Having A Variety Of Snacks In The Office Is Important To Many Workers

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It has been proved through expert analysis of different data and stats that having a variety of snacks in the workplace is favored by almost 88% of staff. Therefore, if you are not providing food for your employees then it is high time that you consider starting it right now.

Whether it is the employees or office managers, office food is ranked one of the top three office perks apart from professional development in the workplace and vacation time. Whether it is office snacks or office meals almost all employees and managers considered this to be very important due to time, performance and finances.

The employees can save a lot of money per week with these free office meals and snacks which is an extra enticement for them to come to office without fail and work harder.

Types of snacks

Well, not anything and everything that you may include in your office snack cart will be liked by your employees. Therefore, you will need to know a few things before you include anything in the stock of your office kitchenette.

  • First, you will have to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy snacks. The last thing that you will want providing food for your employees is they falling ill resulting in absenteeism and low productivity. Most employees want healthy snacks to be provided that will not make them feel foggy or less energized.
  • Quality ingredients are what you should look for in the office snacks that you want to provide to your workers in office, especially if you want to provide office meals. Ensuring quality ingredients will service your purpose and at the same time will ensure that your money is not wasted.
  • You must consider at the varied preferences and choice of your employees and also keep a provision for those that may suffer from any medical conditions such as allergies and diabetes. You must ensure that the food that you stock or provide caters to their preferences as well as their purpose.
  • When you evaluate your office snacks you must consider the variety and rotation apart from healthy snacks. Ensure full shelves of food with different types of food to choose from and also ensure that you know and consider the latest office snacking trends as most people are often keen to try out the newest snacks on the market.

It is seen that most employers are happier when they have Variety snacks to try out. Study reveals that you will have a scale of happiness of 8 or more if you add variety to your stock and keep it updating rather than sticking on to a traditional cookie and coffee break.

Benefits of office snacking

Studies show that there are significant benefits of providing snacks and meals for free in the office. These benefits include:

  • Productivity: Office snacking is considered to be the primary conduit of productivity and more than 90% of employers corroborates that providing free meals to their employees in office have helped them to build stronger relationships with them as well.
  • Efficiency: When you provide lunch and snacks to your employees they will not have to leave the office and go out on the streets to find food. This means you will have increased efficiency due to the time and energy saved by the employees.
  • Onboarding: Mots of the employers have also revealed that providing free meals is an integral part of the onboarding process. You will have more new workers, retain the old ones and provide everyone with a platform to meet their coworkers in the break room or kitchen.
  • Retention: It is also a good retention strategy as employees are less likely to leave your company.

Therefore, if you want to make the best use of providing snacks and meals in your office make sure that you also inculcate healthy snacking habits in them as well. Few little things will help you achieve spectacular results though this can be very challenging. Healthy eating habits will prevent high prevalence of pre-obesity, high blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

Since stress, boredom, and peer pressure often leads to unhealthy snacking in the office, you must primarily focus on what you stock in the shelves of your pantry. It will make a big difference when you stock high quality sweets, biscuits, chocolates, and chips that will satisfy their sudden craving providing then with the desired burst of energy without making them sugar high. This will eliminate sugar crash and help your team to be more productive.

To create a healthy snacking habit, make sure you:

  • Swap out processed foods that are high in fat and sodium content such as sweets, chocolates, biscuits and potato chips. These will keep them satisfied only for a short while and therefore you must opt for snacks that are not excessively high in carbs and sugar. Stick to natural foods such as nuts and fruits that are loaded with minerals and vitamins to keep the blood sugar levels relatively constant.
  • Energy bars can be added to the stock to provide your employees with more options to eat and stay healthy especially during that post-lunch slump. However, make sure you read the labels of these bars to know the ingredients as most energy bars will be nothing lees or different than a glorified candy bar which is a strict no-no in your pantry shelf.
  • Do a few trial mixes yourself if you are concerned with the expense factor but make sure that nothing has high added sugar or preservatives. You can add nuts as these are healthy fat and protein source that will keep your worker full till their next meal.
  • Follow the behavioral economics experiment to reduce the accessibility of unhealthy snacks so that your employers are compelled to choose healthy snacks only. Make sure that you keep only healthier options more and easily available all around your office.

Lastly, make sure that everything is in moderation and add variety to your list of snacks. As employers will spend about a third of their time in your office too much eating may have adverse effect.

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