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Link building has basically been understood as the process of building external links pointing to the homepage or the inner pages of the website. This is a conventional technique to enhance the ranking of a website. However, the technique is too conventional, and sometimes it does not work as observed by many individuals. However, it is wrong to say that link building does not work. It is still effective, and there is no doubt on that fact. But, due to changes to the policy of Google, people have to change their link building strategies. Now, you have to focus on more valuable links.

Getting valuable links means getting the backlinks from the valuable websites. Previously people use to focus on getting as many links as possible. This method has been termed as shotgun link building method. It is no more effective. Nevertheless, it may earn a negative reputation for your business. So, instead of focusing on the shotgun link building strategies or techniques, you need to focus on the quality link building method.

Points to consider for the Traditional Shotgun Link Building

The traditional technique of shotgun link building could be a little complicated for many reasons. To omit the complications, you need to focus on a few things. The first and foremost thing is to focus on creating value-based links. Make sure that the links that you create are good in terms of health. They are created from trusted websites so that they are long sustainable. If not, then the following issues or problems could be faced.

  • Getting backlinks from spam websites is always harmful as it always comes with the risk of facing the bans from the Google.
  • Getting links from not reliable or untrustworthy websites is always concerning. It can eventually cause major reputation damage for your business.
  • Backlinks from not trusted websites are not long sustaining. They should sustain for a long time so that you can attain the SEO benefits.
  • If you do not gain growth in SEO ranking, you must be creating no-follow links from the link building websites. So, it is better to switch to a better website.
  • You may not get expected result with link building as your content is not good. In the shotgun method, content has not been the focus in most of the cases. Contents are created in a rush. Thus, they are not unique, helpful for readers and simpler to read.

How to Get Results with Lesser Back Links?

As stated, people give focus on effective backlink building these days rather than focusing on the other kinds of backlink building techniques. The shotgun method has almost become obsolete, as it is no more effective. Not just effectiveness, there is a question regarding ethics with such link building technique. Being found as non-ethical in most of the cases, Google highly discourages such link building techniques or strategies. Instead of this method, you can simply follow the simple method of link building. For that purpose, you can go for following techniques for building the backlinks.

Focus on Niche Based Websites for Submitting Articles

For submitting articles, you need to find niche based websites. That means if your main website is related to fitness and your article comes with the same theme, you should find an article submission website where you can submit the fitness niche based articles. This adds ethics in your business marketing. Your link becomes more credible and valuable. Posting articles of fitness related niche to the website which mainly features automobile related contents would be disastrous. Thus, you need to focus on the niche rather than focusing on the website.

You have to search for the bloggers, who run websites that belong to the niche of your business. You need to contact those bloggers for the guest blogging. It will become easier to find excellent guests blogging websites through various bloggers’ forums. You can negotiate the pricing packages with the bloggers. Experienced bloggers having valuable as well as popular websites would charge you higher for obvious reasons. Non-experienced bloggers would charge you lower. So, it is all about focusing on value, but you should keep the budget factor in mind. Small businesses have to go for the affordability aspect, but large-scale businesses can surely go for more reputed websites for getting their backlinks. For hacked websites, you can get in touch with the experts.

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Focus on Quality of Contents

If you do not want to waste high time in link building process, you need to focus on content writing. Your contents should be nicely crafted otherwise they would not fetch the results that would be desired by you. Quality contents are always appreciated when it comes to effective backlink building. Now, how to determine the quality of the contents? Well, three major aspects are there. Those things are described below:

  • The content should be unique or non-copied. If there is plagiarism, you shall find copyright issues, and that could lead to suspension of your website by Google. It has to be reminded that Google is very strict on this matter. It does not tolerate any kind of copyright violation issues at all.
  • The second most important thing is information. Your content should be informative otherwise it will not be considered as value-based contents.
  • There should not be any mistakes or grammatical errors with the contents otherwise they shall lose credibility. Nevertheless, readers do not link reading such articles at all. They want properly written and lucid articles.
  • The keyword should be there in articles, but they have to be inserted meticulously or naturally. The content of 500 words should not have main business or website keyword for more than 2-3 times. Additionally, there could be some other keywords, having a density of 1-2%.

Link Building with Proper Anchor Text Ratio

It is also important to understand the link building ratio. Certain keywords should be more targeted than other keywords. The ratio is important, and you need to understand that. Experienced or veteran webmasters know how to use the keywords for the purpose of effective link building. They are always careful with ethical standards when it comes to backlink building for SEO.

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