Dealing With Criminal Cases in Family Situations

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No one ever really wants to deal with criminal cases where a family member is involved, but unfortunately, there are many times when a situation requires that kind of attention and focus. Prevention is obviously the key, but after some sort of criminal activity happens, then it’s time to take it on.

A family member of yours might be involved in drunk driving, fraud, trouble with a drug addiction, or even falling behind on child support payments. There are many different ways that you can support these family members both psychologically and legally.

Drunk Driving

If a family member is involved in a drunk driving accident, you need to contact a DWI lawyer immediately. Hopefully, the damage is not too great. Hopefully, no one was injured. And hopefully, the police and everyone involved handled the situation legally. However, there are many times when this is not the case, and that’s why having some legal representation is so important. There are consequences for drunk driving, but there are still laws in place to make sure that all of these outcomes are appropriate in context.


Do you know of any of your family members who have ever been involved in a fraud case? The legal implications can be pretty catastrophic. Even if a parent, brother, or sister thought that they were being swift and tried to do some shortcuts with some financial matters, they could end up being charged with a crime. If this is the case, you need to do as much research as possible about the implications for this family member. Even as a theoretically victimless crime, being convicted of fraud can make an entire family go bankrupt or result in some serious prison time.

Trouble With Drug Addiction

If a family member is struggling with drug addiction, one of the best things that you can do is accept their situation and then figure out how to offer your services and help. It might be that you have to have an intervention. Or maybe that person needs someone that they can talk to, to help deal with their personal demons. Judging or blaming family especially when they’re dealing with drug addiction can have the opposite effect intended.

Unpaid Child Support

Within certain family structures, there can be trouble with unpaid child support. If parents have gone through a divorce, and then the employment situations have changed, things can get ugly fast. You need to make sure that all of your family members are attempting to stay in an amicable relationship, especially when there are children involved and the finances that they are arguing about can have a direct and adverse consequence on the child.

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