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“Health is wealth” this means that there is nothing without health, if one is not healthy then he/ she will not able to work properly. Health plays a major role in one’s life. Health refers to the state in which one is free from every kind of disease and injuries. Health is related to both the inner and outer parts of the body, whereas fitness is the welling of the body. Fitness mainly related to physical health.

Instructions to the people who want to be healthy and fit

We should make the right changes when we avoid junk and unhealthy food then we must replace those with the food which is full of nutrients. Simply stick to the colorful and fresh veggies rather than counting the calories.

Maintain proper eating time: Eat proper breakfast. We should have large meals one should have small amounts of a meal during the whole day, should avoid dinner or try to have dinner before 14 hours of the breakfast.

Reduce sugar and salt: Eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes, depression. Cutting on sugar can help us to stay healthy. If sugar gets excessive it may create suicidal feelings. The excessive use of salt can cause high blood pressure and also leads to a high risk of strokes, heart problems, disease related to kidney, memory loss etc.

Follow colorful plate rule: Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals antioxidants, and fiber. And these are low in calories if we Have 5 times a half cup of will naturally keep us fill and helps to reduce the unhealthy food.

Add carbs and whole grains in diet: One should choose whole grains as they are rich in carbohydrates, photochemical and antioxidants which will protect the person from heart diseases cancers and diabetes. The meal having carbohydrates make u feel full for a longer time and will stable the blood sugar and insulin levels.

Water: The 75% of human body is made up of the water thus water is an essential part of the body. Water is the base for blood, urine, digestive juices. Our body is able to store the water so we need to drink water to supply fresh water to our body daily. It helps our body to flush out the waste and toxins from our body.

Proteins: Proteins are the great source of energy and help us to keep going. Even Having too much of the proteins can harm us. The latest researches show that we need high quality of proteins. Eat plenty of fish, chicken, beans, nuts, and soya etc. We should have fish, tofu, dairy products etc instead of pizza, cookies and all such type of junk food.

Marinating health and fitness: To stay healthy one should start the fitness programme. After all physical exercise eliminates the risk of chronic problems, improves the functioning of organs, help us to lose weight and also boost ones sold esteem. The department of health and fitness in Belfast recommends that healthy adults should include aerobics and strength training at least 75 minutes twice a week. Regular health and fitness training in Belfast can be beneficial for young trainers as well as fitness freaks. It will not only help in losing the weight and remain fit but also reduces the risk of heart diseases and strengthen the bones and muscles.

 Get rid of smoking: One must get rid form smoke as it not only affects the smoker’s health and stay health with selectsmarthealth.com but also has a bad impact on the people inhaling its smoke. One should not use the tobaccos as they are a great source of cancer and can lead to death. One should also stop drinking alcohol.

Influence on mental and emotional health:

As we all are familiar with the fact that eating healthy will keep a person healthy and will avoid various health issues. It is important to know that our diet had a great impact on our mood. Thus eating unhealthy food will lead us to depression, stress, anxiety and also increases the risk of suicide among youngsters. Due to this, one should have fruits and veggies that are cooked at home reducing sugar, salt, and snacks to keep us motivated and lower the risk for mental illness. Healthy lifestyle comprises of eating healthy, drinking sufficient amount of water, regular exercise.



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