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You are sick and tired of always spending large amounts of money on all sorts of chemical-laden cleaning products and want to take the first steps towards eco friendly, yet inexpensive housekeeping. But there’s only one problem – you have absolutely no clue where to start. Yes, we know the beginning is always the toughest part for “green” housekeeping newbies. That’s why we have selected several of the easiest tips for you to follow on the path towards safer and cheaper cleaning. Try them out and you will see it’s not as difficult as it seems – after all everyone has to start from somewhere!


Peg Your Clothes on the Line


This is probably the easiest thing to do when it comes to living in accordance with the “green” lifestyle rules. You have probably used enough electricity upon throwing your dirty clothes in the washing machine, so why waste more energy on drying them? You can go “green” and do it the old-fashioned way by hanging your laundry out to dry in the sun. All you need are a few clothes pegs. And in case you don’t have a line in your yard or at your balcony, you can always buy one and pull it tight yourself. You will definitely see a difference in your electricity bill next month.


Reuse old shirts and bed linen


Instead of constantly buying new dispensable cloths or paper towels, you can re-purpose your old shirts, table and bed linen. Cut it into smaller pieces and you can use those to wipe away the stains off any surface around your house. You can use them for months provided that you wash them occasionally in your washer. Let’s not forget about their other application – you can dust and polish your wooden furniture and remove finger prints from mirrors and windows. Got any old newspapers? You can recycle those too! Papers are perfect for wiping your windows as they won’t leave any marks, unlike cloth.


Olive Oil for Steel


Your cupboard is overflowing with bottles, full of all kinds of detergents and cleaners – there’s one for wooden surfaces, one for tiles, yet another one for window and glass surfaces. So why add more bottles to the list? If you need something to efficiently wipe and clean your steel banisters, you might find it in the kitchen. Just take one of the cloth rags we mentioned and drip it with several drops of olive oil. This will effectively remove all streaks from any steel surface. Olive oil is just as good for the environment as it is for you.


Sun Instead of Bleach


Remember when we suggested you should hang your clothes out to dry? Well, turns out this has yet another advantage, especially if white bed and table linen are concerned. We all know how difficult it is to remove stains from white fabric. Most people usually resort to bleach in such cases. However, this is a rather dangerous and toxic method. We suggest you peg your bed linen on the line to dry in the sun. The sun will whiten it just as efficiently as bleach. And another thing – it will sanitise your linen. And the best part is… yes, you’ve guessed it – It won’t cost you a single penny!


Unclog your drains manually


Some drains, depending on their age and current condition, tend to get clogged on regular basis. You will go bankrupt if you buy drain cleaners every time that happens, not to mention how toxic and dangerous those are – even a single splatter might burn your skin or blind you. To avoid accidents and save some money, you should consider unclogging your kitchen or bathroom drain manually. And surprisingly this isn’t as nasty as it sounds. If you have any wire clothes hangers in your wardrobe, you can use them. First you need to straighten the hanger and then bend one end so that a hook forms. Use it to pull out hair and other gunk from the drain. But be careful – you should aim at pulling it out, not stuffing it farther in.


There are plenty of things you can do about the environment on a budget, come to think about it. Recycle, use the public transport, plant a tree or participate in a local clean-up. But It would be best if you start at home. Maintaining a clean and neat household is possible even without buying all those expensive and toxic detergents. Nor do you need all the energy-consuming gadgets. Why not try some of these suggestions? They are good for your budget, as well as the environment.


Author Bio: Edna Thomson lives in London and works for TenancyClean Highgate. She is keen on green cleaning which is not only environmental friendly but also could save some serious money.


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