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You cannot stand seeing all these things in your garage. You would like to organize a garage sale, but you are not sure how to do it. Garage sales are great opportunities to clean up your garage while earning a few pennies. Reminding us of a distant past, that of our childhood, garage sales are part of the pleasures of spring and summer and when the good weather returns, we walk randomly through the streets of our neighborhood and we like to discover small wonders at a reduced price. Here we DIY-Garage-Door-Parts take the opportunity to socialize with the neighbors and discover his district!\

Why organize a garage sale?

Garage sales allow, as their name suggests, to get rid of things you do not want anymore. However, if this is your only goal, you would benefit from donating your stuff to charities or charities, because organizing a garage sale takes a lot of time!

On the other hand, if you want to organize a garage sale to spend a nice day negotiating and exchanging with passersby, such an event can then become very pleasant, as long as it is well organized. By making a detailed list of things to do, you will increase your chances of success.

The preparation

Here are some steps to follow to ensure the success of your event:

  • Find out about municipal rules: Before you start, it’s a good idea to let your municipality know if it allows you to do a garage sale at any time during the year. Some cities may have date restrictions.
  • Collection and sorting: get ahead so that everything goes smoothly. Several weeks in advance, start deciding what you will sell and sort out your things. Categorize them into boxes or bags. Go them by theme: bedding, tableware, books, furniture, trinkets, frames, etc.
  • Unity is strength: to ensure the success of your garage sale, why not ask your neighbors to unite with you to organize a bigger one? These are often the most successful ones. The project is all the more interesting, if you do not have many things to sell.
  • The choice of dates: the best time to organize a garage sale is the weekend. However, you must avoid choosing to sell for a long weekend or on a holiday; the risks that people have left outside are great and you could lose potential customers.
  • Weather: another criterion to pay attention to is the weather. Ideally, you should hold your event on a sunny day. A week before, take a look at the weather to make sure the weather is fine.

Advertise your garage sale

To attract people, consider promoting your sale at least 10 days in advance. You can use various ways, namely:

  • Websites: Use free ad platforms to place an ad.
  • Facebook: use the popular social network to talk to your friends and family.
  • Power poles: They are great places to advertise because motorists and locals can see them when they are stopped at a red light.

As the event approaches

A few days before the garage sale, you must make sure that everything is ready to welcome your customers.

  • Classify your objects by themes and make sure they are functional and in good condition.
  • Clean up your items. Wash your clothes, your dishes, your toys …
  • Prepare your bags of plastic bags.
  • Group your similar items and place them in clear plastic bags.
  • Make a list of your items for sale and enter the prices on small labels.
  • Do not forget to round the amounts; this will facilitate transactions.
  • You can collect your similar items in bags, such as children’s toys, and ask for a fixed price, regardless of the toy purchased.

Kiosk preparation

As with any other shop, the more your items are highlighted, the more likely you are to sell them. Here are some tips to follow, to heal the presentation of your booth.

  • Arrange your items on a table instead of on the floor on a blanket. Customers will be able to watch and touch them without having to bend over.
  • Make sure the items you sell work and are in good condition.
  • Be careful not to leave any loose space on your table; buyers might think that there are only bad items left. Replace items sold with other items.
  • Look after the entrance to your house and garage.
  • Hang balloons in the entrance to catch the attention of visitors.

The same day

  • Check, by taking a tour of the neighborhood, that your advertising posters are still in place.
  • Be ready by the time you announced your sale; remember that fans of this type of event are often the ones who arrive the soonest.
  • Prepare some money; if possible exchange and small denominations to facilitate the process.
  • Remember to be polite and smiling: this is the most effective method to attract customers.
  • Prepare a cooler with a few bottles of water for young children. Parents will be more likely to buy.
  • Agree to negotiate with passersby; you will sell your stock faster.
  • Why not add a musical touch by choosing a background music that will please everyone?
  • If you have cooking skills, why not take the opportunity to demonstrate them by selling some homemade pastries or cookies?
  • Have your parents or friends look after your children, or if they are old enough, offer them to participate by selling juice or lemonade.
  • Have plastic tarps in reserve in case the weather is overcast and it rains.

After the sale

Clean your land and put it back in order. Instead of keeping your unsold items, give them to a charity. This could be for you a form of compensation to reward you for your long day of work. If necessary, ask your entourage to help you. Involve the older children. Finally, think of going to remove the posters that you have placed on the electric poles!


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