Garden Repairs: The Ol’ Pinch And Save

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Our gardens are two of the most important things to us in the home. One, they are the upfront imagery of our self-respect and how we keep our home. And two, they are perhaps the best place to relax in. The most common way a garden can fall into disrepute is also the simplest. Simply stop caring and it will show. The fences will begin to rot, get covered in bird droppings, infected with insects such as termites, the soil will begin to become coarse, rough, dry and the grass and plants will die and leave behind a globular mess. If your neighbors haven’t seen you in a while, it wouldn’t be out of the blue if they thought no one lived in the home anymore. You’d be surprised how fast mother nature will take back what was once hers when you just stop doing simple maintenance. If your garden is at the point where you need to make repairs, there are some things you have to go the extra mile and pay a little extra for, but equally some things you can save money on.


Patching up edges


If you have a garden that has a flower bed border, this can leave the edge of the grass weak. It’s because the soil around the edges can only give so much food to the plants, flowers and then finally the grass. Kids that play in the back garden are more likely to damage the edge of lawn than in the center of it also, due to a weak supportive structure. Do not try to water the patch on the edge, as it will simply make the soil even softer and more prone to being disturbed. Instead, cut around the patch and then turn the grass around. You now have the grass patch on the inside while there is a strong clean cut edge. Then you top the patch off with soil from the garden, and cover it with grass seeds. Eventually it will grow back to normal without having to buy anything other than seeds.



Fence repair with odd wood


Fence repair is one of the more complicated tasks for a garden repair job. There are certain kinds of repairs that just need a part of the fence completely redoing. Usually this is when you have wind damage or something that has been done by hand. However, small repairs where you are replacing parts of the fence post with new lumber, are easier and far less expensive. On websites like wsm online you can see auctions that are going to be held soon that will have plenty of cheap good-quality lumbar on sale. Going to a home depot or any other kind of home store for lumber that’s required for repairs will often be so pricey that it’s tempting to not buy and hold on for another time. However, leaving it alone will cause small damage to become larger and then you’ll end up spending more than you needed to.


The fence is the biggest man made structure of a garden and thus keeping up with small repair jobs here and there will avoid eye-watering expensive repairs. The edge of the lawn is where many dull mud patches occur, but you just need a little knowledge to fix things up; virtually spending no money at all.


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