4 Reasons Every Savvy Traveler Books Airport Transfer Services

Like many other travelers, finding the best airport transfer services might not have been one of the things on your list of important things to do once you arrive at your destination. Actually, when its compared to other ‘urgent’ activities such as booking the most affordable flight or ‘exciting’ activities such as planning on the attractions to visit, identifying and booking airport transfer services doesn’t make the top of the list.

However, as soon as you land, you realize as many have before you, the importance of booking a decent airport transfer service before you step on the plane. This is true whether you’re a family that has young children, a group of buddies traveling together, a deal-hungry holidaymaker, a business traveler or a keen surfer.

In this article, we take a look at examples of situations in which booking airport transfer services makes things a lot easier.

  1. Luxury right from the beginning

Despite the nature of your travel, you want to hit the ground running. Booking air transport services early enough is among the things that will help you ensure that your trip is stress-free. There may be times when you want to treat yourself when taking a holiday and you might want to upgrade to private airport transfers on the Sunshine Coast so that you experience the touch of luxury as soon as you arrive at your destination.

  1. A handy solution for a large group of friends

When you’re traveling as a group of friends, it’s usually a good idea to organize transfers beforehand. Firstly, it’s a surefire way of ensuring that the group doesn’t get split up because they can’t all fit in one taxi. Secondly, it reduces or eliminates the chances of being late for your flight because you had to wait for one or more members of the group. With airport transfer services, you all arrive at the airport at the same time.

  1. Stress-free traveling with kids

If you’re traveling as a family that includes children that need special attention, you want to organize for an airport transfer service that will have a seat for these children. The last thing you want on your trip is having to spend a lot of time at the airport trying to find public transport that has a seat available for, say, your two-year-old. Juggling a lot of luggage and an enthusiastic child can be stressful.

  1. No dealing with foreign currency on arrival

When you prepay for your airport transfer services, you need not worry about dealing with foreign currency when you arrive at your destination. All you need to do when you arrive is get into the vehicle and the driver knows where to take you. So there’s the added advantage of not having to navigate a new area you know little to nothing about, or having to painstakingly describe to a foreign taxi driver where you’re going.

In summary, using airport transfer services is one of the things that removes a huge part of the stress of traveling despite the nature of your trip.


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Why should you look for Zimbali Rentals for your South African holiday?

Where does the young-blood go for vacation? You won’t get to see a lot of millennials and Gen Y’s in Miami or Cabot anymore. So what is their new haunt? It turns out, most people with families like traveling outside the US during the holidays. Most college goers like to save up money to explore new cultures and new landscapes as well. Europe has become a little confusing and a lot costlier after the Brexit. Besides, the lovely islands in Greece are still recovering from the economic crisis and the recent wildfires. South Africa has come to the rescue of thousands of vacation-thirsty people from around the world.

Apart from lucrative Rentals in Zimbali, there are tons of reasons you should check out a holiday in SA the coming year. The USD is doing marvelously compared to the South African R. There could be no better time to visit the country. People love Zimbali since it is home to some of the most incredible natural formations, safari parks, nature parks, zoos, and beaches. It is close to the cape, and it is a melting pot of different cultures that date back to the pre-colonial days.

Here are the five top reasons you should be looking for hotels and resorts in Zimbali –

Golfing – Golfing is a gentleman’s sport. It takes practice and the access to a course. During the rest of the year, meetings, office tours, andfamily responsibilities keep you from putting. However, you can live your golfing dreams in Zimbali if you pick the correct place to stay. Multiple luxury resorts boast complete golfing courses. You can putt away to glory as your children enjoy their time at the nearby petting zoo.

Zip-lining – Do you love adventure sports? South Africa gives you the chance to rekindle the thrill-seeking spirit in you by offering a kilometer-long zip line. This adrenaline booster is near Ballito, and it provides some of the most astounding vistas of the Esenembe Valley. Sadly, the accommodation options in Zimbali or Ballito do not offer private adventure sports services, but you can enjoy them from reputable third-parties.

Scuba diving –Scuba Diving is a lot of fun for the entire family. Rendezvous with the underwater rainbow of the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast corals. Witness the largest marine migration of the sardines up front. Find the underwater treasure nature has nourished and kept hidden for millions of years. Many resorts have their private scuba diving classes and equipment for their residents. You may want to check them before you book accommodation.

Hiking – how can you experience SA, if you do not hike? Hiking or walking will bring you face-to-face with the natural treasures of the country. The diversity of wildlife and the flora will make your vacation memorable. Hiking and walking is the perfect way to get up close with nature and click some great photos.

Partying – the parties in South Africa are legendary. If you are traveling with your friends, colleagues or significant other, you may want to be a part of an epic party on the beach. Or, you may wish to return your new friends a favor and throw a party and your Zimbali rental before you leave. It is a considerable advantage of renting a furnished apartment space instead of a hotel or resort for your holidays.

No matter what you seek, you will find in this country. It is a nexus of history, culture, and nature. That is why SA appeals to travelers of all ages and all budgets.

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Best Adventurous Trips Suitable For Kids In NYC

NYC has its own share of surprises. Right from the technical growth to the beautification of this city, things have taken a quick turn towards betterment from the first time you ever visited NYC. So, if you are planning to spend some quality time with your kids over here in NYC, there are multiple things you can try out. All the adventurous lovers out there will get their minds satisfied after they visited this city. Here you have the bike rental central park to cover the whole of famous Central Park or can visit the Tenement Museum if you have a niche towards history. No matter whatever the case might be, this place has so many options to consider now. Before you get your tickets for a trip around here, try creating a checklist of things to do with your family, once you land here.

·         Headstart with Big Apple Greeter:

NYC is quite challenging for solo travelers, and even for families. So, the best way to start your trip over here is by having a Big Apple Greeter. It will show you all the ropes depending on the interest of your family or even anyone of children’s passion.  You will come across over 300 greeters, willing to help you. They can always introduce you to some major aspects of 114 neighborhoods scattered throughout 5 boroughs of the city.

The greeters are rather helpful and will show you across Chinatown and SOHO, to name a few. Then you can get them by your side to cover Scholastic Store, Evolution Store for the science geeks and more.  For a greeter tour, you might have to dedicate around 3 hours straight.  But for enjoying this service, you have to send a request around a month earlier in advance. If you want, you can give some donations too.

·         Tenement Museum and BerkliParc for living history:

Talking about being an immigrant is different than experiencing it. The Tenement Museum is located on the Lower East Side of the city and shows extraordinary jobs of those adults, living as immigrants. Younger kids will now enjoy an hour-long tour inside the museum to get a glimpse of such livelihood, which they can never even imagine. They will come and visit the small family apartment in Victoria Confino, a 14 years Greek immigrant. This museum is going to offer a tour, which can even be enjoyed by little kids below 5 years of age!

You can pair this route with a quick stop at BerkliParc, which is a comfortable café, inspired by Berkeley. This café is known to house some of the fresh sandwiches in NYC with freshly brewed coffee, Northern California cuisine and large salads. Avoid missing out on the tasty chocolate chip cookies too.

·         A trip towards Central Park:

Located in Manhattan NYC, Central Park is a must visit stop once you have landed here. Also known as an urban park, it was established in the year 1857 and on 778 acres of land.  There are lists of visitor’s attraction spots once you entered the park. So, to cover the entire place with ease and on time, you can head towards bike rental central park services first. Here, you can get a bicycle for you and your family to roam around the place. Some of the must-visit spots over here are Tavern on the Green, Wollman Rink, Zoo, Victorian Gardens, Mall, Lasker Rink, McGowan’s Pass, Pug Hills, Fort Clinton, Delacorte Theater, Blockhouse, Arsenal and there are so much more to be added in the list. Make sure to dedicate an entire day visiting this place. Yes, it might take some time but it is quite worth it.

·         Visit to The Transit Museum with a quick stop at Shake Shack:

If you have a child who is well fascinated with transportation system then a visit to the Transit Museum in NYC is a place to be. There are separate ticket ranges for kids and adults out there, but all within the set rate. Here the kids will come to learn how subways came into action. Moreover, visitors will get the opportunity to push a wheelbarrow full of rocks, just in the way workmen used to do previously.

Your kids will get the opportunity to play with some of the hands-on exhibitions, to help them show how the subway might work and then sit in bold subway cars, whose original date were in the 1930s. the entrance of this museum even looks like a subway station, making it even more interesting for first timers. You might need to spend around 4 hours to search through the museum well.

Once you are through with the four hour trip inside the Transit Museum, it is time to gulp down “Concrete” from Shake Shack. This is a thick milkshake drink, which is made with a custard in place of ice cream. This particular drink joint is around 3 or similar blocks away from the Tenement Museum.

·         Park in the sky with Chelsea Piers:

If you want to take your kid somewhere a bit different than the known, then A Park in the Sky is a place to be. It is mostly known as an elevated form of walking park, constructed on site of abandoned freight rail line. It is a 1.45-mile long high line, located on West Side of the place. It is relatively a new tourist attraction in NYC and has already won millions of hearts. The first segment of this park was opened in 2009, and the second one came into being in 2011.  This is always a fun-filled place for the entire family to come and road around.

Once you are through with an elevated park town, next is Chelsea Piers, where you can have so many activities. There are Toddler Adventure Center, rock climbing, skating and soccer games and more. It depends on the time of year you plan to visit.


So, the next time you are in NYC, you must try visiting these spots first. You won’t miss the beauty of this amazing place at all!

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Travelling to India? Save Time and Money with an Online Tourist Visa Application!

India is a very popular destination for travelers across the world. It is known for its myriad culture, language, and traditions. Every year there are thousands of tourists visiting India. To travel to India, you need a travel visa. The visa application process can be done in person or online. 

E-visa to India- How can you apply for a tourist visa to India from the privacy of any place?

The online visa application process in India was introduced in 2014 to make it easier for tourists across the world to visit India. This process is a simple procedure that travelers can do from the comforts of any place. Gone are the days when they had to visit the Embassy to get their visas approved. The Indian Government has made the application process quicker for thousands of people from across the world who have the desire to visit India.

If you are planning a trip to India, you can apply for an E-visa on the Government of India website. However, note an E-Visa is not considered a visa on arrival that you will often get in many South East Asian countries. If you have traveled to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other nations, you get your visa on arrival. For India, you need to apply for your E-visa in advance, and with the online application process, you generally get your e-visa sent to your email address in 2 to 5 working days if everything is in order.

Check are you eligible for an e-visa?

Note not all nations in the world are eligible for an E-visa to India. Check the list of nations eligible for E-visa to India online. You need to be sure your country is in.

Application for E-visa to India before travel

You have two options to apply for E-visa before your trip to India-

Self-online application

You may visit the Indian Government website and follow the instructions laid out. Remember to be very careful. In case, you make a mistake and pay the fees online; you cannot rectify it. You must check the application online to make sure every piece of information or detail is correct. The E-visa must be applied in advance at least four days before you leave.

Via international travel agent

You may ask your travel agent to complete the visa application process for you. If you are weak in computer skills, you may visit a professional international travel agent and ask them to complete the application on your behalf. You need to pay the visa charges as well as the service fees of your agent. They will complete the application process for you if you are not confident to do it on your own.

Get your visa before you travel to India

The processing time for E-visa application differs from person to person. So, do it in advance. There are some applications approved in 2 to 3 days, and some take weeks to get approved. Even if you have an emergency trip, the processing time will at least take two days. Keep this vital point in mind before you decide to travel to India. Given below are certain tips you must remember-

Your passport should have at least six months of validity left from the date you arrive in India.

When you are uploading your digital photograph for E-visa, read the photo specifications very carefully. The background, facial expression, color or the attire you wear and more have to be precise. Read the instructions very carefully or else your application might get rejected if you have the wrong photograph.

You must have a return ticket or a ticket booked for an outward journey from India. This is an integral part of the E-visa application process as the Issuing Authority takes the above very seriously. In fact, you will also be asked by the airline before boarding your flight to India.

Once you have received your E-visa, take a print out. This must be shown to the immigration officer when you arrive in India.

There have been significant changes to the Indian visa application process recently. In the past, there was just a single- entry visa however now you can apply for a multiple entry visa as well. So, you can come to India and go to nearby nations like Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. and come back.

Note that your E-Visa is not valid for restricted areas in India like Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, parts of Himachal Pradesh etc.

There are 16 airports where you can fly in your E-visa in the past however the number has gradually increased to 24 airports. Check with the Indian government website or ask your international travel agent to give you a complete list of the airports where you can fly into with an E-Visa.

Note, you can apply for two E-visas to India in a year.

Before the trip to India, do not forget to carry your visa. Several tourists make this mistake. It is easy to forget small things before a trip, however, plan in advance and keep your visa and other valid travel documents together.

Opting for the E-visa is very convenient. The paperwork application for a visa to India is highly daunting, and you need to mail your passport to the Embassy for its approval. The processing time is longer, and there are cases where even a month has been taken for the visa of a person to get approved. Opting for an online visa is a hassle-free and quick way for you to get your travel visa to India from the privacy and comforts of home.

Therefore, when you are planning a trip to India, keep the above points in mind. As a traveller, keep your travel documents safe and carry a map with you all the time. For further concerns or queries, you may contact the Embassy officials to guide you. The online visa application process saves time and a lot of hassles from applying for your visa in person to the Embassy.

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Smart way of calculating the cost involved in car acquisition and maintenance

Buying a car is a costly affair, but that should not stop people. When a person opts for purchasing a car for their requirements, then the costs associated with keeping that vehicle functional should be known. Some of the costs involved are –

Costs to be covered by using a 

  • Replacing tyers and other parts: In any car, the tyers have to be changed after a certain period. If the tyers are worn out, then there are chances that an accident can happen. The engine and other parts of the car also need to be checked and cleaned at regular intervals so that the vehicle can run smoothly on the road. For doing all the necessary cleanings and replacements, one needs to spend money, and if the repairs are not carried out, then the car won’t be suitable for use.
  • Registering a vehicle: A motor vehicle needs to be registered under an owner and for this purpose you have to pay some fees.
  • Fuel gas: The most important thing without which a car cannot move is fuel. The cost of filling fuel in the car is also to be kept in mind while deciding to procure a vehicle.

Apart from the areas mentioned above of expenditure one still has to pay for keeping a personal vehicle. There are many other situations where an individual has to pay, like unexpected costs due to the damaged to a car. Hence one can frame a budget for using a private vehicle and then add the amount for buffering untoward expenses.

Lease calculators for easy budget framing

The total amount might seem very off-putting and can even discourage a person from buying a car. But in today’s world services exist that help a person to realize their dream and goals. If a vehicle is one of those dreams, then it is quite easy to fix a budget with the help of Novated Lease Calculator.

Calculations are always tricky, and no amount of documentation can make it easy when it comes to getting a vehicle. To keep all these dodgy calculations at bay, the online calculator provided by the service providers who work with car leases can ease the situation. With this method, a person needs to know only one fact, and that is the type of car one wishes to acquire. From the range of vehicles, available one can choose anything that suits their budget. The rest of the part involving the monthly calculations and payments will be done and shown as a result.

However, you must note that this option can be utilized only by people who are working in a registered organization as a member of staff. This lease helps save two things simultaneously one is tax and the other is GST. For those who are not acquainted with the concept of a car lease, it is a form of pre-payment given to the employee by the company from his/her salary to take care of all the costs involved in car procurement and its subsequent maintenance.

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Things to Consider Before Buying and Installing Carports

Many may have to think of an additional carport to their home to house their extra car, boat, or caravan. You can also consider it if you want to add more space to your living area at home. To avoid hassles while installing a carport, it is essential to know a few things. Let’s discuss those.

Whether the local building codes allow installing an extra carport

Before purchasing a carport and installing it, it is essential to check the local ordinances to see if there is any restriction for carports. Some of the local administration have put forth some size restrictions as to how much space should be there between a carport and the home etc. Regulations may change from place to place as if you are living in a city or a rural area.

Are there any underground objects or utility lines?

You have to check it out with the local utility administrators to ensure that there is no gas lines, power lines, or other pipes underneath the area where you are planning to install the carport. Digging at such regions can be dangerous as the installation of carport requires digging in for fixing several posts and anchoring them properly. The septic system also needed to be checked as the weight of cars parked here may damage such systems.

Size of the carport to be installed

If you are planning for installing a carport for vehicles, then it is essential to know the right size for optimum protection. Pay close attention to space between multiple vehicles if you are planning to park more cars. As a rule of thumb, the mid-sized conventional vehicles may fit under the standard 18′ carports, and full-sized vehicles will require 20′- 22′ carports. Measure your vehicles for a carport from side to side, front to back, and top to bottom to plan the size before your order to choose the right sized carport for your purpose.

Is your surface level?

Make sure that you do a thorough check of the area where you are planning to install a new carport. At the first point, make sure that the area is level. Normal Carports Adelaide installations will make your ground 3 to 4 inches out of level. If the surface is found to be more than 4″ out of level, then the legs of the carport may be needed to be resized to level the unit.

Are there any unique features needed based on your local climate?

Different areas of Australia have different weather conditions, and you should plan your carport accordingly. If you are in a location with frequent high winds are prevalent, the carpet needs to withstand it. At places of heavy snowfall, you have to choose carports which may withstand heavy snow loads. Ensure that you discuss all these with the sale executive and ask questions to see what they recommend the best for your climate.

Remember, it is so easy to get carried away while you are eager to get any job done at the earliest. However, there are several things to be considered before you install a carport, so take your time and do a thorough baseline evaluation before making any decision.

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The cost-effective way of protecting one’s vehicle from harsh weather

An individual always wants to design the best possible house as his/her residence. In life, a person acquires several – some of these are for luxury while others are necessary. A car or personal vehicle is a kind of object that is both viewed as an essential item and as a luxurious one. Depending on the situation its definition as an artifact in one’s life changes but one thing can be said with absolute certainty that it requires a lump sum as an investment. Hence the car that you buy is a valuable item. Thus it should be kept in a place that is secure and suitable. Protecting your car from harsh weather conditions and keeping it in a safe space is crucial for a car owner.

Defining a carport

While many people can opt for building a garage that offers maximum safety when it comes to keeping a car, but it is not always possible to make it due to budget issues. A garage has four walls and the covered ceiling, but in the case of a carport, there is the maximum of two walls. Hence a carport can be defined as a financially suitable structure that is constructed to keep the car protected from rain and snowfall. But as the absence of four walls characterizes it, it is a lighter structure. Also as the car is not inside four walls, it deters the formation of frost especially on the windshield and allows better ventilation. You can even compare it to a shade that offers protection from the elements of nature.

Design of a carport

Being situated in an open space designing the carport properly is important. The location of the carport depends on the central plan of the building. Some carports are constructed as a grand structure at the entrance while others are on the side of the house. The location is therefore wholly dependent on the suitability of the owner of the house. The carports are variously designed and can range from a pure overhead covering to an ornately and elaborately designed structure that project out from the wall of the main building. The choice of design entirely depends on the taste and budget of the person who wishes to build a carport. Carports Adelaide has a variety of designs which can be browsed by interested clients.

The change observed in the usage of carports

The ensuing development has also modified the usage of carports. Initially, people used carports only for keeping cars in a ventilated zone. But with the passage of time temporary carports have been developed that are movable. Even the concept of carports is utilized for creating shades using lightweight metals like tin or aluminum. For awning purposes, the carport structure keeps out direct sunlight or torrential downpour.

Carports are still widely used to keep cars safe from harsh weather. It is quite functional and easy to build because the metals used are not massive but sturdy thus offering considerable protection to vehicles in all types of weather conditions.

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Invest in The Best Electric Mini Bike and Enjoy a pollution free commute

A minibike or mini moto or a pocket bike as the name states is a miniature motorcycle. Some fundamental differences between standard motorbikes and mini versions are apparent. The latter is small, is more portable, cheaper and of course lighter. Do not underestimate a minibike for its miniature size because despite being small it is fast, reliable, efficient and is available in assorted designs and types. An electric mini bike will offer you plenty of freedom with regards to commuting around the city. These bikes are small and easy to maneuver compared to a standard bike. The good news is it will occupy less space in the office or backyard. Although it is small you need to take some precautions while driving it- wear a helmet, avoid driving too fast especially in crowded areas and most importantly do not take eyes off the street.  

Who Should Purchase an Electric Mini Bike?

An electric bike will be an ideal choice for those who are trying their hands at riding for the first time, those who desire in practicing tricks, children who wish to go for a spin or any person who wants a more recreational and slightly smaller vehicle than a motorcycle. An electric mini bike will have a speed limit ranging from 20-65 mph which means you can have a natural control on it and this will help you to avoid falling prey to significant accidents.

Where to Ride an Electric Mini Bike?

It is essential to know as to where you can ride an electric mini bike. You should be aware of the fact that you cannot ride these bikes on the streets regardless of the type of tires they come with. So, consider your needs before investing in one.  

Features that Lure

When you invest in the best Electric Minibike, you can take pleasure of the following benefits namely,

  • Easy Pedaling– Electric or e-mini bikes are nothing but regular bicycles which come with a battery-powered pedal assist. Just hop on the pedal and push it and you will experience that the motor will provide a boost which will help you to zip up the hills. Also known as pedelecs, you can control its speed with the help of your feet just like a regular bike, and you will feel powerful as well as can accelerate quickly.
  • Faster Ride- The more you pedal an electric minibike, the faster you can ride it. Unlike a standard motorbike, you cannot ride it at 45 mph but can hit 20-28 mph depending on the model of the mini bike. This way you can save time by traveling to the office yet take pleasure of the scenery. The best part is you will also have the flexibility of controlling the pedal assist you desire. The majority of the electric mini bikes come with a mounted handlebar or with a power switch. It will enable you to adjust the power, boost from low to high or even turbo to reach your destination as soon as possible.
  • Increase Riding Time– When you get your hands at an excellent electric mini bike you can increase your riding time dramatically; some studies have also indicated this. Before investing in a mini e-bike about 50% of people rode daily or at times weekly, but after purchasing an e-bike, this number jumped to 90% riding it daily or weekly. It makes complete sense. People who are super fit also at times get tired due to training, riding or racing and driving a bike after all this acts as a chore. But in the case of an e-bike, you can enjoy the ride equally while giving a break to your tired legs. You can even ride faster making your longer trips enjoyable. If you are not a frequent rider, this mini bike will help in opening up a new world. They can accomplish long distances easily which will work wonders in building confidence and endurance.
  • An E-bike for Everything– No matter the type of riding you like you will find an electric mini bike that will cater to your needs. These days e-bikes come in various categories- performance road bike, full-suspension mountain bike, hardtail bike, recreational, commuter, cargo bike and fat bike.
  • Better for Daily Errands- By buying an electric mini bike you can reduce your car trips. Why more and more people are investing in an e-bike is for carrying kids and cargo, avoiding traffic and parking and most importantly for environmental concerns.
  • Get Some Exercise- An electric mini bike will do some work for you yet will be counted as an exercise for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Most people who are not fit cannot ride long thus cannot enjoy health and fitness advantages from biking. But when they ride an e-bike, they can ride it for an hour to enjoy some exercise. It will put them on a quicker track to get fit. For people who are very healthy and in excellent shape can still enjoy some form of exercise through electric biking. When you compare commuting from home to office on an e-bike and a cross bike you will discover that in case of the former your efforts will be lower, and you will also burn half of the calories. Overall it will make you more active.
  • Batteries Getting Better- You may think that charging the battery of an electric mini bike can be a challenge. But the good news is the batteries on these bikes are getting better. Now you can expect traveling somewhere between 35-100 miles from a single charge. The range will depend on the battery size and the amount of power the motor draws.

These bikes will help in taking the sting out when it comes to bike riding. It is nothing less than a fountain of youth. Riding such bikes is fun and at the same time will keep you in the pink of health. The icing on the cake is it is safe for the environment.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Traveling To India For Your Next Vacation

Very few destinations in the world will leave a lasting impression on travelers as India does. With a rich history, great people, and lots of breathtaking attractions, India is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to have a good time. You will be stunned by the lush beauty, exotic architecture, and richness of this land. Here are reasons why you should consider traveling to India.

The people

The local Indian people, especially those in the rural areas, are the most hospitable and kindest people. You will be touched by the warmth and friendliness that these people offer to foreigners. Whether you are just wondering around the streets or encounter kids playing in the fields or roads, you will be amazed by the love that Indians have to offer. Some locals may even invite you into their homes.

The food

Indian Food alone is one reason why you should consider India for your next holiday. You will have a chance to sample the most delicious meals and incredibly diverse cuisine when you travel there. You will enjoy lots of thick, creamy, and moderately spicy curries in the North, for example, tandoori chicken, parathas, and mutton rogan josh. The Southern Cuisine mainly contains ingredients such as seafood, coconut, rice and the food is spicier, for example, fish coconut curries and the masala dosas. You will also get lots of vegetarian diets because there are many Hindus there.

Architecture and history

India is an architecturally diverse and exceptionally beautiful country that is filled with palaces, forts, monuments, temples, ancient ruins, and mosques. It is home to the oldest civilization in the world and with lots of beautiful attractions that you will love to see. The Indian architecture is rooted in its culture, religion, and history. The architectural designs have evolved due to the influence of many dynasties and the colonial period. The country has 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and this makes Indien reisen a great treasure for tourists to explore.

Religion and spirituality

Spirituality and religion are intricately entwined in the everyday life of Indians. India is home to all the major religions and it is the birthplace of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Observing the local people as they engage in their everyday rituals can be an intensely intimate experience. Most travelers also come to this country to find true spirituality and attend meditation retreats in an Ashram or practice yoga.

The beaches

The southern beaches in India are an excellent escape from the frenzy pace in the north. Even though the popular beach destinations in Goa tend to be crowded, the more remote beaches are more pristine and quiet. Examples include Palolem and Agonda beaches.

The chaos

When traveling to India, you should embrace the chaos. In your journey, you will experience endless traffic jams, delays, crowded streets, swerving rickshaws and motorbikes, never-ending honking of horns, and invasion of your personal space. You should learn to relax and go with the flow. When you are at peace with whatever is happening on the Indian time, you will have a deeper understanding of the culture and nation.

In India, you will enjoy a sense of adventure everywhere you go. Whether you are strolling around the southern beaches, spotting Indian elephants and Bengal tigers in the wild, trekking the snow-capped mountains or navigating the chaotic Delhi streets, traveling to this beautiful country will be one big adventure, and you will have memorable moments.

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Are you a Frequent Traveler? Opt-in for the Benefits of Air Miles Today

Traveling today is a lifestyle! Globetrotters and travelers are always making plans to explore new destinations. Today, there are several benefits for travelers who are always on the move. There are choices available in personal finance and travel credit cards that make vacations enjoyable and life easy. This card comes equipped with travel benefits, points, and few security precautions. Other advantages like minimized hotel bills also come with the package.

Another buzzword with frequent travelers today is Air Miles. Simply put, this refers to travel points and frequent flyer miles offered by travel credit cards or airline brands. Usually, travelers need to attain a certain number of miles based on their destinations. You get Airmiles when you spend on your travels. And later on, travelers can use the same to purchase their airfare as well.

Understanding the concept of Air Miles

 It might appear very simple! However, air miles have more to offer. So, let’s delve deep to understand it and the benefits it brings for the travelers.

The term “miles” here doesn’t denote the total count of miles that a person can fly. Instead, it suggests the miles count that a traveler has already flown. For instance, if you have accumulated about 2,734 miles for traveling from Australia to Miami, then it doesn’t suggest that you have access to a free flight. The miles that you collect translate to points at a reward program. It means that frequent travelers can explore several destinations and also collect air miles, which they can use to finance the airfare for their next travel. Airmiles can be used to travel to both domestic and international destinations.

Travelers can opt-in for both one way and round trips. However, while redeeming the points, travelers need to check the actual price of the booking to ensure that they have the best value for money.  Hence, when you utilize air miles, you accumulate points for purchasing. With time as the points increase, you might as well get airfare for free.

Airline rewards and travel credit card rewards – The difference

 When it comes to air miles, travelers can score points in 2 ways. They are:

  1. By opting in for service via the airline brand itself
  2. By signing up for personal finance or a travel credit card that provides reward mile

There are a couple of travel credit cards that apply to almost any airline while there are few which works only with specialized ones. However, both brings with it advantages of their kind.  The good news is, travelers can use both cards simultaneously.

The travel credit card rewards that have air miles, function in a slightly different manner.  Majority of credit cards offer travelers a selected point, on a chosen dollar amount that is being spent. These points can all be redeemed by travelers through the frequent flyer miles. Want to ascertain its worth? That ultimately depends on the travel credit card itself.  Similar to any other credit card, you have to pay annual fees here as well. Travelers gather airline points, only when they pay their card off.  Hence, travelers might have to utilize the travel credit card more to gather increased points that they can use up later to their benefit.

Other useful ways to gather miles

Using travel credit cards and flying aren’t the only two ways to accumulate air miles. In fact, there are many other exciting ways as well. Some of it comprises of eating out, shopping, opting in for spas and salons and the like. So, listed below are few ways to increase your air miles to finance your airfare later:

  • You have access to extra points via specific airline dining programs
  • Majority of airline brands provide choices in shopping bonus. Go ahead and use up these bonus points on the best shopping sites. It will help you to supplement the air miles as well.
  • There are selected banks that also provide miles based on opening a new account. Some banks offer points for opening an investment account.
  • Furthermore, travelers can earn miles by merely filling out chosen survey forms for chosen sites as well.

The options available today

Take a look at the choices in travel credit cards today, and you’ll have plenty of options to select from. There’s an endless list for you to browse and choose from. Are you willing to earn reward points? Or do you want to leverage the cashback offers available? Regardless of your requirement and wish, there’s always the best travel credit card designed to cater to your preference.

Finally, the travel reward credit cards today, enjoy their share of prominence. Now you might question if this is the ideal cut for you? The answer is – if you are someone who’ve decided to travel extensively in the forthcoming years, then this option is the best for you. Furthermore, these cards are also perfect for small business firms, where going for work is a mandate. Today, the market offers a wide array of choices. You can browse and opt-in for the one that caters to your traveling needs.

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Going to Brazil? Don’t Forget to Take Your Drone Too!

The generation before us always complains that we spend more time in creating memories and sharing them, rather than living in the moment. That may be true from their perspective, but we know, capturing moments let us all relive those sweet moments again and again. Isn’t it? Our selfies are sweet reminders of the beautiful moments of our life. Wait did we talk only about selfies? Oh sorry! I forgot that the latest way of capturing memories is trending towards dronies. Yes, the self-portrait you take using your drone!

So, pack your drone and get ready for a fun-filled visit to Brazil. Why Brazil? It is time to plan a vacation to Brazil! Okay, even if you didn’t have such a plan, make it now! With its less restrictive drone regulations and many of picturesque locations, Brazil is one of the hottest destinations for drone photography. Don’t worry; we are telling you about the picture-perfect locations in Brazil for aerial shooting. Here we go!

Rio de Janeiro – You must have heard the name of this city in Brazil. Obviously, the popularity of the city has increased many folds after the Olympics were held. But, that’s not why you need to visit the place. The city is built on hills and the view of hills stacked with houses makes an awesome backdrop for your video. You can also have some breathtaking beach shots here. If you are an expert at setting angles for unique photography, you’ll be able to capture the natural beauty of waves and busy city road with cars in a single frame. Hit Rio and take your unique drone shots.

Sao Paulo – Do you prefer nature over man-made build-ups for your drone videos? The beaches of Sao Paulo may be the best bet. The mountain surrounded beaches with preserved vegetation give you a mesmerizing view of nature’s beauty. The sea waves against lush green vegetation and literally no buildings around makes a perfect natural frame. There are not many visitors on most of the days and so the beach is always clean. Hey if you are more inclined towards adventure than peace and tranquillity then also you can get your perfect videos here. But, you’ll have to make sure; you visit the place on the days when the crystal-clear calm waves become rough. You can capture enthusiastic surfers practicing and competing against each other on the rough days.

Salvador de Bahia – Salvador is yet another beautiful city in Brazil where you can take aerial shots of the busy city against the natural view of ocean currents. If you use your creativity to capture the city, you can have some really stunning pictures. The city of Salvador is a peninsula and hence gives an awesome picture of a rough triangular landmass bounded by two different water bodies – the bay of all saints and the Atlantic Ocean. Yes if you set your camera angle in the right position you can clearly see the difference in the colors of the water of the two water bodies.

Brasilia – You were eagerly waiting for this name to come, right? You can visit Brasilia for taking stunning aerial shots. Although you can find some naturally beautiful locations

around, the city is a must-visit place for capturing the beauty of human creativity. You might know that it is a planned city, so, you can have the glimpse of perfect examples of modernist architecture. The aerial views of this world heritage site can give you all the reasons to praise human architecture and creativity. Although the entire city is worth capturing on the frame if you visit the place, don’t forget to take pictures of the Cathedral of Brasilia and the Palace of Arches.

Recife – This again is an urban agglomeration. But, this does not mean you’ll only get to picture roads, buildings, and cars. The largest urban Mangrove forest of America falls within the boundary of Recife. A number of lakes, rivers, and beaches give you nice frames for your aerial photography at Recife. But, you cannot expect your entire trip to the place to run as smoothly as you plan. Due to its close proximity to the equator, the area receives frequent precipitation. So, be ready to change your plans as and when required.

Interested to look at these places from the eyes of other drone photographers? Visit this page https://www.airvuz.com/category/brazil-drone-videos?id=SJKBIAbEl to have a look at the stunning aerial videos of different parts of Brazil. You can thank us later.

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Singapore Must-Sees – Places You Shouldn’t Miss while in Singapore

Singapore offers tons of must-sees and must-dos for all kinds of people to see and enjoy. It is a highly developed country that is passionate about making things happen and where numerous possibilities are endless. This is the very reason why Singapore has a booming economy – one of strongest ones in the world.


With a multicultural population and a knack for reinventing and regularly evolving ideas to make the impossible happen, it is no wonder why lots of tourists and visitors come to visit every year. It is no easy task to choose the best ones out of the many things everyone can enjoy in this paradise, but these are some of the things you should not miss while in Singapore.


  1. The Merlion. This half-fish, half-lion statue located at Merlion Park. This is the most sought-after selfie spot for tourists and residents alike. No trip is complete without having a picture taken with this mythical creature that is the proud symbol of Singapore.


  1. The Marina Bay. This world-famous tourist spot has changed in the past years on a very impressive scale. It is the home of Singapore’s fanciest – from luxurious hotels to fancy restaurants and high-end malls to the best nightlife spot in town.


  1. The Universal Studios Singapore. There are lots of things to see, eat and do in this awesome amusement park. This is one of the places where people of all ages get to see tons of attractions such as the Hollywood Boulevard, the SciFi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, the Far, Far Away and Madagascar.


  1. The Orchard Road. This is the shopping paradise of Singapore where local and international stores, restaurants, cafes, entertainment spots and etc. can be found. Lots of activities can be found on this side of Singapore as malls and buildings are constantly being upgraded to keep up with competitions.


  1. Another place one should not miss is this artificial island built to accommodate different resorts, shopping centers, dining and other exciting activities to keep you busy, relaxed or entertained.


  1. Singapore’s Chinatown. This is another iconic destination where anyone can buy the cheapest souvenirs, eat authentic Chinese cuisine and visit various attractions like the oldest temple in Singapore – the Thian Hock Keng Temple.


  1. The Clarke Quay. If you like eating out, then this is your go-to place. Many eateries and restaurants line up by the riverside giving you a spectacular view of the city. This is also the spot where party animals go to as it is filled with bars and nightclubs.


  1. Gardens by the Bay. A massive lot of this beautiful garden situated in central Singapore deserves its spot in this short list of the places to see and visit in Singapura. This futuristic park features the famed Supertree structure, massive greenhouses shaped like a seashell and a breathtaking skywalk over the garden.


All of these and a whole lot more reasons to come, see and admire this gorgeous country. Complete your adventure by learning its language through tutors in Singapore. Explore the beauty and wonders of this tropical paradise while you get the chance to interact with its residents in their native tongue.




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