Choosing a light switch – Top five types that you can opt-in for

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Did you always think that choosing light switches is a tedious job? If yes, then there’s something new that you can discover now. As an enthusiastic homeowner, you will be pleased to know that today you can choose from multiple light switch types. Whether you are changing the existing switches or are redecorating your house, the options are many. Hence, it is always a smart call to survey the market and keep a check on the type of switches that are available today. It will help you in making lighting installation choices well.

Today, advanced technology has made it possible for the primary light switches to evolve in unique ways! It helps in your complete home decoration. Discussed below are some of the popular types of light switches you can opt-in for today.

  1. Push button light switches

You might get this switch in multiple configurations concerning the way the circuit gets cut and activated. It gets best described as a dual position device which you can release and press. Few button switch types get equipped with a spring mechanism which allows the button to come back to its initial position, the moment a circuit gets switched on. There are also other types that will enable the button to sink the moment it’s switched on. It gets resurfaced when switched off. To know more on this and different switch types, you can browse through Classic Switches and similar useful names online.

  1. Selector light switches

You get this switch actuated through a lever or a rotary knob that enables various positions on the excellent selection of switch functions. It is available in a two-mode configuration very, akin to a toggle switch. You can further actuate this by turning the knob or lever counter-clockwise and clockwise.

  1. Toggle switches

A toggle switch is one of the widely used switches. It mostly gets used in lighting applications in buildings as well as homes. The toggle switches get actuated through a lever that needs to get angled in two ways. It allows the circuit to get switched off and on. The toggle switch makes it simple for the lever to recline on any position, switching the circuit off or on.

  1. Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches effectively regulate the current flow to a system that allows light bulbs to give out ample light. It helps in creating the perfect ambience in a living or a bedroom. Use a dimmer bulb only when you have made arrangements for dimmer light switch. It might be slightly expensive, but it is entirely worth the investment.

  1. Proximity light switches

Simply put, the proximity switch works using a sensor which actuates current the moment an individual is in the room. It gets switched off when the person goes away from the room. You don’t need to use any external switch. It is one of the widely used switches in new-age homes that helps is saving power.

Today, several light options are available for you to select from! All you need to do is browse online and choose the best service provider that caters to your requirements, light switch preference and budget capacity. You can shop for any one or more of the above-mentioned light switches.

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