Four Things You Can Do To Freshen The Look Of Your Home

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You don’t need to do a complete home renovation in order to update the look of your home and give it a newer, more fresh look. There are a few things that you can do that will have your home looking new, and people will think you put far more time and money into it than you did.

Instead of hiring someone to come in and remodel your home, these are all more simple things that you can do on your own. They’ll make it look like you hired a professional decorator, at the least.

Do A Deep Cleaning

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your home is just clean it. That means more than just organizing your belongings. Actually deep clean your home, with some elbow grease.

Scrub down the walls, unless you’re planning on painting them. Clean the windows, inside and out, and window blinds, or wash curtains. You could even just put up some fresh curtains. Get a steam cleaner and get your carpet super clean and looking new.

Paint The Walls

If just washing your home’s walls isn’t enough to brighten them and freshen them up, consider painting them. You don’t have to buy the most expensive paint at the store, and painting is pretty easy, as long as you tape off certain areas and cover your floor.

Think about painting an accent wall, to add a nice bright focal point to your room. or, you could spend some time on YouTube and Pinterest and find some creative ideas for painting with different textures.

Invest In Some New/Used Furniture

Maybe your furniture is starting to look a little old and tired. Find out if there is a discount furniture place around you where you can get new furniture at almost used prices. Or, maybe you could just reupholster some of the stuff you own, to give it a new look.

You can also find great, cheap deals on furniture at thrift stores. Sometimes the items are less than perfect, but often you can find new and nearly new items used when you peruse the resale shops around your area.

Redecorate On A Budget

You can also find home decorations while you are shopping resale. If you don’t have any luck, consider looking for home decor items at dollar stores or in the clearance sections of your favorite stores.

Sometimes you’ll want to invest a little more money in a certain piece. Maybe it’s a focal point of the room, or maybe you just want something that’s high quality and long lasting. That could be the purchase of a beautiful rug, or maybe the investment in a home theater system.

It’s your home, but you don’t want to go broke making it look great. Save some money by doing things yourself and shopping smart!

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