Going to Brazil? Don’t Forget to Take Your Drone Too!

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The generation before us always complains that we spend more time in creating memories and sharing them, rather than living in the moment. That may be true from their perspective, but we know, capturing moments let us all relive those sweet moments again and again. Isn’t it? Our selfies are sweet reminders of the beautiful moments of our life. Wait did we talk only about selfies? Oh sorry! I forgot that the latest way of capturing memories is trending towards dronies. Yes, the self-portrait you take using your drone!

So, pack your drone and get ready for a fun-filled visit to Brazil. Why Brazil? It is time to plan a vacation to Brazil! Okay, even if you didn’t have such a plan, make it now! With its less restrictive drone regulations and many of picturesque locations, Brazil is one of the hottest destinations for drone photography. Don’t worry; we are telling you about the picture-perfect locations in Brazil for aerial shooting. Here we go!

Rio de Janeiro – You must have heard the name of this city in Brazil. Obviously, the popularity of the city has increased many folds after the Olympics were held. But, that’s not why you need to visit the place. The city is built on hills and the view of hills stacked with houses makes an awesome backdrop for your video. You can also have some breathtaking beach shots here. If you are an expert at setting angles for unique photography, you’ll be able to capture the natural beauty of waves and busy city road with cars in a single frame. Hit Rio and take your unique drone shots.

Sao Paulo – Do you prefer nature over man-made build-ups for your drone videos? The beaches of Sao Paulo may be the best bet. The mountain surrounded beaches with preserved vegetation give you a mesmerizing view of nature’s beauty. The sea waves against lush green vegetation and literally no buildings around makes a perfect natural frame. There are not many visitors on most of the days and so the beach is always clean. Hey if you are more inclined towards adventure than peace and tranquillity then also you can get your perfect videos here. But, you’ll have to make sure; you visit the place on the days when the crystal-clear calm waves become rough. You can capture enthusiastic surfers practicing and competing against each other on the rough days.

Salvador de Bahia – Salvador is yet another beautiful city in Brazil where you can take aerial shots of the busy city against the natural view of ocean currents. If you use your creativity to capture the city, you can have some really stunning pictures. The city of Salvador is a peninsula and hence gives an awesome picture of a rough triangular landmass bounded by two different water bodies – the bay of all saints and the Atlantic Ocean. Yes if you set your camera angle in the right position you can clearly see the difference in the colors of the water of the two water bodies.

Brasilia – You were eagerly waiting for this name to come, right? You can visit Brasilia for taking stunning aerial shots. Although you can find some naturally beautiful locations

around, the city is a must-visit place for capturing the beauty of human creativity. You might know that it is a planned city, so, you can have the glimpse of perfect examples of modernist architecture. The aerial views of this world heritage site can give you all the reasons to praise human architecture and creativity. Although the entire city is worth capturing on the frame if you visit the place, don’t forget to take pictures of the Cathedral of Brasilia and the Palace of Arches.

Recife – This again is an urban agglomeration. But, this does not mean you’ll only get to picture roads, buildings, and cars. The largest urban Mangrove forest of America falls within the boundary of Recife. A number of lakes, rivers, and beaches give you nice frames for your aerial photography at Recife. But, you cannot expect your entire trip to the place to run as smoothly as you plan. Due to its close proximity to the equator, the area receives frequent precipitation. So, be ready to change your plans as and when required.

Interested to look at these places from the eyes of other drone photographers? Visit this page https://www.airvuz.com/category/brazil-drone-videos?id=SJKBIAbEl to have a look at the stunning aerial videos of different parts of Brazil. You can thank us later.

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