Four Wellness Things To Do With Your Family This Summer

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Summer is a great time for family adventures. While you may still have to go to work five days of the week (or more), your children finally have some free time so why not enjoy it with them. During the school year you probably see them less often with school and after school activities, so take advantage of this time they have free.

Don’t squander the time though. Instead of just sitting at home playing video games or coaxing them into helping with yard work, do something with them that helps them be a healthier individual. Here are some fun things to do this summer that will help you and your kids increase wellness and happiness.

Do Yoga On The Beach

Yoga is just as good for your kids as it is for you. It is somewhat easy to do and can be fun to do as well. Doing yoga on the beach is both relaxing and it adds some extra challenge to your poses, which may help keep your kids more focused on the task at hand.

Yoga can help with focus and relaxation, in general, and what child doesn’t need some focus (and you definitely need some relaxation)? Find out if the beaches near you have a yoga event or just go do some on your own. You can find free videos to follow on YouTube with your smartphone.

Spend Time Swimming

Summer is a time of pools and beaches, so make sure your children aren’t missing out on some swimming fun. If you don’t live in a beach town you might want to consider visiting one. Or, you could find out if there is a community pool. If you have the money and the yard space, consider investing in a pool for your home. Swimming is great exercise!

Play Beach Volleyball

Need more time on the beach with the kids? Play some beach volleyball. It’s fun and it’s a great full-body workout.

If you don’t have a beach nearby or it’s too busy there, get a set of fun outdoor games to set up in your own yard. You can play volleyball, badminton, tennis, or whatever outdoor sports games your family likes.

Get To The Park

Take your family to the park, no matter what it is that you intend to do there. Go for a hike, play on the swings, or do some fishing (if your park has any ponds or rivers). The park offers so many things to do and it gives you and your family a chance to get out into nature, which is awesome for wellness.

Parks can be educational as well. Take some time to teach your children about the plants and animals you see as you walk around. If your park as a learning room or museum of some kind, make sure to stroll through there as well.

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