Good Reasons to Have a Pet

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1- He is a faithful friend

Even if a pet is by definition not human, he is a “living being endowed with sensitivity”, to use the expression used in the Civil Code.

In this way, you will be able to form a real relationship with him, to which your four-legged friend will also contribute with his personality and the marks of affection he will show you.

Animals are capable of attitudes of empathy and consolation. Even if their language is non verbal, we can understand them and vice versa!

The animal also reminds us of the attention we pay him. So, if we treat him well, he offers us in return an affectionate presence.

As he has his own personality (with particular traits and tastes), he is worthy of interest and endearing.

Many teachers adopt a cat or dog to fill an emotional need (for example, leaving the home of their grown-up children).

Viewed from the outside, this relationship may seem strange or excessive, but there is no need to worry if the presence of the animal brings well-being to its owners.

2- He brings tenderness

If you have never had a pet before and your children or spouse ask for one, maybe you only see the disadvantages.

You hesitate to take the step by thinking of the constraints that an animal implies: it will be necessary to leave the dog or to change the litter of the cat…

Even if this aspect must not be neglected (you must be able to answer the needs of your future companion and spend time with it), also put in the balance the benefits that this animal can bring you.

A domestic animal is not a cumbersome “object”, it is a true companion of life to which you are likely to attach yourself.

In return for the efforts you will make for him, he will bring you affection and tenderness. In short, a daily dose of happiness! Click here to read more about your pet food and its pet care.

3- It contributes to the peace of the home

More surprisingly, researchers have shown that the presence of a pet improves the number and quality of exchanges within the home.

The animal is a subject of inexhaustible conversation and provides many anecdotes to share by his exploits or his nonsense…

His presence is also a source of appeasement. Indeed, it constitutes a common center of interest and reinforces the bonds of complicity between the members of the family.

If you have grandchildren, a good way to make them want to visit you is to have a dog or cat at home!

Children are naturally attracted to animals with which they share a taste for games and hugs.

Even outside the home, the animal still plays a mediating role. Just walk his dog to realize it!

Its mere presence attracts smiles of connivance, questions and allows engaging the conversation with strangers.

The animal is an excellent way to break its loneliness because it promotes trade across generations.

4- It values you and empowers you

Having a pet is also a responsibility to endorse: by adopting it, you commit to taking care of it as best as possible.

It means: meeting one’s needs, walking around, playing with him, educating him (in the case of a dog) and treating him with respect.

If you manage to fulfill this role and make your dog happy you will be proud of it .

Your pet, who will thank you, will send you a better picture of yourself .

Pets have an almost magical ability to bring out the best in us, including our kindness.

5- It is a source of well-being

When you feel nervous, irritable or bitter, the presence of a pet can be a real antidote to your negative emotions.

A cat will calm you with purring while a dog will come to give you cuddles and tender looks.

Thanks to the animal, humans find a more optimistic worldview.

Moreover, your four-legged companion can become for you a model of well-being and good mood .

Cats who spend long hours taking naps and taking care of them (with their own toilet sessions) are a good example of hedonism and letting go.


By simple mimicry, they can teach you to take time for yourself, to be more aware of your instinct and unless you “take the lead”.

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