Coping With A Loss Of Income Because Of An Accident

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Did you know that personal injury compensation is actually split into two parts? Not only are you compensated for the injury itself, but you will also receive special damages. This is money for the costs you have encountered as a direct result of the injury you have suffered. After all, injuries tend to be very expensive, and this is why we need to claim compensation in the first place.

A lot of people worry because their injury results in a loss of income. Has your injury left you unable to work? Have you, therefore, suffered a loss of income because of your injuries? Some people are covered by sick pay, but for others, it can mean that they miss out on large sums of money because of their inability to work. You can, however, claim for this. You will be able to claim for all of the income you have lost already, as well as projected losses in the future. In order for the latter to be calculated, your current rate of pay will be considered, as well as your future prospects. You can head to for further legal advice on this and information on how a lawyer could secure loss of income damages for you.


Loss of income is not the only type of special damage you may receive. To give you a further insight into this, read on to discover four of the most common special damages…


  • Medical Expenses – Let’s start with the most obvious one of them all, medical expenses. You are likely to encounter some medical costs if you have suffered an injury. This can be anything from the cost of your treatment to prescription fees and so on and so forth. Keep your receipts and you will be able to claim for them. Remember, you can claim for both physical and psychological injuries, so any counselling falls into this category too.
  • Travel Costs – Travel costs can occur in a whole host of different ways. Costs can occur from travelling to the hospital on a regular basis and needing to pay for parking. Or, perhaps you have needed to use a different mode of transport during the recovery process or adapted your vehicle to suit your injuries.
  • Childcare Costs – If you have had to hire someone to look after your children whilst you recover you will be able to claim for this.
  • Accommodation Fees – Last but not least, when people have suffered a serious injury they often find that they need to adapt their accommodation in order to accommodate this. This is another example of a special damage you will be able to claim for. Head to for an example of a woman who was awarded a significant amount of money in housing costs when claiming for a below knee amputation.


Essentially, you need to ask yourself: would I have suffered this cost if I was not injured in the accident in question? If the answer is no, you will be able to claim. However, do note that you will need proof in order to do so.

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