Extensive Guide to Sell Your Second-Hand Luxury Watch

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Most ardent collectors of vintage watches know how difficult it is to buy a unique timepiece. However, selling your second-hand luxury one can be just as daunting. You need to keep relevant documents providing information on the piece in a safe place. This also includes the receipt and original box if you haven’t thrown them away. Again, you have to got to take eye-catching photos of it. Only then can you expect to attract the attention of right target audience. After all, any prospective buyer is going to scrutinize the product thoroughly. Like other people, he/she is looking to get his/her money’s worth. You would probably do the same thing if you found yourself in such a position.

What factors do you need to consider when it comes to selling your second-hand luxury watch?

Experts say you should never expect to recover the original value of watch you are trying to sell. No one in the market is going to pay you that kind of money. You can consider yourself lucky if a buyer offers you a sum which is very near to this price. After all, there many new models in the market which he/she has acquired. However, they are expensive. Such an individual need to dig a little deeper into his/her pocket to acquire one.  They state that 5 important factors influence the price you are likely to get for your watch. These are as follows:

  1. The condition of the watch you are selling

You need to understand a very important fact. The present condition of second-one watch is going to determine its resale value in the market. Such professionals point out that this is the case with other vintage products. These could include automobiles, coins, gallantry medals, and even real estate. It is prudent on your part to hire reliable watch specialist to evaluate your timepiece. Only he/she can tell you how much you can expect. You can use this information as a bargaining chip. It can help you to negotiate the right price with a potential buyer.

  1. Repairs

If you are selling a second-hand mechanical watch, you got to pay attention to repairs. The various moving parts need to be in proper working order. This is the reason why the timepiece you own needs proper oiling and cleaning. Your prospective buyer won’t make the mistake of overlooking this fact. If you don’t do this task on a regular basis, it can affect its value. You won’t be able to get the price you are looking for. This is something you don’t want to happen at any costs.

  1. Market conditions

You have to realize there are other determinants also to affect the value of second-hand luxury watches. These could include consumer style, market trends and the edition to which your timepiece belongs. Such elements are beyond your control. However, they have a strong influence on the price you are likely to get. Like any other commodity, consumer demand has a big role to play. This is an important fact which you have to accept whether you likely it or not.

  1. Does your watch belong to a popular brand?

You should consider yourself fortunate if the timepiece belongs to a popular brand. There is a huge market for products falling under the category of Rolex, Cartier or even Omega. An ardent connoisseur may even offer you a good price for a Patek Philippe or Tag Heuer. This makes it easier for you to sell your watch. It is also important for you to remember that men’s watches sell faster than those of women.

  1. Age

Just because the watch you own is odd doesn’t mean that it is a rare commodity. Prominent watch manufacturers make this important distinction when sellers approach them. The experts of such makers clarify they consider a timepiece to be rare under certain conditions. The model of your second-hand watch needs to be a limited edition. This means that only a few of these products are available for sale to the general public. You are lucky to have one.  However, you have to remember it should be in good working condition.

Is it possible to sell a broken second-hand luxury watch?

You may happen to break the second-hand luxury watch you own for some unfortunate reason. However, experts say you shouldn’t lose hope. Many prominent watch manufacturers are generally willing to look at the condition of your watch. If they assume that the damage is not very serious, they may offer you a deal. However, they will consider repair costs. It may come as a surprise to know the price you can get for such a timepiece.

Reasons for the growth of the second-hand watch market

Even in the internet age, people of various background still crave for luxury second-hand watches. The craftsmanship of such products is simply unique and irreplaceable. Many of them are willing to offer a good price to get their hands on one. This is one of the important reasons for the growth of the second-hand luxury watch market. Most experts don’t expect this trend to diminish in the coming years. Even prominent watch manufacturers and dealers are willing to offer potential sellers a good deal. Even popular pawnshop owners and auctioneers are also joining the bandwagon. However, they all want genuine products. This enables them to recycle such products in the market. After all, such timepieces are conspicuous commodities. No one is going to settle for a duplicate. Shouldn’t you be looking for such purchasers for the piece you own?

No one likes to sell a second-hand luxury watch they own. However, circumstances may force you to take this course of action. In such a case, it is prudent for you to do some research. You should consider the above 5 factors which determine the price you are likely to get. Finding the right buyer may not be as difficult as you may assume. Such an individual is always willing to offer a good deal if you own a genuine product. The amount you receive from him/her may even surprise you. It is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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