museum of some kind, make sure to stroll through there as well.

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Unique Destinations for Your Family

Tired of hearing about vacations to London and Paris? Want to make your next family vacation unique and unforgettable? Below are some examples of destinations that are well off the beaten pass and should not be missed.


Halfway between Norway and the North Pole lies the archipelago of Svalbard. Adventure awaits those willing to see one of the most remote yet most beautiful places on the planet. Longyearbyen is the northernmost town in the world on the main island of Spitsbergen. No roads connect the other settlements so the only way to get around is by snowmobile, dog-sled, boat, or by plane or helicopter. 

With over 60% of Svalbard covered in glaciers, the icy terrain surrounds you with breathtaking beauty from the icy mountains to the cavernous fjords to the glacial walls breaking off into the sea, Svalbard offers adventure all year round. Between May and August there are 24 hours of daylight and Svalbard becomes the land of the midnight sun. Between November and February there are 24 hours of darkness and the sky is dominated by the otherworldly Northern Lights dancing across the horizon in magical shades of blue, green, and pink. With over a population of around 3000 there are sometimes more polar bears than humans in Svalbard. 

Witness polar bear cubs playing on ice slides, follow the return of thousands of migratory birds to the bird cliffs in the fjords. Marvel at walruses and seals molting on the ice floes in the summer. Kayak and canoe among whales and seals, ride snowmobiles among reindeer, cross-country ski to the northernmost hike in the world. Marvel at the enveloping majesty of such a remote and desolate location. Longyearbyen has comfortable resorts and has many companies ready to take you and your family on any type of trip that you can possibly dream.

San Juan Islands

Nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest lie the enchanted San Juan Islands. World class sailing and boating present themselves to anyone who ventures two hours north of Seattle. Experience the amazing contrast between the mighty Pacific Ocean and the rugged verdant forests that drape the San Juans. 

Whale watching tours are a must in the summer and are among the best in the world. Sea orcas, humpbacks, seals, and more feeding on the migrating salmon populations. Enjoy scenic Chuckanut Drive, a winding road carved into the cliffs that hug the coastline and offer amazing views of some of the most picturesque islands in the world.

While not as exotic as others on this list, the San Juans are not to be missed, they are to be experienced.

New Zealand

Dramatic craggy mountains, tranquil beech forests, Lord of the Rings and more await to be discovered by you and your family down under. Separated into two islands, North and South, New Zealand packs an incredibly diverse assortment of beauty in a comparably small place. New Zealand is the only country to have every single biome on earth, from tropical rainforests to arid deserts, volcanoes to beautiful beaches and cities.

Explore Milford Sound on the South Island by kayak, heavily featured in Lord of the Rings and kayak through the misty fjord through some unforgettable scenery. Fiordland National Park is the largest of New Zealand’s national parks and experience the verdant beauty of the mountain forests and alpine streams. On the North Island there is the Togariro Crossing, known as the world’s greatest day hike for good reason. Climb a live volcano and then descend into lush native forests with amazing views of the appropriately named Emerald Lakes

Whether it is the adventure of Svalbard, the serenity of the San Juans, or the majesty of New Zealand, all these locations offer unforgettable sights and are well worth the visit. Family friendly and accessible, the only limit is having the courage to stray off the beaten vacation track.

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Hotels in Downtown Pittsburgh for Your Family

Bedroom 2

If you’re coming to Pittsburgh to experience the sports scene with your family, you will certainly not be disappointed with the possibilities once you arrive. Pittsburgh is home to some great sports teams, from the Steelers to the Pirates to the Penguins. You could find yourself going to see a different sporting event every day you stay downtown. Be sure to purchase at least a few sports-related souvenirs while you’re in town, so you can remember the fun you had when you were in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers at Heinz Field  

You could have one of your most incredible experiences as a sports spectator if you go to a Steelers game at Heinz Field. The energy is always high at the stadium, and you’ll be surrounded by countless Steelers fans ready to cheer their team on at every opportunity. These games are always extremely popular, so be sure to book your tickets as far in advance as you can. If one of your little ones will be having a birthday when you’re in town, you might even arrange to have his or her birthday greeting displayed on the Jumbotron at a game. That is a privilege that a kid will not likely forget!

The Pirates at PNC Park

If baseball is your game, then you will certainly want to watch the Pirates at PNC Park. This is the kind of ballpark you see in all the classic movies about baseball. You may view the urban skyline from most of the seats at the park, and there is always a feeling of excitement and anticipation at a Pirates game. You can also book a tour of the stadium with your family. The tours are interactive, and they give you the opportunity to explore the park’s features without the pressure of trying to do so while you’re trying to watch a game.  

The Riverhounds at Highmark Stadium

Don’t forget to come to a Riverhounds game if you like to watch soccer. Highmark Stadium is the place to be if you’re in the mood to catch a world-class soccer game in Pittsburgh. If you’re planning a move to Pittsburgh, you kids may be interested to learn that the Riverhounds also offer a training academy and summer camps.

The Penguins at Consol Energy Center

To catch one of the best hockey games in the area, you won’t need to travel any farther than Consol Energy Center. Penguins games are always in high demand, so you will want to secure your tickets before your trip if you can. Tours of this venue are available to the public, and the tours are free to children under the age of two.

There is always something exciting going on in the sports scene of Pittsburgh. When you come to this vibrant city, remember to book a room at a convenient downtown location that will keep you close to all of the action. You and your family are sure to have the trip of a lifetime when you come to Pittsburgh to see the local sports teams.

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Traveling to Seattle on a Budget With Your Family

Family 7

Seattle is a beautiful city, and it’s the perfect place to take your family. Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank in order to have a good time at this amazing travel destination. Your family might choose from a variety of fun activities and attractions, including exploring a local park, browsing the booths at a local outdoor market, and visiting a local museum. No matter what you do when you come to Seattle, you can find plenty of things to see that will probably inspire you to return soon.

Get a CityPASS

One of the first things you may want to do when you arrive in Seattle is get a CityPASS for each member of your group. The pass is relatively inexpensive, and it entitles you to visit several of the most famous attractions in the area – such as the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Woodland Park Zoo. Visiting the places included in the CityPASS will keep you and your family members occupied for many hours during your trip.

Visit a Museum

The Frye Museum in Seattle is free, and you won’t find a more appealing admission charge than that! You can make a donation if you like – and even the parking is free at this museum. You may view European paintings from a collection of over 230 pieces dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.   

Wander Through a Park

Seattle has gorgeous parks, and your family may visit a local park for free. Some of the parks include beaches that will impress you with the magnificent views they offer, including the Alki and Golden Gardens. Additionally, the Arboretum maintained by the University of Washington is also free, and the lush plant life there will delight your senses.

Explore an Outdoor Market

If you want to explore an open-air market with a seemingly endless assortment of possibilities, then be sure to take your family to Pike Place Market. You can browse a vast range of specialty foods, and you’ll find numerous choices at the four fish markets available. You may also shop for crafts and collectibles at Pike Place. You will find a farmers market that will satisfy your need for fresh fruits and vegetables, too. Once you’re done viewing the goods for sale, you might dine in one of the restaurants and cafes at the market. You may also enjoy watching live performers on the street.  

You can always find something exciting to do when you’re in Seattle, though you may need help with transportation at times. This city has much to offer people in every age range. You don’t need to spend an exorbitant sum of money to enjoy yourself when you travel to Seattle. You’ll discover many different options for those who wish to experience the city without depleting their travel budgets.   

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Your Family Vacation in Miami Beach      

Miami Beach is the perfect travel destination. The weather is sublime, the people are friendly, and the area offers an abundance of things to see and do. If you’re going to be visiting Miami Beach with your family, you will likely be highly impressed with everything that this spectacular coastal resort city comprises. The islands, the water, the views, and the local attractions are only a few reasons to take your family to Miami Beach as soon as possible.

Miami Beach Islands

You and your children will have reason to marvel at the view the moment you arrive in Miami Beach. Miami Beach is a main island, but the city also encompasses other, smaller islands, as well. The visual aspect of this place is stunning: Gorgeous beaches, water you’ll want to immerse yourselves in, and an urban skyline worth observing. Relaxing on the beach could consume the bulk of your trip, which would probably be a great way to spend it. However, you may want to take your family to see at least a few of the major attractions while you’re in Miami Beach.

The Boardwalk

You might start your trip with a stroll along the Miami Beach Boardwalk. This boardwalk extends 40 blocks up from the southernmost point of South Beach. You and the little ones can stop for refreshments when you need to rest. This scenic attraction will provide you with an incredible view that you won’t forget.

The Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is located between South Beach and Miami, and it is an ideal destination to take the kids. On the third Friday of each month, guests may even visit the museum free of charge. Little ones can explore exciting exhibits created with them in mind. The Educational Gift Shop at the museum is another must-see for those traveling with children.

Jungle Island

Don’t forget to take an excursion to Jungle Island when you’re in the area. The island is actually a zoo, and your little ones may thrill at the chance to interact with the animals at the petting zoo. You can also take a safari tour, where you might view kangaroos, tortoises, and lemurs. Parrot Cove Beach offers a play area for kids, and the exhibits and shows are sure to delight and entertain the entire family.  

The Botanical Garden

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is also worth visiting with the kids. The landscape is awe-inspiring, and kids seem to enjoy the guided tours. If you prefer to take a self-guided tour of this beautiful Miami Beach attraction, you can do that, too. The on-site water gardens could instill a sense of tranquility in your group that you may well appreciate.    

Miami Beach is a top choice among countless travelers for many reasons. The area offers the kind of climate that many people dream about on a daily basis. The views are breathtaking, from the skyline to the sand to the sea. Your family will never be bored in Miami Beach, and you will likely want to book a return trip at your next opportunity.

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International Picnic Day

Today is International Picnic Day. What a perfect day to have a picnic. Invite friends, neighbors, family etc to come over and have a picnic.

It is raining here but we can have a picnic inside. I found some great ideas and recipes for you so invite people over and have fun.


Strawberry Angel Food Skewers

Easy Gooey Smores Squares

50 ideas for an Easy Picnic

DIY Twister

Picnic Ideas for Kids

Picnic Time  Invite Free Printable

Have a great summer !

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