Five Useful Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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Instagram is a photo sharing based social networking platform. On this platform, one can share images, photographs, and videos and this network facilitates live streaming of videos. Images and videos are the most effective media to convey the message. Hence, you can use Instagram to enhance your business by increasing the number of followers. One cannot neglect the impact of Instagram on the business since there are nearly 100 millions of active regular users for that platform. Facebook purchased Instagram for a whopping amount of $1 billion in 2012 as they have foreseen the impact of this image sharing platform in the field of business. Research says that there are nearly 800 million users for Instagram. So, one cannot underestimate the power of this medium in the development of a business. Here are a few tips that will help the Instagram users to increase the number of their followers.

  1. Use Geo-Tagging

Geotagging is helpful for you to gain awareness about the local market trends. With the evolution of technology, the world became a small village and hence, you cannot underestimate the local customers and their needs if you need to expand your business worldwide. You can use geotagging to the images and photos to gain a more targeted audience.

You can identify the number of viewers for your photos and images from the same locality, you can target the audience and customers from the particular locality and focus to make changes in your strategies according to the tastes of local customers.  For example, a popular international company, for manufacturing tractors, made changes according to the personality and needs of Indian customers to expand their market in India and the subcontinent. Hence, the impact of geotagging on your photos should not be looked down if you need to stretch your business with a global outlook.

  1. Upload quality content and videos on your profile

Try to upload or post quality content and videos on your profile regularly. Often we think too much or over work on the photos and content we post on the profile but ignore the quality and uniqueness. Google is preparing tougher algorithms to sort poor quality links and content and penalizes them. Don’t sort to negative publicity since negative publicity cannot enhance your reputation and in addition, Google may penalize your website. Take care that you post quality content on your Instagram profile. Generally, videos gain more public attention when compared to images or photos or written content.  In fact, a video will bring ten times more response than an image and it helps to enhance the number of followers for your website.

For better communication with your followers, try to post live videos with a shorter duration regularly and feel free to respond to their queries with enthusiasm. This is a move that helps to increase your number of followers on Instagram. The increased number of followers means increased number of audiences and they will help to increase the number of loyal customers. If you cannot provide live streaming videos to your customers regularly, Instagram Bot can act as a virtual assistant to communicate with your followers.

  1. Proper use of Hashtags

Try to add a number of relevant hashtags to images to enhance the number of followers. Hashtags help to attract the audience with similar taste and they request others to follow your link or business website. Twitter has a number of restrictions to post hashtags along with content or images and the number of characters may be truncated in some cases. But Instagram supports 30 hashtags per post.

The hashtags help to enhance your business but never overdo it since Google penalizes websites with stuffed hashtags or keywords as spammy content. So take care that you will not support any spammy content or an excessive number of hashtags. In addition, Instagram supports hashtags in multiple locations of an image and you can add hashtags to videos and stories on Instagram as well. If you can add hashtags to videos and images, these are helpful for direct promotion of the content and help them reach more viewers and followers.

  1. Tag relevant brands

If you take an image on a phone of a popular brand and tag the brand to your image, more viewers will visit the profile of the brand or company and it helps to increase the reach of the company.  If the image gets more views, the user who is linked with the company or brand gets the credit for the publicity and it enhances his personal brand value. So, try to add tags of popular brands to your images or tag reputed companies to your images to increase the number of followers.

  1. Edit your pictures

The image is a more powerful communication medium when compared to the content with 1000 words. Take care that the images you publish on your profile look good and are taken using a high-quality camera. Even if they seem poor, you can edit them, using filters and basic editing skills to make them attractive. The quality of the image will determine the value of the brand and the product and hence, use a good phone or a good camera to take pictures and present them in an adorable manner on your profile. The quality and consistency of the images should be liked by the viewers since viewers are helpful to make your profile reachable to more number of audiences.

Most of the experts recommend the users to confine to the same style of taking images. Sometimes it may look like the followers are fed up with your style but they can identify your brand and your profile easily at a glance of your image. You can add basic filters to the image to depict the context and mood of the image. A fixed style of images makes your brand recognizable and likable to more number of followers in the long run.


The popularity of Instagram on social media is growing day by day and to utilize the benefits of Instagram for your business development, you should gain more real Instagram followers. For this, you can use geotagging, hashtags, live streaming, and high-quality pictures and can allure more loyal customers to your business.

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