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No More Perfect Days-No More Perfect Mom-Intro

Chapter 3 is titled No More Perfect Bodies.  I am quite certain this chapter was written just for me.  On occasion I find myself looking in the mirror pinching, poking or lifting something.  I have days where I cannot find a single thing to wear, and yet my closet is completely full of perfectly good clothes.  I get frustrated when something doesn’t fit the way I believe its intended to and then there days where I just look plain frumpy.

I am sure we have all had similar situations in our lives where beautiful or pretty are not the words we would use to describe ourselves.  We see other women and wonder how in the world they look the way they do and we just wish we could obtain that perfection.

Despite the fact that I do have insecurities about my self-image, I try to always remain confident and embrace the body I have been given.  As mothers, some of us have been given the gift of bearing our children.  We also run our households, raise kids, and some work outside the home.  It’s not easy to do all those things and still always have time to look “perfect.”

I also try to portray this to my children.  I carefully try not to repeat any negative thoughts about myself aloud to them.  The last thing I would ever want to hear my daughter say is that she doesn’t feel pretty or beautiful.  So why not keep the same standards for myself?

Fortunately, God has placed tiny blessings in my life that remind me of what I should really believe.  Just yesterday, my daughter asked to play outside early in the morning.  I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top.  Before walking outside, I looked in the mirror to double check my appearance.  I thought “Man, my stomach looks huge in the shirt”.  After I came down the hall, my daughter looked up at me and said “Mommy you look pretty!”  I couldn’t help but smile!


Tiffany is a Christian, wife and stay-at-home mom of 2 wonderful children.

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No More Perfect Homes-No More Perfect Mom Series

We are on a journey to make peace with real life.

Chapter 8 is titled No More Perfect Homes. She has some great tips for all of the rooms in your house.

No More Perfect Days-No More Perfect Mom-Intro


Heartbeat of the home

spend majority of our time

impromptu family conversations

keeping our kitchen uncluttered is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing


1. re-evaluate your clutter-categorize the items cluttering your counter tops. Use a counter top hanging file box with labeled files.

2. get in the habit of putting things in their new home

3. open mail by the trash can or recycling bins. Throw away envelopes and junk mail right away.

4. clear counter top papers daily-help keep chaos under control

5. put as many kitchen appliances away as you can. If you don’t use your toaster or blender everyday store them out of sight if you have room.


Bathrooms are loved in strenuously. Gets a load of use.


1. use drawer organizers

2. use counter top baskets

3. keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom

4. pick one a day a week-to clean toilets, bathtub, shower, counters and floor


kids and clutter just go together

their stuff is important to them

it is part of who they are becoming

Our goal is to help them learn to manage their personal items in a way that sets good lifetime habits in place.

Your way is the right way for your family.


    It is  always on the do list


1. set the kitchen timer when you put in a load in the wash or dryer. This will remind you when the load is done.

2. use your laundry folding time as prayer time-pray for each member of the family

3. keep a spray bottle of water in the laundry room for spritzing clothes that are wrinkly

4. have your grade school and older kids help

Living Areas

You have to determine what level of organization and cleanliness works for your family

Whatever you are comfortable with is right for you.

A house doesn’t make a family.

A Family makes a house a home.

Stop judging yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Guest Post-Mom Mishaps-No More Perfect Moms Series

As a Mom, we are required to play many roles.  Regardless of your family situation, sometimes being a Mom can take a toll on you.

Moms are often tasked with running the household.  In essence, this can mean paying the bills, grocery shopping, hauling kids here and there for this and that, responding to event initiations, doing laundry, cleaning the house and some of these moms also work from home or outside of the home.  Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With all of these tasks, I’ve found myself a little air-headed at times.  There have been times where I forgot to be the tooth fairy, covering by bringing some loose change or dollar bills while helping my son figure out what in the world the tooth fairy was thinking when she put the dough under the bed instead of putting it in the traditional place, under the pillow.

There have been times where I forgot to refill my son’s lunch money and the poor kid had to eat Peanut Butter & Jelly.  I remember when PB&J was all the rage.  I’m not sure why that’s so bad.  At the end of the day, he was not left starving!

Forgetting to send an excuse note for illness, forgetting to sign and return documents, forgetting to wash a certain item and more are forgivable tasks that your child will likely NOT remember as they grow older, unless you do it habitually.

We all have slip-ups every now and then.  It’s okay.  Your child will likely forget so long as you’re tending to their basic needs of food, water and shelter.

If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations, just know that there are other Moms out there who have gone through the same thing!

What have you forgotten?

About the Author: Melisssa is a single, working mother to a newly turned teen (14).  She is the Owner/Author of Melissa Say What?.  She loves saving money and making money online, as well as reviewing products and sharing and entering giveaways online and offline.

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Guest Post- The Worst Mom in the World?-No More Perfect Moms Series

Some days I feel like the worst mom in the world. My house is always a mess anymore. I settle for cooking whatever is easiest, not only for lunch, but also for dinner. There have been a few days lately where I don’t think I brushed my hair, and I let my son wear pajamas almost all day, and in this moment of honesty let me tell you… I cannot recall the last time I mopped the floors in my house.

These changes in me have been hard to accept. Once upon a time I had immaculate sparkling floors, I cooked balanced and well planned meals, my son and I both looked like normal people, with neat hair and clothes.

So, now you know my secret… I am not a perfect Mom.

Some days I am really hard on myself about my imperfections. I beat myself up and say “Lisa’s house is always clean and magazine worthy,” or ” Jane always looks amazing and here I am with applesauce in my hair, while my son is in his jammies at noon.”

Some days I refuse to answer the door when I have mad scientist hair and there are so many toys scattered about that it looks like Toys R Us exploded in my house.

But, there are the days that I take it all in stride and I admit that sure “Lisa’s house is always super clean, but Lisa’s kids are like robots and they are afraid to make a mess or play… my son is actually having fun, with me, and who cares about the mess?” And there are even days when I can smile and say something cute like “My husband married me for my inner beauty, the applesauce in my hair is an added bonus!”

When things seem really grim, I have found a trick that helps me cope beautifully. I think this trick could help all Moms cope with their lives.

When I feel like I am the worst Mom ever, when my son is a mess and won’t listen, when it seems like everyone else has a better grasp on the world around them, I go to Wal-Mart. It never fails, before I leave the store I am reminded that I am not the worst Mom in the world. There are tons of women like me out there, struggling to find balance and hold it all together. Sure enough, I usually even see a few examples of people that are definitely worse at parenting than I am.

The next time you find yourself in shambles, feeling like every other mother in the world is doing a better job than you are, take my tip, run to Wal-Mart. You will leave feeling reassured that it could, in fact, be worse.

Sara is a 33 year old Stay At Home Mom and she writes the Sweet Silly Sara blog.

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No More Perfect Days-No More Perfect Mom Series

I am so loving this book. I read Chapter 7 called No More Perfect Days and I can relate to this whole chapter.

No More Perfect Days-No More Perfect Mom-Intro

Life with kids are unpredictable

Learn to expect the unexpected

Find flexibility

Embrace Reality

There is no way to control real life

Control is really a mirage

How many times did you have plans and the something happens and you have to cancel your plans?- I know it has happened to me a lot. I have errands to run or other plans and then one of the kids gets sick and can’t go to school so I have to cancel my plans. It is frustrating but you need to be flexible.

Margin is having the pace and space in your day to allow real life to happen.

We cram to much in our schedule and our children’s schedule. In order to expect the unexpected and maintain flexibility we have to have enough time built into our schedules to anticipate what will likely happen.

Trust experience- adjust your time to leave based upon realistic experience.

Set boundaries-boundaries are healthy for us and our kids

Say No-We can’t do everything. We can’t please everyone.

Increase Time-when children are involved every activity will take longer than you anticipate. Increase the time you set aside to go to the grocery store and to make dinner.

Decrease Activities-

  • put less into your day
  • children needs take time
  • relationships take time
  • conversations take time

Rest,laugh and focus on “being” and not “doing” to increase much needed emotional margin.

Beware the compare-

When we keep it real, we help other mom’s know they are not normal

Resist the urge to compare and determine you come up short

There are no perfect moms living out perfect days but they are all kinds of imperfect moms handling whatever life throws our way the absolute best way we can.

Turn from pride and embrace humility-

pride keeps our mask in place

it doesn’t help us and it doesn’t help other moms

pride also demands, It controls

3 ways to turn from pride and embrace humility

*pay attention to how much you want to control

*keep it real-be honest

*ask god for help

Transition from Judgement to Grace

-judgement lashes out and blames when things don’t go as planned

-grace sees the big picture

Judgement looks at others and comes to conclusions about them. even without having full information

Grace looks at others and simply sees broken people trying to do their best

I am really enjoying this book. I can relate to it so much. I am also learning a lot from it. I hope you are enjoying the series so far.



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Friends-No More Perfect Mom Series

 I really enjoyed reading Chapter 6 called No More Perfect Friends. I summarized some of the great points she made.

Friends-No More Perfect Mom-Intro

Every mom needs a community of mothers around them.

A good friend is one you can call last minute if something comes up. Make sure you reciprocate and are a good friend also.

Having good friends in life is like having money in the bank.

There are two pages that talk about Mommy Manners. She sat down with a group of moms and they came up with manners that were important to them:

Mommy Manners:

  • always RSVP promptly to invitations your children receive
  • offer to pay for gas when sharing a ride to your children’s out to town sporting event
  • offer to take your neighbor’s children if you are going to the same event, lesson or camp
  • remember to respect another mom’s way of doing things even if it is different from the way you do it
  • be a good listener-don’t try to top another mom’s story
  • … many more

Friendships require investment of time & energy

People make mistakes you will and so will your friends need to admit our mistakes clean them up and resist being defined by them

Have courage to be upfront with your friends if you feel a distance or uncomfortable with a friend. Discuss it.

Don’t let judgement creep into our hearts

It is easy to point our finger at other people instead of admitting you need to change or fix things.

Two of my favorite things she mentions in this chapter is to have grace-“grace happens when you allow another person to be human” and Take a minute and write a  friend a note today to thank them for their friendship, tell them what you appreciate about them.













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No More Perfect Mom Series

I am starting a new series called No More Perfect Moms. It is based on a book I am reading from Jill Savage called No More Perfect Moms-Learn to Love Your Real Life. You can read more about the book here.

No More Perfect Mom-Intro

I am sure we have all been there where we are in the store or somewhere else and you see a kid out of control and think why don’t the parents do something. There is an example in the book about  a lady going to the park and seeing a couple of kids playing in the park but noticing the mother in the car instead of playing with the kids and she thought it is asking too much to get out of your car and play with your kids?  Fast forward six months later  she was in the same situation as the mother sitting in her car. She was pregnant and extremely sick and barely able to function and it made her think about how fast she judged the other mom not knowing her situation.

It is easy sometimes to feel alone but you are not-

  • You are not the only mom who yelled at your child today
  • You are not the only mom who constantly battles a weight issue
  • You are not the only mom who feels she has no friends
  • You are not the only mom who wants to run away

It is also easy to feel insecure and like you are not good enough. “Insecurity happens when the voices in your head tell us we aren’t enough.” Negative voices that play in our head keep us feeling less than others and paralyze us from living out our true potential.”

I know I definitely have plenty of days where after the kids go to bed and I feel like a bad mom because I didn’t spend enough time with them, read to them enough, play enough games. etc. I need to remember my kids love me and give me hugs and kisses everyday. They don’t see my faults they see me and how much I love them.

I am so excited for this series and I hope you enjoy it.


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