Get More Bang For Your Buck With Your Kid’s B-Day

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Birthday parties can be quite expensive, particularly when kids are involved. For instance, your child might have their heart set on a paintballing party. If that’s the case, it could cost as much as sixty for your child alone. What if you’re paying for all the other kids attending and then there’s the extra ammo, the food on site that costs extra, oh and renting the gear. Paintballing isn’t the only activity where the bills start to add up either. There are many more, and you will want to be careful if you need to stick to a budget.


But you also want your child to have a great birthday bonanza. So, let’s look at the best ways to cut costs without spoiling the fun.





There are a few things that you can DIY when setting up your kids party and by doing this you will automatically save money. For instance, you can start by thinking about the invitations. Rather than buying them or having them specially designed you can create them yourself. With free software, you can make your own birthday card invitations that still look awesome. Give them to your kid and tell them to hand them out to friends rather than posting them.


You can DIY food as well. You’ll find great little recipes for sweet snacks and savory goods that kids will love. For instance, you can try your hand at making some cupcakes. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a few cakes for kids to hoover up.


Pay For Yourself



Other parents are going to hate you for this, but you can state on the party invitations that kids will pay for some experiences themselves. Or rather, their parents will, and you’ll often find this is the case with parties that are expensive. The best way to handle this is to make sure parents know that their children shouldn’t be expected to bring gifts. And make sure you mention that there will be party bags that you can also make yourself. That way, parents will feel like they are getting something back.


Free Activities



There are plenty of ideas for parties that won’t require you to rent somewhere or buy equipment. For instance, if it’s a beautiful sunny day, why not take a trip to the park? You can invite the other parents too so that they can enjoy themselves while their kids are having fun. If you do this, you can ask parents to brings some food themselves, so there’s a broader variety of snacks for everyone.


A Personal Party



Finally, you can ask your child to pick a smaller group of guests for their party. Children’s birthday parties often included huge numbers of kids, many of whom your child doesn’t actually know. Instead, parents often make the mistake of inviting the whole class. Instead, you can have their best friends, a cheaper party and an event that they’ll probably find more fun. Kids want to be the center of attention at the birthday, and if you invite too many people, this probably won’t happen.



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